21 Grateful Ways on How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without A Father

Birth and death are both gifts from God that nobody can predict or plan when exactly it will happen, especially when it comes to the death of our family, one of our parents, a father. Days we live without him would be so hard no matter how old you are and how long he’s been leaving. Sadness, misery, and loneliness may often come to mind. His memories and wisdom will always live in your heart until the end of time. When it comes to Father’s Day, it should always be celebrated and commemorated in many ways. And if you wonder how to celebrate a father’s day without a father, we might be able to help you with that.

In this article we have created a compilation of some grateful ways on how to celebrate Father’s Day with having your father around. Even when your father has gone to heaven, you still can celebrate the day. It will be a wonderful way to keep his spirit stays with you and your family forever. Be sure that he is watching you and loves you to the eternity. So, can’t wait to know how? Let’s check the list below and start scrolling!

How Do You Honor Your Late Father?

Honoring a late father can be done in so many ways. No matter how sad or bad your feeling is, you still can honor your father. Starting from learning how to accept your loss and grief, memorializing your late father, donating and volunteering on his behalf, telling stories about him to the public, or building a new tradition, you can always find away to honor him. Those are things you can do in honoring your late father and deal with your life.

How Do You Deal with Father’s Day After His Death?

Dealing with the fact of losing your beloved father will not be easy, especially when it is Father’s Day. The first Father’s Day after his death would be the hardest day to deal with, but in fact, there are some things that you can do. Grief as much as you want, keep in touch with your loved ones, take a look at his old pictures, and send your love on a letter for him. Lastly, be sure to visit his grave. Somehow, celebrating does not always have to be cheerful and glammy.

Amazing Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day Without A Father

1. Visit His Grave

When you are celebrating Father’s Day for your beloved late father, we believe the first place you can visit is his grave. It would be the most meaningful way to celebrate father’s day, and it is also the last place where he lies in peace.

On Father’s Day, you can clean his grave, spread out some flowers, pour his favorite drink, and say your prayer. May he always rest in peace while you are living your life with his memories.

2. Visit His Best Friends

Even though your father has passed away, he may leave some best friends who are still alive. They may live with their family or on their own, and some of them probably live nearby. If you ask us, we believe that father’s Day should be the best moment to look after your late father’s friends and maintain that wonderful relationship on behalf of him. Moreover, it would also be a nice gesture to remind yourself of how wonderful your father was with his gang.

3. Learn to Accept The Sadness and Grief

Losing someone meaningful to you will never be easy. No matter how old you are when it comes to losing a father, it will never be easy. Therefore, after your father left, there is a process of accepting your sadness and grieving. We understand that it is hard to celebrate a day when you are still grieving. Then, why not take this moment to grief as much as you want and hug yourself tight? It is okay to not be okay sometimes. We’re humans after all.

4. Look At His Old Pictures

Pictures are frozen moments that we can look back at anytime. It holds the memories, things, and people who may not exist anymore in the current situation. If you have a father who loves to capture beautiful moments in photos, then seeing some old photos if him would be a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. We believe without a doubt, looking at his old pictures would be a great way to remember him and all his great histories on Father’s Day.

5. Give Presents to Mom and Family Members

When you are grieving enough, then you should put yourself together and move on. In our opinion, in being a grown up, you will need to realize that there is your mom and remaining family members who stay by your side, and need your support, too!

So, let’s be thankful for them on Father’s Day and give presents to them. A bucket of flowers, wrapped chocolate, portrait printed mugs, and other kinds of gifts may be choices of presents you can give. Also, be sure to share your love through the gift because there is a lot to be grateful for in life.

6. Love Him by Doing His Favorite Activities

The memory he left in your mind must be lovely and impressive. His habits, hobbies, and jokes may always ring every time. Those are the best moments for you to show your love by doing his favorite activities. On Father’s Day, let yourself dedicate your day to do his favorite activities and commemorate his love. We believe that there are warm hugs in every wind blowing through your skin when you do what he loves.

