20 Fun and Entertaining Picnic Games for Adults

We all can’t wait for summer to finally come, so we can get out there, soak in the sun, have fun, and go on a picnic. During summer, we think an outdoor picnic is always a good idea, especially when the weather is fresh and sunny. However, we can immediately start summer since spring can also be a fun picnic season. When planning a picnic, whether for a family get-together or a company picnic, we often focus on the food and beverages we want to bring. But a breeze is more than just sitting around having snacks. It is about getting everyone closer and getting to know each other better. Hence, picnic games for adults should also be on your list.

One of the best activities that you need to do when you are having a picnic with your friends is definitely playing some fun picnic games. But sometimes, it takes works to get fun and exciting games to play. To help you develop the best picnic games for adults, we have listed a few of the best games that you can play on your next picnic outings with friends.

How Do You Make a Picnic Fun for Adults?

There are numerous ways to make a picnic fun for adults. Apart from the fancy rose and cheese board, you can play some games to keep things interesting. Whether it’s a family gathering or a company picnic, games can always increase bonding, improve communications, and bring everyone closer with one another. Therefore, choosing a game that is entertaining and includes everyone is important.

Picnic games for adults
Picnic games for adults

BEST Picnic Games for Adults You Can Play

1. Scavenger Hunt

Team building activities can be easily done with a fun scavenger hunt game. Also known as a treasure hunt, this game requires participants to seek or collect items based on a specific list made by the organizer. Aside from being one of the most recommended picnic games for adults, this is also the perfect game for summer, since we really think that it’s a super fun outdoor game to play.

Also, there are several reasons why a scavenger hunt can be your best picnic game for adults. It encourages teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and other reasons that will unite the whole team.

Scavenger Hunt

How to Play Scavenger Hunt: 

  • Collect your items and make a list of all them and hand the list to all the players.
  • Hide the items in random places all over the game area. The bigger the area, the more challenging it will be.
  • Set a time limit for all players to find as many items on the list in the given time limit.
  • The fastest player or group that can collect all the items wins the game.

Number of Players:

  • The game can be played with a minimum of 2 players, and it can be played both in groups or individuals.

2. Show and Tell

What happens when the weather is not the best? Don’t worry since we can still play indoor picnic games for adults. In our opinion, Show and Tell is a great choice of game to pick. It can be a good way for adults to broaden their imagination as well as  creativity. So, if you think show and tell is only great for children, wait until you play it with your adult peers. We can assure you that it will be a fun game to play, too! 

Show and Tell Games

How to Play Show and Tell: 

  • Pick a topic to show, such as childhood toys, first love, hobbies, etc.
  • Every participant should come up with an object related to the topic. They can write it on a piece of paper or bring the actual object, if possible.
  • Set a time for each player to show and tell their object. Usually, each player will have three minutes to describe their objects.
  • Then, each participant must show and tell the object in front of other players.  They must share about what the item means to them and let other players ask questions about the object, too.

Number of Players:

It can be played in small or large groups with a minimum of 2 players.

3. Dessert DIY

Another simple picnic game idea that will give you a fun time and keep everyone busy is definitely a Dessert DIY game. As the name says, this game requires the organizer to prepare some cookies or muffins as well as some fun icing, so participants can get their hands busy decorating the provided dessert. It is one of the most fun and exciting picnic games for adults to play, and it’s a relatively cheap summer activity, too. 

Dessert DIY

How to Play Dessert DIY: 

  • Choose a theme for the game, such as animals, superheroes, or plants. Or, you can do it without a theme and let the players go wild with their imagination.
  • Prepare some basic desserts such as cookies, muffins or cupcakes with no icing on top and prepare the colorful icing for all participants to decorate their desserts. Then, set a table that includes both the desserts and a set of icing.
  • Set a time limit for all players to decorate their desserts. Ideally, 15-30 minutes is the ideal timing for this game.
  • The player or team with the best result wins the game, and it is usually based on accuracy, creativity, and teamwork.

