25 Meaningful Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

When we talk about gifts for wedding anniversaries, then we might want to be more specific. For instance, you can choose to give your partner a piece of gift that symbolizes a special meaning for both of you, like a sweet porcelain gift, perhaps? Apart from being a beautiful and elegant piece of item, porcelain can also last a lifetime. For that reason, giving porcelain gifts for anniversary is a wonderful idea.  

A wedding anniversary is a precious moment to celebrate, and it applies for every couple no matter how old they are. Since it’s a special moment to celebrate, then we think that presenting thoughtful porcelain gifts for your loved one as an anniversary gift would be perfect. Not only that you can recall the memories you spent together, porcelain gift can also show how much you appreciate your partner. To find out what kind of porcelain that would be the perfect anniversary gift, we have prepared the following list of 25 meaningful porcelain gifts for anniversary. Let’s check them out!

Simple-Looking Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

Let’s begin this list with a list of simple porcelain gifts for anniversary. If your partner loves simple design, then you need to take a look at the following items. As you know, simple can be wonderful and full of meaning, too. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, right? So, let’s scroll down and find the best simple-looking porcelain gift for you.

1. Personalized Wedding Anniversary Heart Porcelain

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Heart Porcelain

Check out this delicate heart plate porcelain gift for your anniversary! The simplicity and elegant style of this ornament are perfect to be displayed at home. You can also add a personal touch to this beautiful porcelain by adding names and date of anniversary. Without a doubt, this display item will last a lifetime, just like the love in your hearts.

2. Custom Photo Porcelain Plate 

Custom Photo Porcelain Plate

If you’re looking for a unique decoration that describes the feeling of togetherness between you and your partner, then we recommend this custom photo porcelain plate. This item would the simple yet perfect gift for anniversary, because you can include a photo on it. The elegant porcelain look will turn this personalized item into a beautiful decoration for your home. Give this item to your partner on your wedding anniversary, and be ready to see the look on your partner’s happy face.

3. Snowflake Porcelain Ornament

snowflake Porcelain Ornament

Are you one of those lucky couples who celebrate wedding anniversaries along with Christmas? Then you better make sure that you include this snowflake porcelain as a sweet additional ornament to your Christmas tree. As a sweet porcelain gift for wedding anniversary, this item is decorated with gold thread, making it a perfect decoration to hang on a tree, or even window.

4. Turquoise Porcelain Heart

Turquoise Porcelain Heart

In case you partner is the type of person who likes something unique, we think that this recommend this gift is perfect for your partner. Be romantic by gifting this turquoise porcelain heart on your wedding anniversary. Its cute and shiny shape symbolizes the love and affection between the two of you. Moreover, it also come with an attractive gift wrapping, too.

5. Custom Hand-Painted Porcelain Plate

Custom Hand-Painted Porcelain Plate

This hand-painted Porcelain plate is made with passion and love by the artist, making it the perfect porcelain gift for your wedding anniversary. After purchase, you can send a picture of you and your partner together, and the artist will hand paint it on this porcelain plate. Since the painting process will take about 1-2 weeks, it’s better for you to order it early.

6. Porcelain Gold Mist Necklace

Porcelain Gold Mist Necklace

We have found the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your wife, and it comes in the form of this beautiful porcelain gold mist necklace. Take her to a romantic anniversary dinner, wait for the right moment, and give her this adorable necklace as an anniversary gift. Without a doubt, she will be the happiest women in the world, and she will love you even more, for sure.

Porcelain Personalized Cufflinks

Now that we know what to give to the wife, we think that it’s also necessary for us to recommend the best gift for the special husband out there. Most men loves to look good, and that’s why this personalized cufflink will make a great pair of gift for them. These cufflinks will be a nice accessories to go with their suit and tie, especially because you can personalize them with their name initials, too!

8. Alphabet Porcelain Vase

Alphabet Porcelain Vase

If you’re searching for a porcelain anniversary gift that can be a great piece of home decoration, then this alphabet porcelain vase can be an option. Choose a vase with your and your partner’s initials, and decorate them with beautiful flowers. We can ensure that your living room or bedroom home will look more beautiful. The simple yet charming design is the most adorable thing about this vase.

