20 Best Ideas on How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Without a Mother

Another annual celebration that most people celebrate is Mother’s Day. But it may be a bit hard for you to celebrate it when you have lost your beloved mother. The first time celebrating mother’s day without a mother would be the worst, but the next may be a bit easier. However, your late mother would not allow you to be sad for a long time remembering her. There are things and activities you can do to positively grieve and release all the sadness from time to time. We know that it will never be easy to acquiesce your mother, but it’s worth your life.

We would love to see you enjoy mother’s day even when she is not around anymore. Here we have compiled those awesomely positive activities you can do to celebrate mother’s day. There is nothing we would wish for other than your happy life. So without any further ado, let’s check on the list!

1. Allow Yourself to Grieve

Nobody can avoid death and loss, including you who lost your beloved mother. The first thing you should do is allow yourself to grieve and accept your loss, which we believe that it is one of the best way on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother.

Especially if this is your first mother’s day after she passed away, you need to allow the sadness to flow through your whole body and finally find the best way to release it. That is the most basic thing you should do first before doing other things in celebrating mother’s day without a mother.

2. Visit Her Grave

After her death, her grave will be the last place where her body lies in peace and harmony with the universe. It is also the place where you can visit her whenever you miss her and when you want to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Visit her grave once in a while, clean up some wild plants growing around her grave, and bring some colorful flowers to be spread on the bed. There you can freely say anything you have been through after she’s gone, and wish her a wonderful Mother’s Day. She might wish for your best from heaven.

3. Look at Her Photos

When someone passes away, there are photographs they leave behind for you to look at anytime. Those photos you can look at on Mother’s Day and also whenever you miss her. Her photos capture moments where the memory freezes forever.

In our opinion, it helps you to travel the time when she was there for you. On Mother’s Day, it is important for you to remember how she loves you and be grateful for what happened in the past. Also, we think it is how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother positively and  calmly.

4. Write a Letter for Her

Even though heaven does not have any post office, you still can write a letter for her and send it through the wind. On Mother’s Day, dedicate your mind and body to write your best words for her in heaven.

Your longing, love, and wishes for her should be written on the letter. Moreover, you can also can add a poem and quote related to Mother’s Day on it. Finally, you can read it in your heart or aloud with your mother in your mind. No matter what, the letter will fly to heaven.

5. Listen to Her Favorite Songs

Listening to her favorite songs may remind you of your mother on Mother’s day. Personally, we think it is an activity that you can do when you want to know how to celebrate Mother’s day by yourself. We know that she may have various music genres you can enjoy, which will remind you of her.

Moreover, do remember that you also do not need to force yourself to be happy. Sometimes, you may listen to a song and cry about it. After, we are human and it is okay not to be okay.

6. Wear Her Scarf or Jacket

The scarf and jacket she left may still have her fragrance on it. Therefore, we believe that smelling it will recall your memories about her presence and warm hugs you used to have. It is alright to celebrate the day wearing her warm jacket the whole day and just snuggle on your couch.

In our opinion, it is one of the best ways on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother. Wear it while enjoying Netflix or movies you’d like with a cup of warm chocolate. In addition, you can also wear it to the office or work missing your mom on Mother’s Day.

7. Stay Off Social Media

On Mother’s Day, the social media will be full of “Mother’s Day” things. Sometimes, it can affect our emotions and mood throughout the day. Therefore, instead of risking your energy on social media when you are not ready to celebrate it, you can stay off social media for a day.

Instead, try to connect with yourself more and do things you enjoy on Mother’s Day without your mother around. We recommend you to dive deeply in a book, start sketching, knit or crochet, and other calming activities to build up your mood.

8. Be Busy Learning New Things

Digital marketing, virtual assistant, freelance researcher, and other digital based skills are the skills you may need in surviving in this new era. When you are done grieving but do not find it fun to celebrate Mother’s Day, why not keep yourself busy learning those prospective skills? In our opinion, it will be useful for you in the future to open up more career opportunities. Without a doubt, your mother may be even more proud of you in heaven.

9. Clean the House

The cleanliness and health of your house or the place you are living is very important. It can have an instant impact on your mental and body health. Therefore, based on the experts, a clean house and good room fragrance can help you heal from your loss faster.

Therefore, we really think that celebrating Mother’s Day also can be done by cleaning the house. Vacuum the couch, mop the floor, dust the table, and keep all spider webs away can be the basic things you do on cleaning the house.

10. Be Productive and Run Mother’s Day Like Any Other Day

Grieving after your loss is essential and important in the process of accepting and realizing your new situation without a mother. On Mother’s Day, you should not celebrate it joyfully if you are not ready to. Rather than forcing yourself to feel happy, you can choose to keep yourself productive just like the other days.

For that particular reason, we recommend you manage yourself to go to work, make long and short term plans, and do as many things as you can. That way you can make the day even more meaningful.

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11. Plan Wonderful Activities with Siblings

When it comes to the mother’s death, you may not experience it alone. There are your siblings who feel the same sorrow and longing as you. Especially when Mother’s Day comes, they may have no choice but to miss her. Thus, you can decide how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother, together.

Some wonderful activities such as karaoke, walking in a park, going hiking and camping, or watching a movie can be great ways of celebrating Mother’s Day without a mother. Even better, it can build your relationship stronger and show your support to each other. Losing a beloved mother will never be easy, but it helps when you have each other’s back.

12. Have A Dinner with Other Family Members

Sometimes, enjoying your time with family is better than spending it alone. On Mother’s Day, you can arrange a big dinner with your family members where you can enjoy savory foods and beverages as well as dessert.

