Meet the Innovative Self-Balancing Vespa Z-Scooter that Uses Self-Balancing Segway

Do you miss riding on the classic vespa scooter? The nostalgic design of this two-wheeled vehicle has echoed through eternity. Even after all these years, we are still fond of looking at the timeless style of vespa. Today, the Z-Scooter comes to bring back the vintage aesthetic of a vespa in the futuristic Segway NineBot.

When you are thinking about a segway, then you will immediately imagine the electric self balancing two wheeled hoverboard. When it was initially released, segway was dubbed as the future of mobility because of the innovative concept. 

Segway can move at a certain speed and balance itself by using tilt sensors and gyroscopic technology. The dynamic stabilization allows this electric two wheeled mobility device to stand upright as if defying gravity.

Now, the Z-Scooters incorporate this modern technology with the timeless Italian design. Vespa was originally invented more than 100 years ago by an aeronautical engineer from the land of Pizza named Corradino D’Ascanio. 

The Z-Scooter is essentially a transformation kit that will remodel your soulless NineBot segway exterior. Putting a vespa aesthetic on a NineBot is an excellent way to popularize the eco-friendly electric segway as a modern mobility device.

The inventors of Z-Scooter have boldly claimed to be the world’s first self-balancing vespa! However, Instead of sitting on the bulky vespa body, you get to drive in a standing position on the Z-Scooter NineBot segway.

Vespa Z-Scooter

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The self-balancing Z-Scooter offers a top quality classic scooter frame design and outstanding paint job. On top of that, the manufacturers will also supply the scooter with an electrical panel and speedometer as well as LED headlights.

When you want to park this electric mobility device, the Z-Scooter offers a security leg-stand. You will not have to worry about toppling over this artistic segway.

The iconic vespa frame will not hinder Z-Scooter maneuverability. The base of this scooter is a reliable NineBot that can be steered intuitively. Additionally, the Z-Scooter is also equipped with terrific tires that will be able to handle most urban areas.

Vespa Z-Scooter
Vespa Z-Scooter

In the future, if you would like to do a little bit off-road on this segway, you can install a different all-terrain wheel.

This unique self-balancing vespa is lightweight, only about 30kg and can carry up to 100kg load. The Z-Scooter can reliably bring one person anywhere they like with a maximum speed of 20km/h. 

Vespa Z-Scooter

Furthermore, the Z-Scooter’s battery can take you up to 35km before charging is needed. Fortunately, you can recharge the battery relatively quickly for 3 hours. This post-modern vespa is powered by two 1350 watt engines that can climb safely up to 20 degree inclination.

Using the classic vespa frame, you get an advanced mobility segway vehicle that looks pretty retro. When you combine the classic old vespa and the advanced segway, then you may have created a masterful creation!

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