9. Handmade Porcelain Tumblers Travel

Handmade Porcelain Tumblers Travel

Since we want to be more specific in terms of looking for the best porcelain gift for anniversary, what should we give a couple who loves to travel? If you ask us, then we would say that a pair of these porcelain tumblers can be a great companion for the couple’s journey together. The unique and lovely design of these tumblers make a great match for them. Moreover, enjoying a drink together during a trip will become a great story to remember.

10. 50th Anniversary Porcelain Frame Photo

50th Anniversary Porcelain Frame Photo

Being able to celebrate the 50th anniversary is an achievement that any couple should be proud of. After spending 50 years together, there are lots of stories, happiness and sadness, laughters and tears that the couple share together. To celebrate the special moment, why not give this porcelain photo frame to celebrate the special couple’s togetherness. The cute photo frame will be an adorable reminder of the times they spent together, especially since it features a sweet 50th anniversary wishes at the bottom.

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Statue Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

A Statue or figurine is an attractive choice to be a gift on your wedding anniversary. Displaying it at home will help you to remember the sweet memories that you and your partner spent together. For that reason, we have also prepared a list of figurine or statue porcelain gifts for anniversaries below.

11. 10th Wedding Anniversary Porcelain Figurine

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

10 years of togetherness is a milestone that deserves a special celebration. Therefore, this porcelain figurine can be a sweet and adorable reminder of the times that you spent together. As a perfect gift for anniversaries, this porcelain figurine can be a new item to place in the couple’s bedroom, which can be a room decoration that lasts a lifetime.

12. Smooth Surface Couples Sculpture 

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

Just look at how glamorous this couple’s sculptor is! Available in two colors silver and gold, this adorable items feature an artistic look with an elegant shape. This item is undoubtedly one of the most elegant and shiny porcelain gifts for anniversaries out there. The smooth polish finishing perfectly illustrates the love between the happy couple. Moreover, this item will also add a touch of aesthetic into any room at home.

13. Weddingstar Mature Couple Figurine

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

A wedding cake is one of the things to remember, especially because a wedding cake usually has a special figurine of a couple on top of it. To remember how beautiful and delicious your wedding cake was, this unique porcelain figurine might be a great option. Now you can get this small mature figurine and make it a unique decoration for your home. Comes with a cute lover who looks shy and romantic, you can definitely make it as a gift for your partner when it’s time for your wedding anniversary.

14. Kissing Couple Porcelain Figurine

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

“I’ve opened my heart just for you”. Maybe that’s what you said to your partner the moment you express your feelings for her. After spending so many years together, why not try to bring back that beautiful moment by giving your partner this little porcelain figurine as an anniversary gift? The cute figurines describe a cute couple on their first kiss moment. Super cute, isn’t it?

15.  Modern Decor Lover Porcelain Statue

Modern Decor Lover Porcelain Statue

This modern lover statue is a sophisticated choice of porcelain gifts for anniversary. The porcelain comes in adorable white color, which will be a nice home decoration to be placed in your living room or even bedroom. The statue depicts two lovebirds who love each other, which will be the perfect gift for a loving couple.

16. Hakata Dolls Japanese Marriage Couple

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

For those who love vintage items and interested in Japanese culture, then this item is perfect for you. Hakata dolls symbolize a couple living their married life together. This statue is made of porcelain and is very antique. Therefore, this item is suitable as a gift for a couple who collects unique items.

17.  A Couple of Chinese Ducks Turquoise Statue

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

One more unique and rare porcelain item that you might want to consider having. These statues of Chinese ducks with an attractive turquoise color would make an excellent choice of anniversary gifts. Made of porcelain, these items come in an excellent condition, making them perfect to be given to a happy couple who celebrate their wedding anniversary. In addition, the two ducks also symbolize a pair of lovers who are always together throughout their lives.

18. Miniature Bonsai Couple Figurine

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

For couples who have a hobby of taking care of bonsai or having indoor plants, this miniature figurine is perfect for decoration. Putting it in your small pot gives a cute impression. The statue with the shape of a boy and girl kissing is suitable to be given this porcelain gift for the anniversary.

