25 Glow In The Dark Constellation Stickers for Amazing Galaxy Room 

Are you ready for some stargazing fun? Whether you are kids or adults who are also space enthusiasts, creating your own constellations with some glow in the dark constellation stickers in your room is a wonderful experience to try. You can use them to decorate a room with a starry sky on the ceiling or walls and even make a bed canopy out of them. In addition, you will have fun while creating constellations as you learn about different stars in space. When the power goes out, glow in the dark stickers also can operate as emergency lights, teach adults or kids about the stars and constellations, or simply make evening activities more enjoyable.

Before starting to decorate your room with some glow in the dark wall stickers, you should choose the best constellation decor stickers. Let’s take a look at some glowing wall decals constellations in our selected lists below that we are sure you may fall in love with at least one of them. From glow in the dark star stickers for ceiling to unique glow in the dark constellations ideas, you will find the best one to turn your room into a fantastic galaxy. 

1. Domed Glow In The Dark Stars

Domed Glow In The Dark Stars

Explore the universe and space from your room with this domed glow in the dark wall stickers. Before going to sleep, you can calm yourself by watching stars on your ceiling. It contains fluorescent glow in the dark stickers with a realistic 3D look and is durable for a long time. The amazing design will be one of the best glow in the dark constellation ideas you should try! 

2. Constellations Stars Stickers with Map

Constellations Stars Stickers with Map

When it comes to glow in the dark stars for kids, nothing can beat hundreds of star stickers in your ceiling. This glow in the dark stickers for ceiling make the kids’ room into a shimmering starry bedroom when the lights are turned out. Beside, you can arrange it based on the constellation map in this kit. These decorations are ideal for a nursery or children’s room and add the magical atmosphere around. This is a fantastic tool for kids who still struggle with their fear of being left alone in the dark.

3. Realistic Little Stars Decor

Realistic Little Stars Decor

In case you have a high ceiling bedroom, then these glow in the dark stars will be an amazing idea. With the glow in the dark galaxy set, it lends the appearance of a real night sky. These 3D stars will assist you in creating an amazing starry sky. Its radiance is extremely intense and long-lasting. Simply place it under a lamp, flashlight, or sunlight for 10 minutes, and it will continue to glow for 8 to 15 hours!

4. Full Moon for Starry Sky Stickers

Full Moon for Starry Sky Stickers

Make your own wall decals constellation with this kit. A realistic full moon with colorful five-pointed stars, constellations, and spherical asteroids are all included in the package, which is sufficient for you to create the appropriate galaxy decor on your own. With these decor stickers, you can see the ceiling stars glow at night. The glow in the dark decals transform a drab space into a lovely scene of a starry, sparkling universe.

5. Blue Stars Moon Glow In The Dark Stickers

Blue Stars Moon Glow In The Dark Stickers

Turn your kids room into a wonderful night sky with blue glow in the dark star stickers for the ceiling. These shining stars will serve as a hours-long ceiling light or night light. Any kid’s room design can be changed to look like a constellation, giving them the impression that they are floating through space. This would be ideal as a decoration for any area, especially for space enthusiasts.

6. Green Glow In The Dark Stars and Moon

Green Glow In The Dark Stars and Moon

Turn your room into an amazing starry sky with this green glow in the dark stickers. A realistic moon decal and 572 stickers in 3 distinct dot sizes are included in the glow in the dark stars kit.  Simply adhere the 3D glow in the dark stickers to any spotlessly clean, flat surface, turn on the light for 15 to 30 minutes, and then turn it off. The longer it takes for the light to absorb, the longer it will continue to shine.

7. Stylish Glow In The Dark Stars Stickers

Stylish Glow In The Dark Stars Stickers

Are you an artistic person who also admires the beauty of the galaxy? If so, this glow in the dark stickers idea will be the perfect bedroom decoration for you. The PVC material used to produce these galaxy ceiling stickers makes them difficult to tear off. Without having to paint or drill into the wall or ceiling, these lovely decorations will allow you to quickly and easily modify the interior design style.

