25 Simple and Unique Front Door Entry Tile Ideas 

The entryway is the first thing that you see when you enter a house. It says many things about the house you are entering, about the interior design, and even showing the owner’s taste. This is why it is important to create an inviting entryway area at your home. One thing you need to consider about the entryway is the unique front door entry tile ideas. You want to find the right tiles that are inviting and pleasant to your eyes. 

Other than the feeling it creates, you need to think about the efficiency and utility of the floor tiles as well. Since it is the first thing that will be stepped on as you enter your house, you need something that is sturdy so it can withstand all the pressure from getting stepped on all the time.

Also, you want to have something that is easy to clean so that it will stay pretty for a long time despite getting dirt or wet from your shoes every day.            

What Are The Benefits of Using Front Door Entry Tile?

Ah, the wonders of front door entry tiles! They bring a plethora of benefits to your humble abode. Firstly, these tiles add a touch of charm and sophistication to your entrance, instantly elevating your home’s curb appeal. Talk about making a grand first impression! Not only are front door entry tiles visually pleasing, but they also offer durability that can withstand the constant parade of footsteps.

No need to worry about wear and tear with these bad boys! Plus, they come with the added bonus of slip resistance, ensuring you and your guests stay on your feet even during those rainy or snowy days. And let’s not forget about the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance. With a quick sweep or mop, your front door entry tiles will continue to shine bright like a diamond, making your life a whole lot easier.

How Do You Choose The Right Front Door Entry Tile for Your Home?

Selecting the perfect front door entry tile for your humble abode is no small task, but fear not, we are here to guide you! To start, take a gander at your home’s architectural style and the ambiance you wish to create. Do you crave a modern and sleek look or a more traditional and rustic feel? Let your inner designer shine! Next up, consider the color and design of the tile. It should harmonize with your existing exterior or interior design scheme, creating a visual symphony for your eyes.

Oh, and don’t forget about the material! Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices for their durability and resistance to moisture. These babies can handle whatever nature throws their way! Size and shape also play a role in this grand tile selection adventure. Make sure they fit just right, complementing the size of your entryway. Lastly, we can’t ignore the financial aspect. Set a budget that works for you and find a tile that ticks all the boxes without breaking the bank. Now go forth, my friend, and choose the front door entry tile that speaks to your soul!

BEST Front Door Entry Tile Ideas

1. Natural Stone Replica

The first idea on the list of unique front door entry tile ideas is the Natural Stone Replica. Why replica? Because real stones are hard to maintain and clean. Natural stones have a warm and inviting feel to them which is perfect for your home.

You can choose porcelain tiles with a natural stone design, a super efficient and low maintenance alternative. Besides, the stone replica is also way more affordable, making it suitable for those who want to introduce aesthetic touch to their homes on a low budget.

2. Painting On The Floor

Unique Front Door Entry Tile Ideas
Painting On The Floor

In order to make a great first impression on your house, you can put a little painting on the floor. A little decoration to signify the location of the entryway. It will be a nice touch if you have an open concept for your house.

While the rest of the tiles at your house will look the same, you can have this little painting for a little artsy gesture to mark the location of the entryway. We recommend having such tiles that match the surrounding tone to create a harmonious feel.

3. Gray Entryway

If you want a modern entryway look, you can always use gray tiles. You can choose whatever material that you like, but make sure you choose the right shade of gray color. The dark gray and light gray colors will give off different vibes.

Light gray will give off a natural stone vibe for your entryway. It will look good for small entryway floorings too. On the other hand, dark gray tiles would give a contrast to the rest of the interior. In addition, it will be especially nice to contrast your white walls. 

4. Luxurious Marble

Another modern entryway tile floor idea you can consider. Marble-like tiles will make your home super luxurious. It will also look very nice for small entryway flooring, especially if you live in apartments or smaller houses.

You could never go wrong with marble tile floors. The abstract pattern gives an artsy touch to the plain room, making it one of the unique front door entry tile ideas worth trying. However, you better choose marble tile floors whose color matches your interior.

