9 Best Expandable Campers and Camper Trailers Ever Made

When it comes to RVs, we must say that nothing brings out the best of both worlds quite as well as the expandable camper does. Expandable campers combine the compactness of pop-up campers with the practicality and space of travel trailers to cover all bases. No matter what your outdoor adventure needs are, there is a perfect expandable camper trailer out there just for you.

Camping with our loved ones, including friends and family is probably one of the most awaited moments to spend together. To make sure your camping trip is fun and comfy, make sure you have the best camper with you.

From the compact campers to those with larger size that fit everyone in the family, we have them all on our list below. Read on to find it!

AMAZING Expandable Campers for Memorable Glamping Moment

Elevate your camping experience with amazing expandable campers, blending luxury and adventure seamlessly. Enjoy spacious comfort and memorable moments in the great outdoors like never before.

1. Beauer 3x Camper

Beauer 3x Camper

Are you thinking of throwing out the tents and getting classier living quarters for your camping excursions? Look no further than the Beauer 3x, your ideal companion for off-the-grid living.

Beauer 3x Camper

The Beauer 3x is an expandable teardrop-style caravan with a telescoping design. By virtue of this design, the camper is compact on the road, but triples in size once you get to your destinations.

Beauer 3x Camper

Measuring only 20-feet long when closed, it only requires 20 seconds to expand to 130 feet. As such, we can say that it is easily manoeuvrable on the road, yet offer plenty spacious for up to four people when open.

All you need is a suitable parking spot and an electrical key to make the magic happen. And in case of equipment failure, you can also use a manual system to open and close it. Pretty simple, right?

Beauer 3x Camper

In the folded position, all windows and doors are completely sealed, providing safety at the highest level. Plus, the various pieces of furniture fit into each other providing a comfy place to hang out. As it opens out, its three modules, which previously resembled nesting cans, spread out into three sections.

Beauer 3x Camper

Inside, you get a living room, dining area, kitchenette and last but not least, bedroom. A spacious dining table, double bed and kitchen with fridge, sink and double-burner stove are some of the handy features that this camper can offer.

There are plenty of storage space for your odds and ends and for a family of four. Also, we love the fact that the sofa can convert into a second double bed for the kids.

Beauer 3x Camper

If you love the great outdoors but also appreciate the space, comfort and luxury of modern living, this is it! Take your summer experience to the next level with the Beauer 3x.

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2. Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

Looking for a way to get the best of nature without sacrificing the convenience and comfort of home? If so, then we believe without a doubt this Montana Explorer expandable camper could be the one for you!

Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

In the most basic sense, the Montana Explorer is a lightweight trailer tent offering compact living quarters for four. It sports a fold-over design that makes it easy to tow using a compact car.

Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

Featuring two side by side slatted double beds, the trailer has a solid floor living area with seating for four. The solid floor is actually a fixed trailer rack that sits on the lid when the unit is closed. When on the road, we also love the fact that this rack offers plenty of space for carrying extra gear.

Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

Unlike a tent, it is so much easier to erect as it does not have pegging points. All you have to do is open it up and setup is as good as done! The interior is warm and comfortable, and not to mention the beds are placed in separate rooms for added privacy.

When you open it up, an awning extends from the side to double the floor space. You could also opt for a sunroof to further extend the space.

Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

On the inside, there is additional storage space beneath the double beds. Though it does not come with a kitchen area, there is an optional kitchen unit in a GRP box. You could bolt this onto the A-frame and enjoy the extra convenience.

Montana Explorer Camper Trailer

Although the standard option is designed to host four, there is also a two-people version available. In short, we have no doubt that this is a great choice to transform your camping experience.

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3. Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer

Say goodbye to the wheeled camper and say hello to Hitch Hotel Expandable Campers! Summer is here once again, and you might be looking forward to spending some time away from the concrete jungle. If you happen to have a trailer, this means having to relearn everything about driving in reverse.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer

With the Hitch Hotel, you can enjoy having a roof over your head without all the inconvenience of dragging around a trailer.