Dinnerware Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

For those of you and your partner who often spend your free time together, we have prepared some dinnerware made of porcelain as a gift for the anniversary that you can use together. Various moments of togetherness, like enjoying a tea time, watching movie marathon, or having a coffee break together will be much more enjoyable with these items.

19. Mr. and Mrs. Couple Coffee Mug

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

For harmonious couples, enjoying your precious moments of togetherness will be a lot more relaxing with a cup of coffee using this pair of couple’s coffee mugs made of porcelain. Being a great anniversary gift, these mugs feature adorable and elegant pattern in sweet colors. In addition, this set also available with mug covers and latte spoons. Without a doubt, these mugs will make the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary.

20. The Kissing Mugs 

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

Celebrate your wedding anniversary by giving your partner a memorable anniversary gift. If you are a coffee lover and spend a lot of time enjoying coffee together, then we recommend this cute item for you. Being a cute set of mugs, it features a unique shape that resembles two faces kissing, making this one of the most unique gifts for you and your partner. You can have this kissing mug as a porcelain gift for the anniversary that is available in three color options, which include blue, pink, and white.

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21. Mickey & Minnie Mug Set

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

If you and your partner love Disney themes, you might love this product. Mugs set with Mickey and Minnie graphics can be customized by adding your and your partner’s names on it. The shape is unique and features a heart-shaped handle. When you put them side by side, they will form the word love and unite the separated hearts. We couldn’t think of a more suitable gift for you. Just present this porcelain gift to your partner as an anniversary gift, and enjoy your time together.

22. Donald & Daisy Duck Couple Mug

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

Another Disney-themed couple mug that we recommend is this product. A set of mugs with Donald and Daisy Duck ornaments kissing is perfect for you. The unique ornaments with 3D shapes are very cute when you put the two mugs together. There is nothing wrong with gifting this to your partner on your wedding anniversary. have a deep talk with them to strengthen the connection between the two of you, while accompanied by a warm drink using these porcelain mugs.

23. Handmade Noodle Bowl with Chopstick

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

Are you and your partner are fans of ramen? If you are, then these noodle bowls are perfect for both of you. Handmade using porcelain, these items come in two color variants, as shown in the picture. Celebrate your anniversary by making your own ramen at home will be super special using these bowls. In addition, these bowls also come with a unique because that includes a chopstick holder, so you don’t have to worry about your chopsticks falling.

24. A Pair of French Porcelain Refined Cups for Tea

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

One of the most antique items that we have on our list is a pair of French porcelain refined cups for tea. A lover who has a royal and classical style can enjoy brunch or afternoon tea using this beautiful cup. If you give those cups as a porcelain gift for your anniversary, it will also be lovely.

25. Porcelain Coaster

Porcelain Gifts for Anniversary

Last but not least, the last item that we prepared for you is also unique and pretty unusual. Maybe you think that these are ordinary porcelain coasters with ornaments on the top. However, the ornament is made of the real pressed jasmine plant, which makes it very unique. Present this porcelain gift to your partner on a special day like your wedding anniversary. This porcelain coaster can complement your dinnerware to make it more beautiful and elegant.

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Which porcelain gifts are best for anniversaries?

The best porcelain gift for anniversaries include Hakata dolls, Hand-painted Porcelain plates, or this modern lover statue. Giving these gifts will not only become a valuable item to cherish for a lifetime, but also offers a certain uniqueness to remember forever. After all, giving the perfect porcelain gifts can create sweet memories for you and your partner that you will remember until death do your both part. 

What anniversary gift is porcelain?

Porcelain is known for its strength and durability. Presenting a porcelain gift to a partner can be a symbol of your strong relationship and have been through a lot together after many years of marriage. Porcelain is also usually made into a unique decoration so that it is suitable for display in any room at home.

What do you get your wife for your 18th wedding anniversary?

According to the modern gift interpretation, published by the American National Retail Jewelers Association in 1937, each wedding anniversary has its own set of gifts. For the 18th anniversary, the gift given was in the form of an item made of porcelain. We recommend some porcelain gifts for the anniversary such as personal items like porcelain gold mist necklaces or in pairs like a kissing mug for your wife.

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