The North Face Geodome 4 Tent 

Don’t you just hate it when the weather comes between you and your outdoor adventure?

With the North Face Geodome tent, you no longer have to worry about adverse weather conditions when going camping!

Most of its feature highlights have to do with its innovative shape, the geodesic dome.

It takes an almost spherical shape, with a height of 6.9”. As such, the average adult can comfortably stand inside. 

Another highlight of this cool tent is its ability to withstand severe winds (up to 58mph). The small triangular sub-sections absorb the force of wind and spread it across the surface.

Moreover, it makes use of a dual-layer water-resistant exterior in case of rainy weather.

The North Face Geodome 4 Tent

The North Face Geodome 4 Tent

Five mesh pockets provide plenty of space for gear storage and it can comfortably accommodate up to four people.

The North Face Geodome 4 Tent

What a perfect choice to take your outdoor expeditions to the next level!

vThe North Face Geodome 4 Tent

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