7. Visit His Favorite Places and Make New Memories

Places hold memories, especially when the place stays the same. The same as the last time you came with your father there. Sometimes the settling memories can be unpleasant and make you sad. But that condition can be fixed by making new memories in those places. Be brave and release those sad memories. Build your new wonderful memories with your loved ones while loving your late father in heaven.

8. Send Your Best Words by Writing A Confession Letter for Him

Some people believe that prayers can reach the souls that have passed away in Heaven. In reality, not everyone can do the prayer or hold a religion. But everyone has those words they want to say to their beloved late father. That’s why you can write a letter for him and arrange your best loving words, which is we think that it is one of the best ways on how to celebrate Father’s Day without a father. Be free to express anything you have in your heart on a piece of paper, and be sure that he would listen to every single word that you write.

9. Help Others and Donate in His Name

Many people dream to help others in need, but not everyone has the capability to do so. If you father is still alive, then we believe he may also want to help others by donating. If that’s the case, why don’t you do it on behalf of him? After all you are here with all the capabilities to do so. We know that he may not be remembered or known by all people in the world, but he will surely be a blessing to people who receive the donation, that’s for sure. In our opinion, it is a great thing you can do to honor your beloved father.

10. Sincerely Volunteer on His Behalf

Besides donating a sum of money, volunteering with your energy and time would also mean the same. We believe that honoring your late father on Father’s Day can be done by doing sincere volunteering to help other people in need. You can volunteer for disable people, wild animals, orphaned children, and many others who are in need. As long as you do it sincerely on his behalf, we’re pretty sure that you are doing your best on celebrating Father’s Day.

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11. Plant A Memorial Tree and Name It

Besides improving nature health, planting trees can also be done to honor your late father. The tree is usually mentioned as a memorial tree where you put in your grief and love to your dad in a tree. There are places where you can plant the tree in the US, such as the national forests, state forests, city parks, and even in your backyard. It would be a tree that will receive your love and caring as much as you think of your beloved father. And of course, you can also name the tree with your father’s name.

12. Make A Memory Book

Photographs are always powerful in bringing back memories, moments, and emotion. Sometimes the old pictures are scattered all over the house, and you may hardly locate where to find your father’s picture. Therefore, on Father’s Day why don’t you collect all of his pictures and compile them into a memory book? You can create a memory photo book for him, so when you want to look at it, you can easily find it in a good memory book.

13. Read and Dive Deep in A Book

Read and Dive Deep In A Book

Having a whole day to celebrate Father’s Day is great. But even when you only have a half day to celebrate it, you still can do it because it’s still great, too! Celebrating the day together when you are living while your father in heaven may be difficult. Thus, you can spend the rest of your day reading and dive deep in a book. It may be a new book where you can learn new things you need in life, or perhaps a book that reminds you of him.

14. Stay in Touch and Spend Time with Loved Ones

Stay In Touch and Spend Time with Loved Ones

When your father passes away, you are not left alone. There are other remaining family members who grieve with you. On this Father’s day, why not keep your companion and stay in touch with them? You can also arrange your day to spend time with them, especially your mom. We can assure you that she would long for him and need you there to talk to and laugh for the day. In the end, your family is who you should spend the day with.

15. Celebrate the Day with Your Kids

Celebrate The Day with Your Kids

Besides spending time with your mom and siblings, you can also celebrate Father’s day with your spouse and kids. You are now the world in your kids’ eyes and the part of your spouse, too. You mean a lot to them and it is your time now. Therefore, for this year’s Father’s Day, why don’t you show your kids how great their father is and how lovely your family is? In the future, we believe without a doubt that your kids will remember this moment forever.

16. Tell Stories About Your Beloved Father

Tell Stories About Your Beloved Father

Memories you had with your father or stories he told you before may inspire people out there. Now that he’s gone, make sure you do not keep them just in your mind. Instead, you can share those memories and stories to your college or audiences. Be confident to share those great parts of your beloved father to others. By doing so, we can assure you that your late father can always help others even when he is not around anymore.