5. Neutral But Not Boring

Unique Front Door Entry Tile Ideas
Neutral But Not Boring

If you are not the adventurous kind, the neutral tile floor style will be the best for you. You can go with the simple beige, cream, or white colored tiles for your entryway. You can focus more on the quality of the tiles rather than their design.

Also, the bright color is very easy on the eyes, and it can complement the other interior and furniture found in your entryway. Moreover, we recommend choosing such a color because it makes your tiny room look spacious.  

6. Geometric Pattern Tiles

Source: Pinterest (@jeanstofferdesign.com)

If you are looking for something that looks less boring, you can go with a geometric figure design. The tiles that make geometric shapes are fun and inviting to look at. Besides, these unique front door tile ideas also make an amazing complement to the furniture’s tones.

In case you don’t want something too flashy, you can go for more subtle shapes so it won’t be too overwhelming every time you are about to enter the house. You can also choose one with neutral background color so that the overall design won’t be too overwhelming. 

7. Wooden Floor

The entryway with wood floor is one of the classic tile floor ideas you can always go to. Wooden floors are just effortlessly pretty. It will also give off a homey and inviting feeling every time you look at it.

For efficiency, you can use wood tiles instead of real wood planks. Wood tiles are actually made from porcelain that looks just like real wood. It will save much of your time and effort to maintain it. Also, you can use wooden vinyl tiles stickers on top of your porcelain tiles. It is less durable, but you can easily change it too. 

8. Checkerboard Design

Another unique tile floor idea for those of you who like statement design. The contrast white and black color of the tiles will give your entryway some character. If you have a small entryway, you need to choose smaller square tiles so it won’t look overwhelming.

Furthermore, the checkerboard tiles design is a great modern entryway to try. It gives off both a fun and whimsical feel to your entryway. We recommend having these unique front door entry tile ideas with black or deep gray doors to match the vibes.

9. Natural Limestone Tiles

One of the best tile floor ideas for those of you who like the natural kind. You will definitely love the natural limestone tiles. Limestone tiles are very durable. It will be better if you treat them with sealers in order to keep the surface stain free and easy to clean. 

Both the bright and dark colors of limestone tiles are beautiful. It has a stone-like detail which makes it look warm and inviting. This a safe option for you to consider in case you love a classic and simple interior theme.

10. Hexagon Tiles

If you want to have something unique for your entryway, you can consider getting the hexagon tiles. The hexagon shape will also add a fun feel to your entryway. Just make sure you choose the right colors that will suit your overall house interior.

These tiles will be great for both big and small entryway flooring. You just need to adjust the size of each hexagon tile with the size of your entryway. Hexagon tiles also give off an artsy feeling to your home.

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11. Concrete Floor

Source: Pinterest (@solebich.de)

The most simple entryway idea on this list would be the concrete floor. If you want uniform tiles for your entryway and the rest of the house, you can have a concrete floor. It will especially suit industrial design homes.

Don’t forget to have your concrete floors well polished. People would be drawn to your house the moment they step in. Concrete flooring is super durable, cheap to install, and easy to clean. It is indeed the best choice for those who are super busy and have so little time to clean.  

12. Writing On The Floor

Source: Pinterest (@thetatteredpew.com)

Having some writing on the floor will give you a little surprise every time you are about to enter your house. Using the small hexagonal or square tiles, you can write something like “hello,” “home,” or any other words you want to see and read before you enter or exit your house.

This a little quirky idea to add some fun yet personal statement to your home. Nonetheless, you must make sure that the tiles match your home interior. Pick two contrasting colors to make the wording visible.

13. Herringbone Tile Floor

One of the unique front door entry tile floor ideas you can find out there is the herringbone tile floor. It comes in a unique shape, just like an incomplete triangle. It is perfect for those who want something that is not the usual square shape tiles that you find everywhere else.

For the color, lighter color will be better because it will enhance the unique shape more. Besides, such a shade also gives a wider impression of your room. In addition, it will give you a fun sight to see every time you are about to enter your house. 

