Sinkstation Flat Colander

The Sinkstation Flat Colander is a new must-have kitchen appliance that will make a small revolution in your kitchen.

The traditional colander is a big kitchen device. It is difficult to store, clean and can’t handle delicate foods.

On the other hand, it is so necessary that we kind of got used to living with it. But what if it was flat?

This great colander is exactly the answer to that question. It has tiny legs thanks to which you will be able to hygienically put it in the sink and wash your produce or defrost some meat. 

Sinkstation Flat Colander

You can also peel some veggies on it and then quickly get rid of the trash, drain delicate pasta and much more. After that, you can simply put in in a dishwasher and easily store.

Sinkstation Flat Colander

The flat colander sure has many applicabilities, probably more than I can name off the top of my head. Will you find more? 

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