25 Mesmerizing Gifts for Jazz Lovers

When you try to find the right gifts for jazz lovers, you need to understand the core of the music itself. Jazz is the kind of music that embraces newness, playfulness, and originality. People who love jazz will be more likely to have those traits as well. They are usually outgoing, fun, and expressive.

Since jazz lovers have a great taste in music, they might as well have a great taste in every other aspect of their lives. Getting a high quality gift will touch their soul. But you also need to remember the playfulness part of their personality. Unpredictable gifts will captivate their hearts just like the jazz arrangements did. 

To help you find the ravishing gifts for jazz lovers, we’ve curated some of the best ideas you can pick below. 

1. Jazz Trio Wall Art

Jazz Trio Wall Art

Metal wall art can go with every room design style seamlessly. And what better metal wall art to get for jazz lovers other than a jazz trio silhouette? It captivates the elegance as well as the liveliness of jazz culture. The receiver can hang it on the living room or in personal spaces to admire. 

2. Retro Jazz Music Coaster

Retro Jazz Music Coaster

Having a morning coffee or afternoon tea is better done in a fancy retro coaster. Even better, this coaster comes with jazz themes. You can choose their personal favorite jazz musician one and you will be content knowing they will appreciate this gift very much. A drink coaster seems like a humble gift, yes, but your attention towards the things they love is what matters the most. 

3. Funny Jazz Mug

Funny Jazz Mug

Jazz lovers often have a great sense of humor. They joke a lot since the main value of jazz is to play and have fun. This is why this mug can be a great gift. Not to mention that the quote is probably true. An avid jazz lover might be ‘listening’ to jazz in their head all of the time. 

4. Fine Art Pianist Print

Fine Art Pianist Print

Jazz lovers are usually the artistic type. This goes hand in hand since jazz itself is a form of art. Picking an art print that features a jazz pianist can be the right move you can do. The color scheme is so bold and full of life but also has a hint of retroness on it. It will be a great wall decor piece a jazz lover can ever ask for. 

5. Custom Engraved Wood Music Box

Custom Engraved Wood Music Box

Music box is such a classic. Whether you are a jazz lover or not, the soft tones it generates will bring you to another dimension. The same ideas applied to jazz lovers as well. You can get a music box with their all time favorite jazz song. Even better, this music box comes in a heart shape and is customizable. You can engrave a sweet message, notation symbol, or other design of your choice. A perfect gift for a jazz-lover girlfriend or boyfriend. 

6. Jazz Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Jazz Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Life without a jazz band would be flat. Every jazz lover will agree to that. Hence, this travel mug with the famous saying will be a great gift for jazz lovers. The B flat is presented in a musical not that only a music lover will get. This mug will keep their day jazzed up when they’re doing indoor or outdoor activities. 

7. Mini Finger Drum Set

Mini Finger Drum Set

Jazz lovers are playful creatures. Getting them a gift that is playable can be a great option. They will have fun playing this mini drum set with their fingers. This mini drum set is actually playable since it has a touch sensitive electronic set and internal speaker. Whether they are still kids or adults, they will spend hours playing this dum before they know it. 

8. Saxophone Patent Print

Saxophone Patent Print

What kind of retro or vintage gift can you get for jazz lovers? Of course you can get them vintage jazz instruments but they are usually expensive. A patent print on the other hand, provides the same value but costs a lot less. This is a photographic print remake of the original patent created by award winning artist Norm Lanier. A keepsake piece worth collecting. 

9. Got Jazz T-shirt

Jazz Lovers

As much as they love to play and perform, jazz lovers also like to keep things elegant. An over the top t-shirt with heavy graphics will not do it for them. Instead, a black t-shirt with a humble print that says “Got jazz?” is enough for them. It is perfect for casual occasions and daily activities. And it still sends the right message other jazz lovers will understand. 

10. Miniature Saxophone

Jazz Lovers

Any musical instrument miniature will be a great gift for musicians. And for jazz lovers, especially those who play sax, this miniature in particular will be very meaningful. It has realistic details from neck to bow, brass keys, and even wood reed in the mouth piece. It comes with a gift box too for cooler presentations and they can use it to keep this miniatur gift safe later. They can use this miniature as a keychain if they want. 

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11. Sax Jazz Leather Cuff Bracelet

Sax Jazz Leather Cuff Bracelet

Bracelets might not be directly connected to jazz lovers, but this one does. It has a decorative saxophone on top of a weaving leather band. It is adjustable so it will fit most wrist sizes, and very soft making it comfortable to wear. A gift that will add a happy element to a jazz lover’s life. 

12. Magic Saxophone 3D Night Light

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Bring the magical feelings of jazz and let the magic saxophone immerse in their dreams with this 3D illusion night light. The actual design of the lamp is two dimensional, but the intricate design making it looks like it is three dimensional. A great way to make magic come into life. It comes with 16 color changing options that can be controlled by a remote controller. They can pick the right color to match their mood. 

