20 Fun Ways on How to Celebrate 40th Birthday in Style

Your 40th birthday is one of the milestones in your life. You made it to this age, congratulations! Since people said that life begins at 40, use this time to reflect on your life and take advantage of the opportunities that are being offered to you. At this stage of life, you have more wisdom and knowledge than ever before. Moreover, you may also find some fine lines and wrinkles on your face, but don’t worry! As long as you fill up your 40th birthday with fun activities, we’re sure that you’ll feel young forever!

Now that you have reached this age, it is time to celebrate with your family and friends. While planning a big party may seem daunting, the best way to make it easier is to start thinking about what you really want out of the celebration early on. Use these tips to help you get started on creating an amazing party that everyone attending will never forget!

1. See Your Fate Through Your Horoscopes

Whether it’s for serious or fun, reading your fate from your horoscopes will be a fascinating experience you should try at your 40th birthday. It’s a terrific idea to invite an astrologer to your party so that your guests can enjoy some private “me time” while having their charts read. Moreover, you can ask astrologers about your career, finances, health, and some advice in your new age.

2. Play Fun Board Game

Just because you turn 40, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with board games! A 40th birthday game night party is a great way to let loose and have fun. You can get out classic board games like Trouble or Pictionary. Don’t forget to serve casual food like wings, pizza, and sliders while decorating the area to resemble an arcade with neon lights.

3. Test Your Bowling Skills

In your new age, you may want to get some juices from a light but fun exercise. Instead of working out at the gym, you can have a bowling competition then! It’s time to test your bowling skills at your 40 years old. Ask your closest friends or family to play bowling with you. Divide your group into teams to increase the level of competition. You may also request more beer and bumpers to keep everyone entertained.

4. Do Volunteering Activity

Celebrating 40 years old isn’t always about parties. Instead, you can use this chance to help others. Make plans for friends and family to volunteer at a nearby non-profit for this kind of occasion. Maybe it’s a well-known animal rescue or beach cleanup organization. If there is an upcoming event you can combine with the birthday celebrations, get in touch to see how you can support.

5. Karaoke Night Party

Karaoke is just a perfect 40th birthday activity to speak yourself out after a long tiring day at work. Invite your friends and coworkers to join. On the night before your birthday, you can reserve a room for a small group. Don’t forget to order some pitchers of beer and prepare your go-to song at the ready. Create an unforgettable night with your circles as you turn forty in the midnight!

6. Get Fresh Air with Camping

For your 40th birthday, all you want is to escape the city and unwind in nature. Consequently, your 40th birthday is a sign that you should get away from the city and go camping! This is definitely a fun 40th birthday activity for men. Simply make a reservation for the location you want to stay with your friends at, and instruct everyone to bring their camping equipment. If you’ve never gone camping before, look into choices with built-in grills and sleeping areas.

7. Make Your Own Sourdough

As an older adult, you often begin to value the finer, simpler things, such as a nicely made loaf of sourdough. Therefore, how about learning to make your own sourdough to welcome a bright new age? On your 40th birthday, you can take a sourdough baking class that will teach you how to make the best one. Finally, you’ll be rewarded with a fresh loaf to slice for breakfast the next morning.

8. Go 40th Birthday Shopping

In case you want to celebrate your 40th birthday party alone, then shopping would be fantastic! On your special day, treat yourself with gifts! Buy things from your favorite brands and shops you wish to buy for a long time. You are allowed to reward yourself today. This is also a great idea to celebrate your wife’s 40th birthday. Take her to the shopping malls and spend some bucks to make her smile.

9. Fancy Pizza Party

Just like a pizza party in your 20’s, but make it fancy with high quality pairing. Yes, a humble pizza and fancy wine will never go wrong to get your 40th birthday celebrated in style.  You can throw a simple party at home by ordering pizza from your favorite place. Then, buy your favorite wine from a local wine shop nearby. Invite a few friends over so later you can also treat them to a meal outside.

10. Take a Pottery Class

Use your 40th birthday to learn new hobbies that are relaxing and fun. For instance, a pottery class! This is definitely a creative 40th birthday idea, so that you can learn how to make flower pots or coffee mug. Look for local pottery businesses nearby that provide group lessons. You’ll also gain from more one-on-one time with an instructor if you keep the party very small.

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11. Get a New Haircut

New age, new haircut! Since people said that life begins at 40, it’s time to get a fresher or even younger look. Simply go to the barbershop or beauty salon nearby and get your new 40 years old haircut. The undefined curly bob or the mega-shiny collarbone waves will never fail to show the charm of 40 years old women. This hairstyle can instantly reduce length and weight from your appearance, making you feel and look younger.

12. Learn Photography

Although you are 40 years old now, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with technology. On your special day, use the time to learn photography. You may miss a lot of moments in your 20s as there was no advanced camera back then. Therefore, don’t let your 40s pass without any great moments captured. You can take a photography class or learn it from Youtube. After that, practice it directly by taking photos of your kids or partner.

13. Make Your Own Drinks

To mark your 40th birthday, you can make your signature birthday drink. Simply go to the nearest bar and ask the mixologist to create the birthday drink from your favorite cocktails. You can invite your friends and coworkers to enjoy your signature birthday drink at the bar. Tell them that this is your birthday treat to celebrate your fantastic 40 years old.