17. Host A Family Dinner and Serve A Plate to Him

Host A Family Dinner and Serve A Plate To Him

A big family dinner is one of the most heartwarming things to do on Father’s Day. The moment that we share together, sitting on the dinner table with delicious food served and warm family conversation, would end this wonderful day. On the table, as an honor for him, you can set one plate and serve the food for him. You can place it on your father’s favorite place to eat.

If you are looking for the best ways on how to celebrate Father’s Day without a father, then we would say that it is how you can manifest how you honor and hope he would be happy for the day in heaven.

18. Wear His Favorite Color

Wear His Favorite Color

What is your father’s favorite color? Do colors remind you of him? Do not ignore your memories, but hug it by wearing his favorite color the whole day. The shirt, pants, blouse, dress, suit, shoes, and even the bag you are bringing to work can be in his favorite color. Be bright and confident in celebrating Father’s Day for your honorable father. Even better, wearing his favorite color may even bring luck into your day.

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19. Design A Gravestone for Him

Design A Gravestone For Him

His grave will be the last place where his body and ashes rest. On this Father’s Day, one of the best ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day without a father is by beautifying his grave by designing a beautiful gravestone. It will be more beautiful with a little flower garden growing in it. It can be flowers he would like and enjoy seeing from heaven. Also, you can also add small stones to decorate the gravestone. When you visit him, you can take care of the garden for him.

20. Bake Cookies

Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? We can really say that almost nobody hates cookies. It is the most delicious and lasting snacks of all. If your father also loves cookies, then on Father’s Day, bake your own cookies with any shapes you want. You can put as much sugar on it and enjoy it with your family. Moreover, you can also put “I love Dad” on every cookie you make. How lovely it is!

Who would have though that simple ideas can be memorable, right? In our opinion, if you feel a bit stuck in finding the best ways on how to celebrate Father’s Day without a father, this is one idea that will never go out of style.

21. Build A New Tradition

Build A New Tradition

Father’s Day itself is a tradition to remind us of our loving father. It is also the day of showing our gratitude and thankfulness for his existence in our life. Even when he has passed away, his loving memory will always exist in your mind. On Father’s Day, you can build a new tradition, an activity that you will do annually on every Father’s day. We’re pretty sure that tradition will keep your mood up and happy enjoying the day.

Final Thoughts

Losing our lifetime hero is not easy, especially when it comes the time of the year again to celebrate Father’s Day. However, we believe that your late dad doesn’t want you to grieve too long, as he would want his family to be happy and able to move on with life. With that in mind, it does not mean that you have to stop celebrating Father’s Day.

You can still celebrate the special day, and you can even assign the day as the day to celebrate his time while he was still around. If you still unsure about the best ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day without a father around, make sure you read our list from top to bottom, because we believe you will find the best inspirations for the next Father’s Day celebration.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What do you say to someone who misses their dad?

Sadness, misery, and loneliness are emotions that have to be accepted and realized by everyone. Moreover, when you realize someone is missing their late father, you need to be there for them, acknowledge their emotion, and remind them of good memories about him. You can say things like: “I’m deeply sorry for your loss” or “I can’t even imagine what you’ve been going through. But remember that I am here for you…”, to acknowledge their emotion and let them know you are there for them. Or you also can say, “My favorite thing about your father was on every Christmas. He would bake ginger cookies, and those are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted”, to share good memories with them.

What do you say to your dad in heaven?

Even when you cannot see him in this world, believe that you can still say something to him in heaven. By writing letters, praying, and talking in your mind, you can send your words to him. Some quotes, poems, and sweet words are worth saying to him in heaven. Such as “Dad, my life without you has been hard, but today I want to remember how grateful I am for having our memories in my heart”, or a quote by Jamie Cirello “You will always be in my heart… because in there you’re still alive.”

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