13. Little Iron Jazz Musician Decoration

Little Iron Jazz Musician Decoration

Look at those jazz musicians. They will make any jazz lover cry happy tears to get them. They look so fun, playful, and will complement the creative side of any jazz lover you know. The iron figures are made in such a unique design making it a great art piece to put on desktops, shelves, and their music room. A great gift for jazz lovers they can keep forever. 

14. Guitar Ice Cube Tray

Guitar Ice Cube Tray

Looking for a unique gift for a jazz guitarist? Try this cool ice cube tray. It has electric and acoustic guitar shapes that will make any drinks appear a lot cooler, literally and figuratively. Now they can jazz up their drinks in between jam sessions. 

15. Metal Saxophone Wine Rack

Metal Saxophone Wine Rack

Got jazz? Got drinks? Now they can get both. This wine rack is a cool and actually functional gift for jazz lovers. The metal rack has an exquisite design making it a great art piece on its own. Even better, it actually works as a wine holder. Your jazz lover friend can brag about their cool wine rack to other jazz lovers. 

16. Saxophone Mug

Saxophone Mug

Having to drink their coffee out of a funny mug is one thing. But having coffee on a saxophone mug is the next level. This mug provides not only functionality but also style. The saxophone handle is very unique with a bold red color that will steal attention. The musical notes on the mugs definitely adds more musical vibe to it. This mug will help a jazz lover to start their day with a good mood. 

17. Funny Jazz Socks

Funny Jazz Socks

We often heard jokes about how jazz lovers want to always wear their jazz shoes so they can dance anytime they feel like to. But nobody talks about socks. This is absurd since socks are just as important as shoes. There are some reasons as to why these socks can be a great gift for jazz lovers. First of all, it is funny and everybody loves to laugh. Second of all, it is unpredictable. Just like the jazz musical notes improvisations. Get them a pair of these and they will be ready to jazz any day. 

18. Small Saxophone Pendant

Jazz Lovers

When in doubt on what to get, you can alway get a timeless piece of jewelry. And since we try to find the perfect gift for jazz lovers, the saxophone pendant will do its justice. It looks cool and beautiful and is suitable for men and women. It gave the statement that staying low profile will not overpower their outfit. A great gift idea to pick. 

19. Jazz Instrument Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Jazz Lovers

A wall clock is a great functional wall decoration. A wall clock might as well help your jazz musician friends to keep track in time when they’re doing a jam session. This wall clock has the instrument elements and it comes in a round shape similar to a vinyl record. It is hard to find a better wall clock for a jazz lover other than this one. 

20. Vinyl Record Jazz Bookmark

Jazz Lovers

An avid jazz lover might want to jazz all the time, including when they’re reading. This bookmark is remarkable since it was made out of a real vinyl record. So yeah, it is more than just a bookmark. It is also a valuable keepsake. The bookmark is completed with a cotton tassel on top of it so you can use it as an actual bookmark. But you can also keep it just as a collection. 

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21. Jazz Saxophone Plush Doll

Jazz Lovers

This plush doll is indeed very kawaii. It can be a perfect gift for young jazz lovers as well as aspiring musicians. It can be a great decorative item that will pump up their spirit every day. On top of that, this plush doll is limited edition making it a collectible item they can keep for life. 

22. Saxophone Jazz Keychain

Jazz Lovers

A keychain will keep our important keys safe and secured. It also provides easier access when we want to reach our keys inside our bags or pockets. This is why as simple as it is, a keychain will always make a great gift including for jazz lovers. This keychain specifically, has a saxophone design making it jazzy on its own. You can buy them in bulk and have enough to gift the whole band.

23. Music Playing Cards

Jazz Lovers

Planning a game night with a jazz lover? Try to give them this music playing card. They will be beyond happy playing it. This deck features great musicians in all genres including rock, folk, country, and of course jazz. The person who receives it can use it to play games or keep it as a collection. 

24. Talkin’ All That Jazz Puzzle

Jazz Lovers

Puzzles are fun and can train our brain. No matter if you are a kid, an adult, a jazz lover or not. This puzzle is more than just a puzzle. It is a valuable artwork. This is a creation of Tim Okamura. Featuring a vividly realistic, mixed-media portrait of Natalie Chin in front of a collage of vintage jazz posters. This puzzle consists of 1000 pieces and will be a great collectible artwork to keep. 

25. Frank SInatra Ultimate Sinatra Vinyl

Jazz Lovers

Finally, what better gift to get for a jazz lover other than a vinyl of the all time jazz legend? This vinyl will make any jazz lover happy. They can play it or keep it, and even pass it to the next generation. This is the gift that will never go out of style and will be valuable no matter how long we own it. 

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What are the best vintage jazz gifts?

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