14. Two-Tone Entryway

Unique Front Door Entry Tile Ideas
Two-Tone Entryway 

The two-tone entryway is a great design idea to add more texture to your entryway. You can match a wooden floor with a limestone floor in order to create a contrast. Usually, you will consider tiles with rougher textures, like stone tiles in the frontmost than followed by smoother tiles, like wood flooring.

It is a way to create an imaginary line to separate your frontmost entryway, which is nearest to the door, and the entryway that is connected to the rest of the house. Your family and guests will have that imaginary line as a mark on where they should put off their shoes. It could be a unique twist to the basic entryway with a wood floor. 

15. Brick Entryway

Source: Pinterest (@brick-floor-tile.com)

If you want something old-school, you can go with the brick entryway. The iconic red brick will add some texture to your entryway flooring. It will also bring back some nostalgic feelings as if you are entering your childhood home. The red color is also a unique color to have in your entryway.

It is quite an adventurous color to match with the rest of the interior. However, it will look lovely if you manage to work it out with the rest of the house. If you find maintaining brick floors hard to do, you can use peel-and-stick vinyl stickers to achieve a similar look. 

16. Abstract Wooden Floor

Entryway with a wooden floor is a very common style that many people use. Thus, it tends to get a little boring. So, we came up with this abstract wooden floor that comes with a unique wooden shape made by alternating different shades of wood together.

The upgraded version of your usual wooden entryway floor. You can get creative with this style and create your own pattern. In addition to front door, this kind of unique tile will make an amazing decoration for your patio floors.

17. Pebble Floor Tile

Source: Pinterest (@condoblues.com)

There are so many unique entryway ideas out there. This particular one will make you feel like you have a house by the beach. The small little stone pebbles are also very pleasant to see. You can either use real stones or porcelain with a little pebble design.

While real pebbles might be hard to clean, porcelain will be an easier alternative for that. It will also separate your entryway from the rest of the house just nicely. And most importantly, they are pocket-friendly!

18. Artsy Entryway

Source: Pinterest (@clare.com)

One of the best entryway ideas for the artsy soul. An artist’s home should look and feel like one the moment you set your first step on it. This is why an artsy entryway is a must. A little abstract design with contrasting colors is the easiest way to pull off this style.

The artsy entryway is not only for the artist but for all people who could appreciate the beauty of it. You can match it with bold color walls for some extra statement. But we prefer adding a color pop, like green, yellow mustard, or blue, to enliven the space.

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19. Victorian Style

Source: Pinterest (@londonmosaic.com)

One of the classic entryway ideas you can try is the Victorian-style entryway. Using the iconic Victorian floor tiles, it will give your house a more homey feeling. The classic pattern that comes with any color you want will also add some fun to your home.

When people enter your house for the first time, they will feel like they are transported back to the Victorian era. If you are not very sure about keeping the pattern for a very long time, you can go with the vinyl flooring. With vinyl flooring, you can change your tiles easily when things get a little too loud for your eyes. 

20. Tile And Wood Combination

Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

You will regret missing one of the best and most unique front door entry tile ideas right here. It combines tile and wooden material, making it an awesome pair to add a cozy and warm feel to your home.

Moreover, the difference in color and texture of the two blends really well together. Also, it makes your house look inviting. Now, your job is to match the furnitures with the tiles. Choose a blend of brown, wooden tone, and white or beige to create an amazing combo!

21. Herringbone Brick Floor Tiles

Herringbone Brick Floor Tiles
Source: Pinterest (@ceramicdecor.com)

The iconic Herringbone pattern can come in many colors, sizes, and models. If you’re looking for a certain color of the brick floor that can make your entryway look spacious, then you might want to choose these natural-looking brick tiles.

Since you will never find the same tiles with the exact colors, you can place them randomly because the different colors will create a natural and rustic look for your entryway. But we recommend matching these tiles with white walls to get an exquisite sight.

22. Natural Black Tile in The Entryway

Natural Black Tile in the Entryway
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

The combination of black and white is something that will never get old, and it can be applied to the color of your entrance doorway at home. Black tiles will make the room look clean and neat all the time, especially if you have white walls around them.