Number of Players:

  • The game can be played in groups or individuals. However, if you have a large group, you can divide them into small groups of three and conduct the competition in batches until you can choose the best two groups to compete in the final round.

4. Drinking Game

No matter how classic this game might sounds, we can all agree that drinking game is still one the best picnic games for adults out there. There are ways to make it exciting and ultra-entertaining, and it can be combined with other games as well. As for this game, we think the most famous drinking game is definitely Beer Pong. Usually college students play this as their favorite dorm game.

Drinking Game

How to Play Drinking Game: 

  • Prepare plastic drinking cups and small ping pong balls.
  • Arrange 10 glasses in the shape of a triangle on a table or on the ground, and fill the glasses with beer in half.
  • Take turns in lofting balls in an effort to sink the balls into the enemies’ cups.
  • When a player sinks a ball, then the opposing team has to drink and so on until all the glasses are out.

Number of Players:

  • This game can be played in groups, and the more people participate in the game, the more exciting it gets. And also, don’t forget to prepare the beer, too!

5. Act Guessing Game

Acting and guessing or charades are hands down the best picnic games without props. It is easy to do at any time and under any circumstances. It’s fun and hilarious as well because sometimes people can act very funny when it comes to games such as this one. 

Act Guessing Game

How to Play Act Guessing Game:

  • Prepare a stack of cards with prompts on each card.
  • Each player takes one card in turn; and the player should act on the prompts giving clues to the other players to guess what it means or refers to.
  • The main rule of this game is no verbal communication is allowed.
  • The player or team with the most correct answers wins the game.

Number of Players:

  • The game requires at least 2 teams. Ideally, each team consists of 3 to 5 players.

6. Tic-tac-toe

When looking for great yet nostalgic game ideas, sometimes we should go back to the basics. And for that reason, we really think Tic-tac-toe is a perfect game to pick. It is one of the most simplest picnic games for adults that will never grow old.

In order to play the game, usually you need to have a piece of paper and a marker. However, if you want to play the game outdoors such as at the beach, then you might want to try something different. We’re pretty sure it will be a fun battle between two players on the beach.


Hot to Play Tic-tac-toe:

  • Draw a grid with three squares by three squares using a stick or tree branch on the sand or ground.
  • You then play in turns with other players and draw the X and O signs using the tree branch.
  • The player with the highest score wins the game.

Number of Players:

  • You can play with a minimum of 2 players. If you want to play in groups, then you can play in several rounds and complete 2 of the winners to play in the final round. Super easy and super fun!

7. Horseshoes Game

We understand that it can be pretty challenging to find picnic games for seniors, since they are not as fit as they used to be. But it doesn’t mean they can’t participate in any outdoor activities. In fact, outdoor physical games can benefit their health since they can improve mobility, flexibility, and balance while keeping the brain active.

Horseshoes are one of the best picnic games for adults, to be played by seniors.  It doesn’t require a lot of movement but still requires a certain level of focus that is good for their memories.

Horseshoes Game

How to Play Horseshoes Game:

  • Prepare several horseshoes with a weight of around two pounds and eight ounces each.
  • Create a pitching box with a metal stake on the center of the box.
  • To decide which player starts first, you can toss a coin. The throws must be done underarm.
  • The first player can start to throw the horseshoe one after another, and followed by the second player to do the same thing.
  • Each player must aim for the horseshoe to completely surround the stake, which is called a “ringer” and it scores three points. If the horseshoe doesn’t create a ‘ringer’ then it scores one point.
  • The first player to reach 21 points wins the game.

Number of Players:

  • The game can be played with a minimum of 2 players.

8. Question Game

There are a lot of indoor picnic games to play. But now we’re going to talk about something other than card games here. Instead, you can try a loaded question game. There are loaded question cards you can purchase, but you can always make up your own question list. Try this game while you are out on a picnic with your friends or family, and see how fun it would be. Plus, we also think that it is a fun way to go deeper into everyone’s personality.