8. Realistic 3D Glow In The Dark Stars

Realistic 3D Glow In The Dark Stars

For teenagers who want to have a wonderful night light without looking too childish, these realistic 3D stars stickers will be an ideal choice. Unlike the flat stickers that are commonly found, these stars and dots are unique. The 3D-shaped Bollepo decals will produce a realistic starry sky. You and your teenage kids will experience the incredible sensation of lying under the sky thanks to the range of sizes!

9. Glow In The Dark Constellation Wall Decor

Glow In The Dark Constellation Wall Decor

Giving your kids little buddies at night can be in the form of moon and stars decor. This kit allows your kids to arrange their buddies on their own on the wall to accompany them at night. Just so they can count the bright stars, your kids will be rushing to bed! In addition, your child will lose their fear of the dark and fall asleep while gazing up at the starry sky. 

10. Customized Name Constellation Stars Vinyl Decal

Surprise your little galaxy enthusiast with personalized name constellation stars in their bedroom. For added decoration, it includes a package of stars and constellation stickers. The glow in the dark decal sheets for names and constellations are provided separately and can be arranged however you choose. Every color has a lovely matte finish that cuts down on extra glare.  

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11. Glow In The Dark Stars Space Themed Stickers

Feel the experience of sleeping in the galaxy by placing some star stickers on your ceiling. In order to give you the most inter-dimensional feeling of outer space, it comes in four glows in the dark colors. The longest-lasting and brightest is the Galactic Green StarOrbs. The luminosity of the Astronaut Aqua StarOrbs is moderate. The Big Bang Blue StarOrbs have gently glowed at night. The distant backdrop stars that appear to blink in and out of vision are called The Planetary Purple StarOrbs.

12. Fluorescents Moon Wall Decal

Get these moon and star stickers for your little baby as a comfortable night light in their bedroom. These fluorescent self-adhesive decals are incredibly simple to use! They won’t cause any harm to the ceilings or walls when you remove them. The moon and star wall decals only need to be exposed to light for 20 minutes under a lamp, flashlight, or in direct sunlight to continue illuminating for 8 to 15 hours.

13. Constellation Glow In The Dark Star Map

Constellation Glow In The Dark Star Map

These glow in the dark sheets are a source of happiness for space enthusiasts. Each sheet features a unique star constellation map which will beautifully glow in the dark! With these stickers they will get amazing starry sky decor to light up their room. While the stars and Milky Way sparkle in the dark, constellation lines vanish. Your space lovers will surely jump into joy and happiness while receiving this gift! 

14. Zodiac Constellations Map Stickers

As star constellations also resemble zodiac symbols, zodiac constellation stickers are also worth trying. Along with the names of the zodiac constellations, this package includes 27 zodiac constellations. There are 100 stars in three distinct sizes—small, medium, and large—included in each set. You can position each individual decal anyway you’d like! It will make a gorgeous glow in the dark wall decoration in your bedroom.

15. Astrology Constellation Stickers

Help your kids to learn about astrology constellations in a fun way with this glow in the dark stickers. Each set comes with zodiac constellation stars, names, along with the visualization of zodiac symbols, making kids easier to understand. They may be able to compare both the stars constellations and the images to encourage their imagination while stargazing. 

16. Various Style Constellation Removable Sticker

Let your kids’ imagination go wild with this glow in the dark stars stickers. Unlike the previous stars’ constellation stickers, which are already in a certain form, this kit allows your children to make their own shape and symbol. Each star and line connected are removable, making your kids can arrange them all easily. Whether you are looking for fun activities for kids or simply a DIY night lamp, this is definitely an ideal choice! 

17. Simple Glow In The Dark Stars Moon Stickers

For those who love simple starry night decor, this gift is one of the best options. This kit features 3 packs of plastic glow in the dark moon and star shapes. Each pack has 24 pieces with diameters ranging from 2.5 cm to 5 cm. Additionally, self-sticking sticky pads are included. You can make them out in complete darkness after turning off all the lights. It makes a dreamy, wonderful decor in any bedroom. In addition to being excellent for wall decoration, it is also well-suited for stocking stuffers, gifts, and event party bags. 