To add a natural touch, you can choose to have stone-like tiles and arrange them in a running bond pattern. And since the dark tones dominate the area, introduce lighter colors for your walls. You can choose white to make the room looks wider.

23. Rug Style Tile in Soft Color

Rug Style Tile in Soft Color
Source: Pinterest (@Brooke Satkowiak)

For those who love to have an entryway that looks bright and clean, then this rug-style tile in soft color will be a great option to have. The hexagonal tiles will create a special pattern that looks like a rug that is placed in front of the main entrance door.

Around them, you can have wood tiles with similar colors, which will make the space seem more spacious than it actually is. As for the furniture, wooden materials or those with brown tones are excellent to pair with the surrounding.

24. Light Brown Natural Tiles

Light Brown Natural Tiles
Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

In case you’re looking for natural stone tiles for your entryway, you might want to check out these light brown natural tiles. The color is just adorable, and the tiles also feature a rough surface that makes them look like real stones.

In terms of patterns, you can apply the unique Spanish bond pattern that will create a unique look to the whole appearance of the door entryway. To make the area less bland, you can choose black-tone furniture, like chairs and round tables, to create a color contrast.

25. Wood and Hexagonal Tiles Combo

Wood and Hexagonal Tiles Combo
Source: Pinterest (@m.vk.com)

This one is the perfect idea for modern homes since it features a unique design that combines both wood tiles and hexagonal tiles in various colors. It may look like it’s unfinished, but that is actually the most unique part of this idea.

Even better, this design is not only perfect for the entryway of your house but also for other rooms as well, including your kitchen, dining room, and even your bathroom. Consider adopting the tiles for your monochrome-themed house to add grey tones.

Final Thoughts

Unique front door entry tile ideas offer a new touch to your home. You can explore colors and motifs according to the interior design you adopt for the area. For example, choose white, black, or gray tiles for a monochrome style. Also, try to introduce a pattern whose color combination matches the theme.

Meanwhile, Scandinavian, Japandi, or modern minimalist house themes generally use pastel colors, like wood, brown, sage, and many more. Also, make sure the furniture in that space matches the color of the tiles, which can be lighter or darker. This is important to create an inviting color contrast that impresses your guests.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of tile is best for the entryway?

Especially for entryways, it will be best to find stronger tiles. You can choose porcelain tiles because they are strong and durable, which is perfect for the entryway. The design of it is also important because it is going to be the first thing you see when you enter a house.

The most important aspect, however, is to find tiles that are easy to clean, such as ceramic, porcelain, and slate. It is important because the entryway will most likely get dirty, so you want tiles that are easy to clean. 

How do you clean and maintain front door entry tile?

Ah, the quest for clean and sparkly front door entry tiles! Fret not, we have the wisdom to share. Regular upkeep is key to maintaining the beauty of these tiles. Start by giving them a good sweep or vacuum to bid farewell to any loose dirt or debris. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab a mild detergent or tile cleaner, mix it with water, and grab a soft brush or mop. Gently scrub away any dirt that dares to linger. Just remember, no abrasive materials, as we don’t want any scratches on our beloved tiles!

Now, if your tiles have grout lines, make sure they are sealed to prevent stains and moisture from wreaking havoc. And if stubborn stains or grime decide to crash the party, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek the assistance of a professional. Pro tip: Applying a protective sealant every now and then will keep your front door entry tiles looking fresh as a daisy. Now go on, my cleaning aficionado, and conquer those tiles with gusto!

Which is better porcelain tile or ceramic tile?

Porcelain tiles are better than ceramic tiles. It is because the density of porcelain tile makes it more sturdy and durable compared to ceramic tile. It will last longer than ceramic tiles. Also, it is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about having water absorbed into the tiles because it is more impervious compared to ceramic. 

Should entryway flooring be different? 

It is better to keep the flooring of the entryway the same as the rest of the house. While we sometimes tend to get adventurous and use different flooring for our entryway, it is actually better to do the same flooring. By doing this, it will create a more cohesive and pleasant look for your house overall. 

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