25 Scrapbook Ideas To Preserve Old Memories

A scrapbook is a book where you can put anything into it. Photos, newspaper clippings, pictures, and other ornaments can be used as decorations for scrapbooks. You can also preserve your old memories to be more memorable and meaningful on a scrapbook, too. You might be asking, why don’t we use Instagram instead? The answer is easy. With so many scrapbook ideas out there, you’ll have no restrictions such as gender, age, or technology skills to put anything inside. Anyone can make a scrapbook, no matter male or female, young or old. It’s because having a scrapbook is actually a good idea for you to train your creativity and also concentration.

In this article we provide various scrapbook ideas that you can try creating yourself. We can assure you that you can find one or two ideas that might inspire you. From vintage to unique, we have all of them right here!

BEST Scrapbook Ideas To Express Yourself

1. Spring Wedding Scrapbook

Spring Wedding

A marriage is like opening a new life journey. For a newly wedded couple, congratulations! Now you have a partner to share your grievances and happiness with. Without a doubt, there will be lots of new memories to share together.

Therefore, to ensure that you will always remember the beautiful memories many many years to come, we are happy to provide you with this scrapbook idea for you to try creating together. With a spring theme and beautiful paper flower decorations, this scrapbook will represents the happiness of your marriage perfectly.

2. Watercolor Studies

Watercolor Studies

For water color painters, there is nothing more suitable than having this scrapbook to keep the collections of their drawings. Start from scratch and finish it with a masterpiece, and then put everything into a unique scrapbook.

For this specific purpose, we would suggest that you have a handy-sized scrapbook to make it easy to take anywhere. The reason is mainly to help you find inspirations while you’re out and about in nature. So, let’s take out your brush and watercolor, and you can immediately create a new sketch on this book.

3. Magazine Clippings

Magazine Clippings - chezlarsson.typepad
Source: pinterest (@chezlarsson.typepad)

Some people have a favorite magazine that they subscribe to. Every time it comes out, they will be the first to own it. With so many types of magazines such as fashion, cooking recipes, home design, and many more, you can actually make your own scrapbook based on magazine clippings.

Thus, we are happy to give you scrapbook ideas for magazine clippings. Collecting all the magazines will take up space, and eventually, you may run out of storage space. So, why not turn it into a scrapbook where you only put the important parts of the magazine into a collection?

4. Harry Potter Theme Scrapbook

Harry Potter Theme - 𝒊𝒈𝒚 ◡̈
Source: pinterest (𝒊𝒈𝒚 ◡̈)

For Potterheads, Harry Potter may not be just a novel or a movie. It is basically part of their life. It’s been a few years since the last series of films or novels existed, but it still made an impression on the hearts of the fans.

Well, maybe it’s all because they grew up with Harry Potter. Therefore, we would suggest that you manifest your fondness for it with Harry Potter-themed scrapbook ideas. Choose your favorite scene to be used as a photo and decorate it with Harry Potter stickers as ornaments.

5. Vintage Photos Keeper

Vintage Photos Keeper

Photo albums are the most normal way to keep your memorable photos well-kept. But honestly, they are a bit boring, don’t you think? That’s why we suggest you to try the vintage style scrapbook instead.

Try this scrapbook idea to save photos of you with your family and loved ones, and we guarantee that you’ll have a more unique item to remember those moments forever. Moreover, you can also use Polaroid photos to add a vintage feel to your memory.

6. Fairytale Style Scrapbook

Fairytale Style

Fairytales are probably part of everyone’s childhood memories. A world full of magic and fairies can be the perfect fantasy for their dreams. Therefore, why don’t you present it as a scrapbook idea that can be used to save precious moments in your life with photos.

You can decorate the scrapbook with various decorations such as flower stickers or other fairytale stickers to make it look even more beautiful.

7. Favorite Quotes Art Scrapbook

Favorite Quotes Art - hubpages
Source: pinterest (@hubpages)

When you read a book or watch a movie, you might find the moment where you feel the “yeah, I’ve been there” moment, right? It might get to you that you want to engrave it in your memory.

So, why don’t you make those quotes unforgettable by applying those quotes into this scrapbook idea. Pour those quotes on your star stickers or other decorated scrapbook pages, and then open them whenever you feel down and need some self motivation.