It can be dinner at home or eating out in a good restaurant. Make sure you enjoy the dinner and feel happy enjoying your moment with family. At the end of the day, you need to end it with something good and positive in order to start your next day brighter.

13. Cook Her Favorite Dish

Cook Her Favorite Dish

Do you enjoy cooking? Does your mother have a favorite dish she would love when she is around? If she does, then we’re pretty sure that it will be wonderful for you to cook it and enjoy it for the day. You can remember her in every cooking recipe and step that you do.

Starting from collecting all ingredients, cooking preparation, cooking all ingredients, and serving it on the plate. The food can be served to celebrate the memory of your mom. Don’t forget to cook it from your heart and serve it to the world above.

14. Do Activities You Usually Do with Her

Do Activities You Usually Do with Her

Does she have hobbies and activities that she loves? Do you usually participate in those activities? Well, you can do those activities on Mother’s Day as a tribute to her. She may love to do gardening, sit in a park, or sing in a church and you participate in those activities. So, you can do gardening and plant vegetables you love.

Or you can sing in the church while praying for her in heaven. In our opinion, when you realize what activities she’d love to do with you, then we think it would be come one of the best says on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother.

15. Visit Someone Who Lost a Child

Visit Someone Who Lost A Child

It is a despondent experience of a child losing a mother. But in our opinion, it would be wonderful for you to know that it is incomparably desperate also for a mother who lost her child. There is a deep sorrow on both sides where you can both give and gain strength to enjoy the day.

Therefore, we recommend you visit a mother who lost her child shows your empathic for the other side of lost. With her, you can talk while enjoying afternoon tea, or walk in a park and enjoy nature, or simply ask about her feelings for the day.

16. Continue a Tradition

Continue A Tradition

Every family has their own unique tradition. It can be a morning routine, or a thing that is done every Mother’s Day. The tradition can be in the form of arranging flowers in the morning, or baking cookies for Mother’s Day. When it comes to the best way on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother, we think that those traditions need to be continued after your mother passed away. It is because that tradition she passed to you for good.

17. Carry On Her Legacy

Carry On Her Legacy

Besides the traditions, do remember about the legacy she leaves behind. Properties, an amount of money, a charity, a company, and actions that she did in the past that is left for you to be carried on. We would suggest that you be mindful in managing it so her legacy can grow bigger and stronger as she hopes it to be. We have no doubt, having a legacy is a wonderful privilege no matter the size. So be grateful and mindful to carry it on Mother’s Day.

18. Plant Her Favorite Flowers

Plant Her Favorite Flowers

Ladies are identical in that they usually have their favorite flowers and their own meaning. Does your mother have the flower she loved? Rather than buying the flower in a florist, we recommend you to try to plant those flowers in your garden or in a pot.

We believe it would be one of the most wonderful ways on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother. That way, you can serve the flower for her in heaven anytime you miss her. You can start planting the flower on Mother’s Day and fertilize it with love everyday.

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19. Go Hiking and Camp with Friends

Go Hiking and Camp with Friends

Besides spending time with families on Mother’s Day, you also can spend some time with friends. Among all possible activities, one activity you can do with friends is hiking and camping. Shed some sweat for the day and enjoy the night under billions of stars will be a great experience to have.

Especially if it is spent with the friends you can rely on and talk to about almost everything. Being one of the most recommended ways on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother, spending time with friends when celebrating Mother’s Day will not be lonely, even without your mother around.

20. Celebrate It with People who Also Lost Their Mother

Celebrate It with People Who Also Lost Their Mother

Besides your siblings, there are other people who lost their mother. Sometimes we may feel it is unnecessary to share our sorrow and longing to other people. But when we have a similar background of losing a lovely mother, we may feel some need to support each other.

The world may seem different after she passes away, but you can still find some people and celebrate Mother’s Day together. Talk about your mother, support and give strength to each other, and learn about what she told you when you were younger. People with the same frequency tend to be easier to understand each other.

Final Thoughts

Losing a mother is without a doubt one of the most difficult things in life that we have to go through. We are allowed to grieve, but from our late other’s point of view, we believe that she would want you to move on in life and be happy. Therefore, the best way on how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother is by celebrating her life and do positive things that would make her happy. If you are running out of ideas on what to do, we hope our list above can give you some inspirations on what to do this Mother’s Day.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day by yourself?

Celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time after losing your beloved mother would be the hardest thing. Moreover when you have a situation that forces you to celebrate it by yourself. However, it is hard but still possible to do. You can visit her grave, listen to her favorite songs, wear her scarf or jacket, write a letter for her, look at her pictures, and allow yourself to grieve.

What do you give someone who lost their mother for Mother’s Day?

The best gift on Mother’s Day for someone who lost their mother is a friend to talk to, and a warm hug where they can feel safe and comfortable. You can give your time to celebrate it together such as having dinner or barbecue together, do outdoor activities to grieve and release your longing for your mother. Those outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and traveling may be a wonderful thing to do and remember her.

What to do when you miss your mom who died?

Losing a mother would always bring the longing in your heart. And when you miss your deceased mother, there are things you can do. Crying may be the first and natural thing to happen as the response of your deepest feeling. But instead of crying, you can write a poem for her, look at her photos, hug her scarf and jacket, or wear her perfume. Missing your deceased mother should always be validated and accepted every time.

How do you say happy Mother’s Day to a grieving mother?

Mother’s day is celebrated to remind all mothers about their importance and how the universe is grateful for them. No matter what they have been through, a mother is still a mother even when she is grieving. To say happy Mother’s Day to her, you can send her flowers or a card with a grieving quote, ask about her feelings and listen to everything she says. In words, you can say “Happy Mother’s Day. Whatever you are going through, remember you are a wonderful mother. I am so proud of you.”

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