25 Unique Travel Journal Ideas To Accompany You

Ever feel stressed out about your life? Perhaps all you need is a good getaway, and there’s nothing better than travelling. Ah, the fun that you will get by visiting all those different locations all around the world, meeting new people, learning new cultures. Such a cool prospect! Aside from making sure you have an extra bag for souvenirs, you won’t want to forget bringing travel journals.

Though it seemed old school, a travel journal is a fun way of remembering all of the iconic moments you went through during your trip. And you’ll surely need a cool travel journal to carry around. Here are some unique travel journal ideas that you might be interested in. Let’s get started! 

What Is A Creative Travel Journal?

Aside from being your time capsule of the best moments of your life, a travel journal is also known to be useful as a catalyst for creative ideas. That’s why it is important for you to try and decorate your travel journal as best as you can. Instead of filling it out with words, you can put out some decorations and drawings on it. If you are confused on where to begin, perhaps a travel journal with complete guides will help you out.

What Should A Travel Journal Have?

Aside from notes that you recollect throughout the vacation, it’s practically anything you want. Pictures, local languages, memorabilia and stamps, you name it! This journal is for your eyes to see, so don’t bother worrying too much and go crazy!

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Unique Travel Journal Ideas with Adorable Covers

Basically, there is little difference between a travel journal and normal notebooks (unless you wanted travel journals with pre-instructed guides, which we’ll cover later on in the list). Inside, you will find blank pages that you can fill in. In the very least, you need to have a memorable cover so that you could differentiate these with your work notebook. We are going to list some cool and unique travel journal ideas with adorable covers!

1. “Adventure Greets” Notebook

As the quote says, fun things await in every stop that you are going to visit. With this awesome journal, you will always be reminded to get excited! Never put a sad face on your trip.

2. Personalized Travel Journal

 Personalized Travel Journal

Want a unique travel journal idea? Customize your name and put it on the cover. That way, the journal would truly be one in a million. If you are on board, take a look at this magnificent book.

3. Personalized Travel Journal with World Map

Personalized Travel Journal with world map

World maps always look cool on every decoration like wall arts and desktop wallpapers. They certainly looked cooler in your travel journal. With this book, you can even add your own name on the cover!

4. Yosemite: A Traveler’s Journal

Yosemite A Traveler’s Journal

There are lots of things that you will want to see on a trip: foods, local tradition, venues and of course the scenery. Always remember the beauty that natural scenery emanates from the cover of this beautiful travel journal depicting Yosemite.

5. Personalized Pair Travel Journal

Personalized Pair Travel Journal

What’s better than a personalized travel journal? A personalized travel journal for partners! And you will get that in this heartwarming journal. Share your memories together so that you can look back at it on later days. Truly a unique travel journal idea!

6. Customized Partner Travel Journal

 Customized Partner Travel Journal

What do we have here? Another travel journal for partners! Like the one we have mentioned before, this is a pretty cool journal too. It’s down to your preference, because you’re right to choose either of them. 

7. Inspirational Travel Journal

 Inspirational Travel Journal

Ever feeling that you’d give up on your mission to travel to all the countries in the world? Perhaps you’ll just need a motivational quote on the cover of your travel journal. Never give up on your dream when you have this particularly wonderful book

8. “Let the Adventure Begin” Travel Journal

“Let the Adventure Begin” Travel Journal

Every single time that you are about to start something, you’ll feel an excitement and adrenaline gushing through your body. Never forget the sensation during your vacation by having this travel journal. 

9. Travel Log for Kids

Travel Log for Kids

Technologies are getting more and more advanced and it’s becoming important to teach kids old school traditions. If you are looking to bring kids to your trip, why not buy them this cute travel journal? With its cover, we’ll doubt that your precious ones will try to resist writing something down on it. 

10. “Be Happy” Travel Journal

 “Be Happy” Travel Journal

As we have mentioned before, it’s very important that you leave all your problems behind and enjoy your vacation. That’s why we’d recommend this travel journal to you. You’ll definitely want to enjoy every second of your trip. 