Unlike almost everything else out there, this expandable camper goes onto your Class II trailer hitch. Originally, it was meant to be a storage box for extra gear, specifically, mountain bikes.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer

Weighing only 240 pounds, the unit can hold extra gear while in transit, as a Class II hitch can handle up to 350 pounds.

The walls are solid fiberglass, ideal to keep out the rain and possibly, bears if you happen to be in their territory. Perfectly concealed on the inside are three nesting boxes in about 60 cubic feet of storage space.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer

All you have to do to transform it into your home away from home is to pull the camper all out. That will drop down four support legs and reveal a sleeping cabin slightly larger than a queen size mattress, about 135 cubic feet. Moreover, the setup will only take minutes and is so much simpler than pitching a tent.

Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer
Hitch Hotel Expandable Camper Trailer - Expandable Campers

To make it a little more homely, it has a roof fan and two interior vented windows that let in plenty of light and air. Plus, the door is lockable and there is a 12V light and USB port for charging.

What more could an adventurer ask for?

4. Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod

Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod

You do not have to have a massive RV to enjoy the outdoors this summer, because all you need is one of these expandable campers and you are good to go.

The Tipoon is a sleek, compact pod that you can easily tow using your SUV. And once you get to your destination, it triples in size to become your little getaway in the woods.

Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod

Sporting a modular design, the lightweight unit transforms at the mere push of a button. In our opinion, this is the perfect sweet spot between simplicity and luxury in outdoor adventures.

Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod - Expandable Campers

You get three modes to choose from, full open, half-open and closed, all controllable via remote. In closed form, it measures about 5.5 by 5.5 feet in width and height, ideal for towing.

Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod

If you have to make a pit stop, consider going into a half-open position, 8.3 feet high (full height) and 8.2 feet wide. And when you get to camp, push it all out to 10.5 feet in width.

Inside, it features various sleepers, a dining area, kitchenette and bathroom. Beneath the main sleeper, pull out a cubby and create a second full-size bed. In addition, if you would rather have a single king-size bed, you can just raise the second bed to the top bunk.

Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod
Tipoon the Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod

To create a dining area, simply remove the second bed’s center section and pull out a tabletop. Across from the bed is the kitchenette with a sink, hot plate, fridge and countertop. To cap it up, the bathroom has a sink, shower and toilet.

Come on now, what more could an adventurer ask for?

5. Kimberley Kampers

Kimberley Kampers

When it comes to self-sufficiency and convenience, we’re pretty sure that only few expandable trailers can beat Kimberly Kampers.

What makes it particularly outstanding, is that in spite of its compactness in towing mode, it does not sacrifice any functionality. In our opinion, its innovative design incorporates everything you need to live comfortably off the grid, and then some.

Kimberley Kampers

To begin with, the unit has its own air-bag suspension complete with a high-capacity shock absorber. The suspension system includes hydraulic disk brakes and other crucial features making the trailer easy to tow.

Built on a box-section chassis, the tent is a breeze to set up with a few poles to push into place. All you have to do is lift the rack, release roof clips to turn the roof into a floor and voila! A spring mattress provides a comfortable sleeping area on a lift-up bed base. However, bear in mind that it might take a bit longer to set up the awning but it’s not complex.

Kimberley Kampers

If you love all things culinary, we believe you will love the extensive Kamper’s kitchen. It features three sliding sections with a preparation area, sink, fridge, large pantry and two cookers.

The Kamper also has a 130-liter water tank as well as a solar panel for all your off-grid power needs. For anyone who loves to fish, the unit has a boat rack that can hinge on the offside with lockers behind the wheels.

Kimberley Kampers

Kimberly makes use of fully waterproof canvas for the awning. Plenty of windows and doors provide easy access as well as lots of fresh air and natural light. Notably, all the doors and windows have flaps on both sides and are screened.

Kimberley Kampers

Your search for a comprehensive, fully-fitted vacation home ends with the Kimberly Kamper!

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6. Opus Expandable Camper

Opus Expandable Camper - Expandable Campers

For the ultimate hybrid between a conventional pop-up and a folding camper on steroids, try the Opus Expandable Campers! There are lots of features that make it one of the best expandable campers out there and virtually matchless.