8. Travel Scrapbook

Travel Scrapbook

To live is to travel, and the important part is the journey, not the end. If you’re one of those people who enjoys traveling to new places, then you need to have your own travel scrapbook. After all, getting an experience you’ve never had before can only be obtained by going to new destinations.

Take photos as your documentation and turn them into a travel journal like this scrapbook idea. In addition, we assume that you might also want to decorate the book by using a Pigma pen to make it even more memorable to remind you of your trips.

9. Week Agendas

Week Agendas or Diaries - crazylaura
Source: pinterest (@crazylaura)

How you’ve been last week? Did you enjoy it? While you take your break on the weekends, we provide scrapbook ideas that you can create during your spare time. Fill your scrapbook with everything that you have been through in the past week as a diary.

Even better, you can also write the things that you’ll do next week as an agenda. Once you’re done with the writing parts, decorate the pages using coloring markers and add some pictures to make it more interesting.

10. Lepidopterist Scrapbook

Vibrant and Colorful

A lepidopterist is someone who studies or collects butterflies. For some people, a butterfly is an attractive insect with a stunning color that is rarely encountered. As a scrapbook idea for lepidopterists, we believe without a doubt that this scrapbook idea might be the right thing to create.

By drawing observations or sticking the same butterfly sticker on a scrapbook, you can provide a description as information about the butterfly.

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11. Vibrant and Colorful Scrapbook

Lepidopterist Scrapbook

This scrapbook idea has many vibrant colors. In our opinion, giving a bright and energetic impression is a good idea for a scrapbook. Also, we have no doubt that this idea is very suitable for people who like colors, or for children to pour their creative ideas.

For this scrapbook idea, you can use colorful card-stocks and decorate it with decorative tape with various vibrant colors.

12. Travel Memories Scrapbook

Travel Memories - LUDICOBOX
Source: pinterest (@LUDICOBOX)

A trip will be much more memorable if you have something to remember. Whether it’s a souvenir like t-shirt from your holiday destination, or other things that you can use as a souvenirs to remember.

Through this scrapbook idea, we suggest that you turn your travel notebook into a scrapbook and fill it with memories from your travels. It can be a ticket from your trips and add some information that makes you always remember it.

13. Natural Scrapbook

Natural Scrapbook - minialbummakers.blogspo
Source: pinterest (@minialbummakers.blogspo)

This next scrapbook idea illustrates a harmonization between nature and beauty. Decorated with leaf accessories and covers that resemble tree barks, this is the best scrapbook idea to emphasize your love for nature.

This scrapbook can also be used as a place to preserve photos and other purposes, too. Undoubtedly, this is suitable for those who care about the environment, especially if you want to have a scrapbook according to your personal style.

14. Yellowish Scrapbook

Yellowish Scrapbook - SOCIETY19
Source: pinterest (@SOCIETY19)

This one is one of the most unique scrapbook ideas in this list. It is specifically created for those who fall in love with yellow. As we know, yellow is the color of the sun that symbolizes optimism and joy, so this scrapbook idea is perfect for someone with such sunny character, like you!

Scrapbooks that you make can be decorated with various ornaments, as long as they have an element of yellow like daisy flower. Starting from honey to daisies that can beautify your scrapbook, we need to remind you to always make sure you fill it with various writings or matching keywords, too!

15. Winter Scrapbook

Winter Scrapbook

When the temperature decreases and white grains fall, it means that winter is coming! As far as the eyes can see, everything is covered in white, even the animals decide to hibernate.

For some, this season is the best of all seasons. Apart from the holidays, this is the most different season from others, too. Based on that reason, we do think that you can turn it into a scrapbook idea with snowflake decorations or mistletoe stickers. This scrapbook can be filled with your favorite moments or photos during winter.

16. Alphabetical Vintage Scrapbook

Alphabetical VIntage - bambookkkkk
Source: pinterest (@bambookkkkk)

This vintage-style scrapbook idea might remind you of the 80s when collecting clippings was a trend. To create this kind of scrapbook, you can start by taking pieces from newspapers or magazines, and then arrange them into a unique scrapbook.

Moreover, you can also decorate the writing using alphabet stickers or papers to emphasize the vintage impression of your scrapbook.