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11. Refillable Leather Travel Journal

Refillable Leather Travel Journal

Now this is one cool travel journal idea that you may want to look at. It’s got practically everything right: retro-looking cover, inspirational words and refillable papers. Don’t miss out!

12. “Precious Son” Travel Journal

 “Precious Son” Travel Journal

What! you’re not the one who’s going to travel? No worries, because you can gift this precious travel journal for your loving son. Here’s to hoping that he will be safe and having tons of fun. 

13. “Rite in the Rain” Travel Journal

“Rite in the Rain” Travel Journal

Travelling to certain parts of the world also means that you must be ready to get dirty. And it’s good to be reminded through the cover art of this travel journal. Besides being a unique travel journal idea, this bad boy is proving to be durable towards wet areas. 

14. National Parks Notebooks

 National Parks Notebooks

There are some of you out there who’d prefer to keep a different set of journals for each visitation. Guess what: look no more! If you’re looking to travel within the USA, perhaps these books will suffice for you. 

15. Hard disk travel journal 

 Hard disk travel journal

This one’s for you old souls out there. Newer generations are spoiled with hard drives and USBs, but you knew the joy of having one of these floppy disks back in the day. So, why not buy one travel journal with that shape, just for old time’s sake?

16. Retro Travel Journal

Retro Travel Journal

Looking to find a travel journal that will look cool on your collection? Or are you looking forward to passing it on to your kids later on while giving vintage vibes). This travel journal seemed to be the perfect choice for you! The cover is made using leather-made material too. 

Unique Travel Journal Ideas with Adorable Contents

Some people are more comfortable with a journal with guides that you can fill out. Thankfully, there are tons of unique travel journal ideas that you can try on. If you would like to learn more, let’s take a look at our list below. 

17. Traveler’s Playbook

Traveler’s Playbook

Looking to travel into every corner of the world? This travel journal might suit you. They already list various countries in each page, where you can rate your experience and highlights

18. 50 States Journal

50 States Journal

Looking to travel within the USA and record every memory that you gathered? Fancy visiting the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle? Missing the vibes of the Golden Gate Bridge? Perhaps this book is the perfect candidate for you. Tell us more after you visit all 50 states, will you?

19. Fun Travel Journal for Kids

Fun Travel Journal for Kids

If our previous category included a journal for kids, then it’ll be a crime to omit one here. This journal has already mapped out different indexes that your kid can fill in. Try to guide them on what they’re doing, who’s their travel buddies, and how they will rate their experience. 

20. Custom Video Book

Custom Video Book

Modern times require us to keep up with modern gadgets as well. This particular journal isn’t filled with words. However, you can arrange all the videos you captured during your trip and compile it to this customized video book, so that you can reminisce about it later on. 

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21. Traveler’s Journal with Hardcover

 Traveler’s Journal with Hardcover

Want a completely elegant travel journal? This might be the choice for that. Record everything that you saw with this, complete with famous quotations sprinkled throughout the book.

22. World Map Travel Journal and Checklist

World Map Travel Journal and Checklist

Just like agendas and rundowns, travel journals need to have a checklist. Which is why this is a really unique travel journal idea. Check all the countries that you have visited, and do not forget to write all your feelings of visiting them. 

23. Travel Checklist Journal

Travel Checklist Journal (Travel Planner Journal) Hardcover – August 14, 2018

Another unique travel journal ideas with checklists. But unlike the predecessor, this one has lists of things that you must remember to bring. Perhaps, you need to buy both if you’d like to keep things tidy and neat.  

24. Travel Journal Compendium

Travel Journal Compendium

Feeling that you are not creative enough to make a good journal from empty pages? Fear not! This journal will guide you throughout your vacation. You are guaranteed to not miss a thing. It contains thoughtful reflections that will keep you inspired throughout the holiday. Journey through the mysteries of the world and record them with the guidance of this book!

25. Clever Fox Travel Journal Ideas

Clever Fox Travel Journal

Here’s our last recommendation for unique travel journal ideas. Though it pops up last, this travel journal is the real deal. This journal is armored with how to use manual, pen loop, 158 stickers, ribbon mark and inner pocket. What more can you ask?

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