14. Driving Around Town

Driving Around Town

You may have realized that time flies so fast since your 30th birthday celebration because you’ve worked so hard in your 30s. Therefore, how about taking your time to enjoy the city view? You can drive around the town and see the beauty of the city without thinking of any task at work. Stop at the park nearby, eat your favorite snacks from the minimarket, and you will feel grateful for this life.

15. Collecting New Plants

Collecting New Plants

If you love gardening, then your 40th birthday gift for yourself will definitely be a new plant! It’s okay to spend money on a new plant that you’ve wanted for a long time, because today is your birthday. Going to the nearest flower shop and buying your own birthday gift would be so satisfying. Besides, you can also get new buddies that will accompany your 40s in your garden.

16. Celebrate It with Your Pet

Celebrate It With Your Pet

Your dogs may not be aware of your birthday. However, they can also feel happy as you celebrate your 40th birthday with them! So, you can have a small celebration with your dogs at home. Prepare a small birthday cake for you and a canned cake for your dogs. After eating the cake, you can play games or take them for a walk to enjoy the outdoors. If you prefer staying at home, laying on the couch watching movies together is also wonderful.

17. Spend Coins for Arcade Games

Spend Coins for Arcade Games

People might say that you are too old for arcade games. Well, who cares? It’s time to normalize a 40 years old man to have fun playing arcade games! You can go to the arcade game center nearby and spend a lot of coins there. Bring back the childhood memory when playing Street Fighter 2 and Pac-Man. Moreover, you shouldn’t skip Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and The House of the Dead!

18. Get a Painting of Yourself

Get A Painting of Yourself

When you go to the tourism area, you may find some street artists that offer you to get a painting of yourself. Since this is your 40th birthday, having a new portrait on a canvas would be fantastic. You can choose to make it black and white or colored. It may take up some time to sit and be a model of the painter, but the final result will definitely be worth it.

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19. Play Mini Golf

Play Mini Golf

If you are looking for a family friendly activity that is popular these days to celebrate your 40th birthday, consider playing mini golf. Mini golf is the ideal, all-inclusive, family-friendly leisure activity since it is simple to learn, simple to play, and enjoyable for the whole family. It is affordable and also offers several opportunities for amusement that can be played alone, in pairs, or with large groups of friends and family.

20. Grind Your Own Coffee Beans

Grind Your Own Coffee Beans

For coffee lovers, celebrating their 40th birthday can be as simple as grinding fresh beans in the morning. In case you are also coffee lovers, use this special day to grind fresh beans for your 40th birthday coffee. Find your favorite beans and grind them using your coffee grinder. By grinding the coffee beans, you enable the water to more effectively remove the solubles that give coffee its flavor and aroma, a perfect way to start your 40.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, there is no specific rule for celebrating a 40th birthday. It’s up to you to enjoy this special day alone or with your loved ones. Whether you want to throw a party or just spend the day with other fun activities, we hope that our selected ideas above can inspire your next 40th birthday celebration.

Why is a 40th birthday important?

For many people, this age marks a significant turning point in their lives. In this age, you may achieve some milestones in your life. Although 40 years old was once regarded as being old, there is no reason to stop you throwing a great 40th celebration. If you are looking for fun ways to celebrate your 40th birthday, you can check in the article above.

What is the color for your 40th birthday?

Burgundy is the perfect color for a 40th birthday. In addition, one of the most widely used hues for 40th birthday decorations and fall 40th birthday party décor is burgundy. Besides, Ruby Jubilee is the 40th anniversary’s official moniker and also has a  red burgundy color.

What is a good theme for a 40th birthday party?

Well, there are many great themes for a 40th birthday party. You can bring back the vintage era to your birthday decoration and outfit. Or, you can have a fancy birthday party, showing your charm and elegance as you mark your transformation in the new age. For more fun ways on how to celebrate 40th birthday in style, you can read in the article above.

What happens when people turn 40?

You can deny that you may feel old as you turn 40. You may feel weaker and easily tired compared to your 20s or 30s. However, people said that life begins at 40. Your quality of life improves after the age of forty, perhaps because you have the knowledge, experience, and resources required for a fulfilling existence.

How do you celebrate a woman’s 40th birthday?

Well, it depends on your woman’s preference and personality. If your woman loves adventure, you can take her on a birthday trip. Or, you can also take her on a spa day to pamper her on the special day. After all, the best way to celebrate a woman’s 40th birthday should match her favorite hobbies and traits.

How to celebrate your 40th birthday alone?

It’s time to pamper yourself by buying a luxurious gift for yourself. You can go shopping and get a massage treatment if you want to spend your 40th birthday alone. In addition, solo traveling is also a great idea if you want to spend the day by yourself. If you are looking for more ways on how to celebrate 40th birthday, you can check it out in the article above.

Which gift is best for a 40 year old woman?

A skincare gift set will be one of the best 40th birthday gifts for a woman to keep her skin’s health. In addition, you can also give her a cooking set if her hobby is cooking. Since some women also get tired easily at the age of 40, you can also give her a neck massage pillow.

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