To begin with, setup, as well as breakdown, is rather quick and easy. All you need to do is unfold and secure the beds (two lids), close their air valves, tighten the corner straps and switch on the air pump.

Opus Expandable Camper

At dinner time, pull out the outdoors kitchen to get access to a sink, fridge and four-burner stove. Other versions have an indoors kitchenette with a two-burner stove, fridge, microwave sink and storage space.

There is an optional outdoor portable shower with cold and hot running water. Two 80-litre water tanks ensure a steady supply for all your water-related needs.

Opus Expandable Camper - Expandable Campers

On the inside, there are two 4 by 6-foot beds on either side of the living room. In the living area, up to six people can sit comfortably around a dining table. And if you have friends over, the dinette can convert into a sleeping area. Cool, huh?

Opus Expandable Camper

The roomy interior gets plenty of light from the four skylight windows and removable tropical roof rain-fly.

Get an optional movie projector and roll-up screen if you want to keep the family movie night culture going.

Opus Expandable Camper
Opus Expandable Camper

Noteworthy too is the fact that the Opus Expandable Campers are easy to tow as it has its own independent suspension system and dual shocks. Moreover, a low center of gravity also makes it one of the most sure-footed camper trailers out there.

If you love your Expandable Campers refined, elegant and fully functional, then we believe without a doubt the Opus is truly your go-to choice!

7. Happier Camper

As the company named the products, this is oe of the most recommended expandable campers that will make you feel happier than before. Look at the colors they have, pastel or earth color that people will difficult to choose since all of the colors are beautiful!

There are two types of campers from Happier Camper. You may select the HC1 for more compact size than the Happier Camper Traveler (HCT) one. The HC1 is built up by ADAPTIV™ ecosystem, you may set the interior based on what you need and the system of Happier Camper will automatically adjust as well for more flexibility.

The Happier Camper Traveler will fit you most if you are going to take a ride with family since there are option for bed and bath inside. No matter the weather, the Traveler is ready to accompany you in all season trip! Discover the flexibility, fun and unforgettable adventure here!

8. Globetrotter Travel Trailer

You may feel the interior feels outdated or unattractive when you first see the Globetrotter at the first time. Since the color is silver without any painting but the windows and ‘AIRSTREAM’ word on the front.

Surprisingly, the interior cabinets are handcrafted to enhance the luxury look for you. Moreover, you may choose twin bed or queen one on the front or rear of camper to relax during the camp.

However, the thing we concern the most is the wardrobe design inside the camper since during the trip, we bring the things including the clothes based on the season. And if we drive in cold season, the various coat should be packed. You can hang the coat inside so everything still neat. 

Choose the floor plan of travel trailer based on you need here!

9. SportTrek Touring

Nothing can beat the luxurious interior of The SportTrek Touring. With many rewards of best RV of the year, SportTrek Touring should be on the list! The rustic yet in modern look is the first impression we feel once we step in the RV.

The furniture is going in white and maple finish on the wall. We can assure you that it will feel like you go to the adventure from the villa. To complete the modernity of this RV, the company also provides the exclusive apps for you to set up the camp, turn on or off the electricity and many more things to do.

We have to say that it is very innovative for the campers. Elegant, fresh, and sophisticated. Find out more here!

Final Thoughts

The hybridization of the pop-up and travel trailer to create expandable camper trailers is one of the best things since sliced bread. Therefore, if you are always itching for an adventure and a place to call home while at it, expandable campers are your best bet!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an expandable camper?

An expandable camper, also known as a hybrid camper, is a type of recreational vehicle that combines the features of a travel trailer and a pop-up camper. It has a solid body like a travel trailer, but also has fold-out sections, like a pop-up camper, that provide additional living space.

Can an expandable camper be used in all types of weather?

While most expandable campers are intended for use in mild weather, some models are built to withstand more severe conditions. If you intend to camp in colder climates, look for models with insulated walls, heated mattresses, and other cold weather features.

How do you maintain your expandable camper?

To keep your expandable camper in good condition, inspect and maintain the roof, seams, and other critical components on a regular basis. You should also clean and treat the canvas on a regular basis to prevent mold and mildew growth, and properly store the camper when not in use.

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