Question Game

How to Play Question Game:

  • The rules of the game are pretty simple. One player reads out the question, and the others write their answers on a card or paper.
  • Collect the answers and have them all shuffled, and each player has to pick one answer card.
  • The first player must guess which answer belongs to who followed by the next players.

Number of Players:

  • In terms of game participants, we have to say that there is no particular number of players. You can play with 2 or more people, but of course, it will be a lot more exciting if you play in a large group of people.

9. Draw Me a Word

This game is similar to charades or act-guessing games. The only difference is that players must draw a picture representing the words instead of acting on the words. If you heard about the famous game Win, Lose or Draw, we would say that both games are more or less the same.

It is one of the most fun picnic games for adults since not everyone is good at drawing, and it will be hard for the other players to guess. In our opinion, it’s the fun part about this game. Of course, you have to create a time limit for each drawing session to add more challenges.

Draw Me A Word

How to Play Draw Me a Word

  • Prepare a set of keywords, a drawing board and markers.
  • Set a time limit for each player to draw. You can also set other rules to keep the game fair and clean.
  • Show the first player the first keyword to start to explain about the keyword through drawing on the board.
  • The next player then tries to guess the answer, followed by the rest of the players.
  • The score to be based on the total number of the correct answers that can be answered by each player.

Number of Players:

  • It can be played by a minimum of 2 players, but it will be even more fun with more players.

10. Potato Sack Race

Any type of race will offer loads of fun during a picnic, and we think the potato sack race is only one of the examples to play. You can also replace it with another type of race. However, do keep in mind to limit the sabotage and keep the game safe. After all, games should be fun, right? For the Potato Sack Race, the rules of the game are very simple.

Potato Sack Race

How to Play Potato Sack Race:

  • Every player has to wear a sack and race from the start line to the finish line.
  • Each player can jump or walk slowly using the sack. The first player who reaches the finish line wins the game.
  • To make it more appealing, you might need to prepare interesting prizes to motivate the player.
  • You can also spice things up by allowing players to sabotage other players to increase their chances of winning.

Number of Players:

  • In terms of players, the game can be played by 2 players or more.

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11. Balloon Dance

Looking for real fun games during a picnic? Have you tried balloon dancing? If you haven’t already, then this is the sign for you to do it. You will only need balloons to play and divide the players into groups of twos. The challenge is they must dance to the music while keeping the balloon in place.

The fun thing about this game is definitely the part where two players must hold the balloon face to face using their heads while dancing. We can assure you that this one of the best picnic games for adults that will bring out some good laughs in the room, or park. 

Balloon Dance

How to Play Balloon Dance:

  • Prepare colorful balloons as the main props for the game and choose a song or music to play during the game.
  • The game requires you to create groups of twos from the total number of players.
  • Give each pair a balloon, which they should hold between their heads while dancing along with the song or music.
  • The pair that can hold the balloon between their heads the longest or until the music stops, will win the game.

Number of Players:

  • The game can be played with a minimum of two pairs or 4 players.

12. Quote Guessing Game

Picnic activities should always be exciting. Even when you just want to chill, there are still ways to keep things interesting. One of the ways is by playing fun games that invite everyone to gather around and play together. One of them is a quote-guessing game. This is a great picnic game idea when you go on a picnic with people with the same interests. 

Guessing Game Quotes (Source : quotlr)

How to Play Quote Guessing Game:

  • Decide on the topic, whether it is from books or popular movies. However, try to limit the topic so everyone can focus on the right quotes.
  • Each player can start by mentioning parts of quotes, and let other players continue.
  • Players with the most correct answers will win the game.

Number of Players:

  • As for the number of players, there is no limit on numbers, but in our opinion, 10-15 participants would be ideal.

13. What’s in My Hand

Family picnic games should involve every family member, no matter young or old. If you are on a picnic with your big family and currently looking for some fun picnic game ideas, then you need to consider games for all ranges of age. You must remember this when choosing a game. One of the picnic games everyone can get involved in is definitely What’s in My Hand.

