Broken Surf EDC Multi-Tool

Multi-tools come in a lot of shapes and forms. Their primary purpose is to serve you when needed, be functional and always around. So you wouldn’t really expect to find the one that would suit your fixing needs and, at the same time, show off your personality or interests with their looks.

Well, I’m glad to inform you that you were wrong and this Broken Surf EDC multi-tool just might be what you need.

This 3mm thick stainless steel multi-tool is packed with cool features. Now, if you’d like to enjoy some cold beer on the beach or watercraft you can instantly go to your new shiny multi-tool for a bottle opener. 

Broken Surf EDC Multi-Tool

It also has several HEX wrenches, more specifically 6, 8, and 10mm. This perfect gift for a surfer also possesses a pocket clip and a lanyard hole which you can utilize to its full potential with a paracord lanyard.

Oh, and there’s also a flat screwdriver in there and it never fails to amaze me how often you can find yourself needing one.

Broken Surf EDC Multi-Tool

The unique selling point of this multi-tool is, of course, its unique good look. That’s a good thing, as it’s been stated earlier, because that’s a niche that needed to be filled for a while.

Now you can not only be always prepared but also look good while doing it. But in all seriousness, this surfer-board-shaped multi-tool is as long as a classic swiss knife but it’s got so much personality. Maybe it will suit your taste and personality as well. 

Broken Surf EDC Multi-Tool

Broken Surf EDC Multi-Tool

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