18. Glow Stars Supernova

Glow Stars Supernova

Are you looking for bright and attractive glow in the dark stickers? For twice as much bright shine, these premium stars have twice as much of the most recent photo-luminous formula. Your stars are simple to affix to any wall or ceiling. The tape won’t leave stains or marks, and the stars will remain firmly fastened. A colorful pamphlet that describes the main constellations and demonstrates how to arrange your stars to resemble them is also included.

19. Stars Moon Elfin Unicorn Dots Blue Stickers

Stars Moon Elfin Unicorn Dots Blue Stickers

If you think that green glow-in-the-dark stickers are too mainstream, you might choose the soothing blue stickers. To sparkle, these star stickers must absorb light. You must switch on the lights or flashlights after sticking our luminous stickers to the ceiling in order for them to charge. These stickers create a very gentle light that won’t disturb your sleep. They will brighten your fantasy dream with their distinctive shapes and added sparkle.

20. Ultra Brighter Glow In The Dark Stickers

As the brightest glow in the dark stars sticker, this package will be the perfect choice you should buy. This is without a doubt the best sticker to light up your room and decorate the ceiling thanks to the unique Nova Glow 3.0 formula and inspirational star guide and constellation map. Additionally, it contains a thermo-molded kit that allows the stickers to absorb light throughout the day so they may glow at night.

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21. Glow In The Dark Solar System Wall Decal

Make your kids enjoy learning about space with these creative wall stickers. There are 849 patterns of objects that can be utilized for a variety of settings to pique children’s curiosity, including sticks, rockets, flying saucers, aliens, stars, galaxies, and more. It is made from high-quality, smooth, self-adhesive luminescent stickers and may be used on the bedroom ceiling to create the night sky and transform the room into a fantastic galaxy. 

22. Multiple Size Stars and Moon Stickers

Multiple Size Stars and Moon Stickers

Some colorful luminous moonlight also will be a charming wall decoration for space lovers. You can use this sticker to light up your bedroom at night. It features 435 pcs luminous night sky stars, including 1 moon, 27 pcs pentagrams, and 407 pcs microstars. Each design has its own charms, making a fantastic galaxy view in your room. In order for the beautiful moon to automatically glow at night, it needs to absorb light during the day.

23. Luminous Starry Sky Stickers

Enjoy the romantic evening with your loved one or your family under hundreds of stars that glow at night! With this kit, there are 200 dazzling stars constructed in your ceiling. This indicates that in comparison to a conventional bedroom glow star, these stars are significantly stronger and brighter. Imagine how happy your family would be to see the touchable sky before them!

24. Galaxy Unicorn Luminous Stickers

The combination of fantasy dream and galaxy view will be a great glow in the dark constellation decor idea you should try. This sticker package offers glow in the dark stars, moon, meteor, along with unicorn and fantasy castle design to add magical vibes in your room. In addition, these fluorescent stickers are constructed of top-notch PVC, which is waterproof, non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and suitable for kids. 

25. Luminous Moon Star Decal Stickers

Luminous Moon Star Decal Stickers

Suppose you are confused to pick the most realistic stars and mood decoration for your room, these luminous stickers are also a great idea. The fluorescent stickers are created from high quality vinyl which is easily peel and stick to any flat or domed plastic little textured wall & remove without damaging the surface. You can arrange these lovely stars and the moon, creating a beautiful night sky in your room!

Latest Post:

How long do glow in the dark stickers last?

It depends on the brand and quality of the stickers.  Most of the time, stickers will glow for up to four hours. However, you might be impressed by some companies whose stickers continue to glow for almost ten hours. After all, the longer you expose them in the daylight, the longer it will glow at night. 

How do you get glow in the dark stickers to stick?

You don’t need glue or other specific setup to put glow in the dark stickers. Usually, it suffices to just peel them off the paper they are packaged in and adhere them directly to the desired location.

Are glow in the dark stickers safe?

Yes! The majority of cases do not necessitate medical care because glow sticker materials are typically non-toxic. Phosphorus, a naturally occurring mineral present in the human body, is the substance employed to create the shining effect. No radioactive substances of any kind are present in phosphorus glow-in-the-dark goods.

How do you make glow in the dark last longer?

For maximum glow, the object should be charged for two to three hours in direct sunshine or under artificial light. Charge in direct light for the most effective glow. Remember that placing something outside won’t guarantee constant direct light for charging.

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