What's In My Hand
What’s In My Hand

How to Play What’s In My Hand: 

  • Prepare several objects and it would be best to use small objects to make them easier to hide.
  • One player needs to hold an object and hide it behind their back, and the other players should guess what the object is.
  • All players can give hints and clues about the objects, but they should be limited to keep things interesting.
  • The player who can guess most objects will get more points and win the game.

Number of Players:

  • There are no exact rules when it comes to the number of participants for this game. But it can be played with a minimum of 2 players.

14. Card Games

There are a lot of picnic games with cards you can play. It is simple and easy since a standard playing card deck is all you need. It is sociable, and most people know how to play it. You can play countless games such as poker, rummy, cribbage, 99, and many more. Moreover, you can also keep the game interesting by adding challenges or punishments for the people who lose.

Card Games
Card Games

Poker is definitely one of the most popular card games. It is a one-pack game and it often involves some bettings, too. Some people even state that betting is the key to Poker. However, if you just want to play Poker for fun, we can guarantee that it will still be fun, too!

How to Play Card Games:

  • To play Poker, prepare the standard playing card pack, and each player must first have five random cards on their hands.
  • The rest of cards needs to be dealt and each player must create a combination of Poker cards from Five of a Kind, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, and many more.
  • You can also start a bet as betting is a very common thing in Poker. The best may vary from a couple of bucks to millions of dollars.
  • The player with the best combination of cards will win the game, and the bet, too!

Number of Players:

  • It can be played by a minimum of 2 players but you can play it with the whole team, even up to more than 10 players.

15. Redlight, Greenlight

We all know this game, especially after the rising fame of the Korean series Squid Game. This game is called the Traffic Cop Game for kids, and we must say that it can also be one of the most fun and exciting picnic games for adults, too! Plus, this game requires no props at all.

Redlight, Greenlight
Redlight, Greenlight

How to Play Redlight, Greenlight:

  • Assign one player to act as the traffic cop and the others should follow the instructions given by the assigned cop.
  • When the traffic cop says “red light,” all players should freeze and not make a single move.
  • When the cop says “green light,” all players should move, jump, or run.
  • The players who failed to follow the instructions should get out of the game arena.

Number of Players:

  • The game can be played by a minimum of 2 players, but it would be a lot more exciting to be played in a large group. Moreover, we also recommend applying dresscodes for the participants to add more fun elements to the game.

16. Capture the Flag

Capture The Flag is a classic outdoor game that always stays in style. Everyone, including children, can play this game. This game can turn into a long battle making it a recommended picnic game, especially for company outings.

Capture The Flag
Capture The Flag

How to Play Capture the Flag:

  • Divided into two groups with one goal, which is to snatch the other team’s flag while protecting their own flag.
  • The flag must be taken back to the team’s territory.
  • If a player gets tagged by the other team in the enemy’s part of the field, that player will be sent to an area called “the jail”.
  • When a team makes it to take the other team’s flag to their base, the game ends.

Number of Players:

  • You can play with any number of participants, but ideally it can be played with at least 6 players in one team.

17. Never Have I Ever 

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining picnic game for adults without having to prepare any equipment, then you can try the Never Have I Ever game. It is a simple game to play where everyone can get involved in, and it’s a great game to play with family friends, including when you are out on a picnic in the outdoors.

Never Have I Ever 
Never Have I Ever 

How to Play Never Have I Ever:

  • You can prepare the questions beforehand or let everyone come up with their own questions on the spot.
  • Gather all the players and the first player can start to ask the question, allowed by other players in turns.
  • it would be best to limit the questions and avoid questions about private or personal matters.

Number of Players:

  • You can play the game with any number of participants, but it would be a lot more fun to play with more than 6 players. We can assure you that it would be a great game about honesty, too!

18. Money Ball Challenge

You may already see this game on TikTok or other social media platforms. The game is very simple, but you still need to prepare beforehand. The challenge is to get the best and the most prizes by rolling a sticky ball on top of the rewards that may include money or throwing the ball into a beer-pong-style cup. In our opinion, this is one of the simplest and most fun picnic games for adults.