17. Emojis Scrapbook

Emojis Scrapbook - Scrapbook.com
Source: pinterest (@Scrapbook.com)

Sometimes words can’t express your feelings perfectly. Therefore, why not represent your feelings by using emojis, which are computer-mediated visual symbols that represent human emotions, animals, food, etc.

We are happy to give you a scrapbook idea that you can use to save your photos with the right expressions using those emojis. In addition, you can bomb it with emoji stickers to make it colorful, and joy looks for a better looking scrapbook.

18. 1920s Style Scrapbook

1920s Style

The 1920s style is a vintage style that you can use as a scrapbook idea. This idea has a characteristic of using unique and beautiful handwriting using a quill pen. Suitable for use if you want a scrapbook with a classic idea, especially for storing old photos of your family.

Moreover, you can also decorate it with various vintage postcards to make it look cooler with an old-school impression.

19. Instagram Theme Scrapbook

Instagram Theme - verasgreenroom.blogspot
Source: pinterest (@verasgreenroom.blogspot)

Instagram is a social platform that focuses on visuals such as photos and videos. Nowadays, people use this platform as their medium to store and share their photos with people. But what if you use Instagram as your scrapbook idea?

By applying the same concept, you can use cardstock and shape it like the Instagram logo to use it as a place to store your photos.

20. Coastal Scrapbook

You can try a scrapbook idea with a coastal theme. Decorate its cover with various ornaments and stickers with ocean themes, such as seashells, starfish, and also seaweed to emphasize a coastal impression.

Use this as a gift for your partner or BFF filled with photos of moments of you together. In our opinion, it is perfect if you and your partner or BFF are travel enthusiasts, especially if you are longing for a nice vacation at the beach.

21. Mini Scrapbook

Mini Scrapbook
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Size does matter, and it also applies to scrapbooks. Having a mini scrapbook is pretty effective, because you can take it anywhere you go and make your creations right away, without having to worry that you might forget about small details that you want to add to your scrapbook.

Pretty cute and effective, don’t you think?

22. Photo-Heavy Scrapbook

Source: Pinterest (@persnicketyprints.com)

A photo means a thousand meanings, which is why creating a photo-heavy scrapbook can be one of the most recommended scrapbook ideas. Collect your meaningful photos and arrange them beautifully in your book using glue or cute paper tapes, in a way that can actually tell stories and memories.

Plus, we believe that it will also become an album of memories that you can open again sometime in the future to reminisce about the good old days many years from now.

23. Journal-Inspired Scrapbook

Journal-Inspired Scrapbook
Source: Pinterest (@thatadventurer.co.uk)

Writing is actually a way to release your stress, and when we say writing, we mean writing by using colorful pens on a piece of paper. Since we spend a lot of time writing using our keyboard these days, it’s quite normal if you miss writing on paper sometimes.

So, why not try to create a scrapbook that is full of your hand writings? Consider the book as a journal and write your stories in it. Then, add photos, drawings, stickers, or whatever you like to make it look more beautiful. 

24. Rolodex Scrapbook

Rolodex Scrapbook
Source: Pinterest (@bluemossgirls.blogspot.com)

If you have an old and unused rolodex, don’t throw it away just yet. You can try to be creative and turn it into a unique scrapbook instead. You can add colors, photos, and other items that you like, to create a sweet looking scrapbook made of your old rolodex.

Without a doubt, you won’t find another scrapbook that looks like your rolodex scrapbook anywhere else.

25. Tiny Envelopes Scrapbook

Tiny Envelopes Scrapbook
Source: Pinterest (@blog.hobbycraft.co.uk)

This is one of the most out-of-the-box scrapbook ideas that you can definitely try. You can easily find envelopes in various sizes, patterns and colors, which you can also use to create a unique scrapbook.

Stick the cute envelopes to your book and fill each envelope with memories such as photos, small notes, or worth-keeping items to cherish forever. Super adorable!

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Final Thoughts

The best way to start your own scrapbook is to know what are the main things that you want to include inside. It can be vary from photos, notes, drawings, magazine and newspaper clippings, and many more. Whatever you choose, you can then start with your creativity in terms of designing the book and include some decorations like dried flowers or stickers.

One thing to remember, there is no limitations when it comes to creating your own scrapbook, and don’t forget to have fun while at it!

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