Money Ball Challenge
Source: Pinterest (instagram.com)

You can play the game both indoors and outdoors. But in our opinion it would be a lot more fun to play the games outdoors, especially when you are on a picnic with friends and family. It is a competitive picnic game everybody will love since they can win prizes immediately.

How to Play Money Ball Challenge: 

  • Create several lines and put some glasses prizes by the edge of the lines, to put papers with prizes written on each paper.
  • The prizes can come in the form of cash, snacks, gadgets, or any prizes you like.
  • Then, prepare small sticky balls.
  • You can start rolling the ball on a flat surface with prizes on the end of the lines.
  • Each player can roll the ball in turns by aiming for the prize they want.

Number of Players:

  • There are no rules in terms of number of players and you can play with as many players as you want.

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19. Play with Your Food

Remember when our moms ask us to not play with our food? Well, we’re adults now and can do whatever we want, including playing with our food. There are many ways to play games with food. Tic-tac-toe using cookies is a great idea we’ve already mentioned earlier. But there are countless other ideas too, including a lemon and spoon race, macaroni relay race, nut passing game, or donuts on a loop eating competition. For your next picnic, how about playing a Lemon and Spoon race with your family?

Play with Your Food
Play with Your Food

How to Play “Play with Your Food”:

  • Prepare the spoons and lemons, which will be the main props for the game.
  • Determine the length of the race line and decide how many players can play in one round. Plus, set a limit for the race, too.
  • The players can race by holding a spoon that carries a lemon using their mouth.
  • The faster player who reaches the finish line will win the game.

Humber of Players:

  • The game can be played with a minimum of 2 players in one round. However, since playing with food can be a bit messy, we do recommend you to be wise and keep your surroundings clean, ok?

20. Tag, You’re It!

Another picnic game without equipment is a tag game. It is a perfect game to play if you plan to go on an outdoor picnic where there is a large area to play the game. This catching game is fun even when you’re an adult. In fact, this game can also be an excellent way for you to be more physically active and exercise without even noticing.

Tag, You're It!
Tag, You’re It!

How to Play “Tag, You’re It!”:

  • Decide who will be the first “it” while other players have to run and avoid being tagged by “it”.
  • Once you are tagged, then it’s your turn to be “it” and you need to chase other players to tag and make them “it” too.
  • To add more fun, you can have additional challenges, such as a blindfold, because we believe it can make the game even more fun.
  • Make sure the game area is safe and has no ponds, bushes or fences.

Number of Players:

  • As for the number of participants, this game can be played by a minimum of 2 players or more.

Final Thoughts

Playing games while you are on a picnic with friends and families are great idea. Aside from having a nice gathering in front of a bonfire, there are plenty options of the most recommended picnic games for adults that you can together with everyone. No need to worry that you will be running out of ideas, because we have a list full of the best recommendations of games for you to choose from, which we believe will make your picnic time becomes more fun and memorable.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you play the game picnic?

To play a picnic game, you must first know the picnic area. If the location allows you and your friends to do physical activities, then competitive outdoor games should be your first choice. But if the weather is against you, you can opt for more chill and low-key indoor games. You also have to ensure that all the players know the game’s rules so everyone can participate.

What picnic games can be played with minimal equipment?

Card games are the best option when you’re looking for a picnic game that can be played with minimal equipment. The playing cards game is relatively small, portable, and easy to carry. You can also play a game that requires no equipment at all, such as charades, mystery words, or question games. Those games require little to no equipment, but you will not lose the fun.

How do you host fun picnic games?

To host a fun picnic game, you need to know everyone who will join the picnic. It is necessary to ensure that you can get everyone involved. You can start with basic and classic games but add your own fun twist to them. You can also provide prizes to increase enthusiasm. The rewards don’t have to be expensive. It can be as simple as shopping vouchers or gift cards.

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