25 Unique Girly Car Decals Choices for Aesthetic

Car decals or stickers are adorable, affordable, easy to print and practical for decoration, yet they are eye-catching or unique, too. Most often, girls love to put decals on everything they touch, including their cars. There are many reasons why people put girly car decals on their car windows or bumpers. Putting stickers on cars can be a way to express a message, self-identity, simply for aesthetic purpose, or perhaps to promote a certain brand.

Unique car decals are very likable for girls because they are eye-catching and able to create attention. After all, girls love attention and compliments, right? Girls also have a greater need to express their emotions and feelings, and they like to be more open in representing who they are or what they like.

If you are one of those girls, or know such sweet girl, here are a few unique girly car decals for you to choose from, whether it’s for yourself or as gift for your loved ones!

Do Decals Ruin Car Paint?

No, the adhesive material of car decals and stickers won’t ruin the car paint, unless the car paint is made of poor quality materials. However, it is still recommended that you remove the decals carefully because debris around the decals can scratch the car, so wash it with soap first and heat it up before gently peeling the decal.

BEST Girly Car Decals

1. Personalized Dog Silhouette Stickers

Personalized Dog Silhouette Stickers

Pets like dogs always give unconditional love without expecting anything in return. This makes girls love their pets so much. Not only because they are cute or funny, but also because they fulfill the need for love.

Therefore, we really think that personalized dog stickers are an excellent choice for a quirky, feminine car sticker accessory to reminisce. Plus, girly dog stickers can be a wonderful decoration, too.

2. Birth Month Flower Decal Sticker

Birth Month Flower Decal Sticker

Flowers are a naturally aesthetic and elegant looking feature of nature. It is also a symbol of romance associated with beauty and affection, and girls love that. There are flowers that represent each birth month, and birth month flower decals are available in many cute and beautiful shapes, each uniquely represents a specific birth month.

For that reason, flower decal stickers can be a great choice of unique girly car decals that can also resemble the girly elegant personality of the car owner.

3. Cat Middle Finger Decal Sticker

Cat Middle Finger Decal Sticker

It’s not a secret that everyone loves cats. Well, probably almost everyone. Girls who love cats know that cats are well known for their cool and annoyingly ignorant personalities, making them cute and featured in many memes or cartoon movies.

In our opinion, this cat middle finger decal sticker is the best embodiment of a cute, funny, and also annoying cat figure. It is suitable for funny girls who love cats and have a playful sense of humor. Also, we think it would be best for you to stick the sticker on our car’s rear side window

4. Flower Decal Sticker 

Flower Decal Sticker 

Sometimes girls want to have a great decoration on their personal car that can resembles their feminine yet cool personality. For that specific purpose, we believe that this ornament flower decal sticker with a retro styled design is the way to go.

As you can see in the pic, the appearance of the sticker resembles urban lifestyle and youth personality. With such a wonderful colors and design, we have no doubt this girly car stickers can also be your attractive and decorative gifts.

5. Pink-Themed Random Sticker Set

Pink Themed Random Sticker Set

Pink is definitely a girly color. It is sweet, cheerful and fun, which is why many girls love this particular color so much. Here we have a bunch of pink stickers for you pink lovers out there. Although this pinky sticker set can be a decoration for many, it can also be a car decal sticker to make the car becomes more girly.

A pack of unique sticker sets contains 25-100 random unique stickers and is made of high quality material. Who doesn’t love stickers anyway? Moreover, it is also a great gift or decoration choice for girl cars.

6. Passed by A Girl Decal Sticker

Passed by a Girl Decal Sticker

Imagine driving a car when suddenly someone passes by your car with this super girly car decal on the rear window, it will be a funny situation for sure. More than just cute, this car decal sticker can also be considered to be a little bit sexist but it is definitely humorous.

This is definitely designed for girls with a good sense of humor, and suitable for a funny girl who wants to troll around other car drivers on the street. After all, funny and unique stickers can sometimes be a great go-to girly choice of car accessories.

7. 50 Pcs Feminist Decal Sticker Pack

50 pcs Feminist Decal Sticker Pack

If you are the kind of women who identify yourselves as feminist and are for equality, then these girly decals are definitely recommended for you. The feminist decal stickers can be sticked on your car and they are waterproof, too!

This feminist decal stickers pack contains of 50 unique girly car decals with variety of feminist movement representations that come in artistic design. You can replace or add your car stickers anytime you want. So, if being feminism is something you strongly identify with, then why not making this sticker set your choice?

8. Cute Cactus Pink Girly Vinyl Sticker

Cute Cactus Pink Girly Vinyl Sticker

Look at this cactus planted inside a human face shaped plant pot! What a lovely choice of sticker for girls. Do you know that cacti often represent warmth and motherly love? It’s because cacti can survive in harsh environments.

Because of that, they become a symbol of strong maternal love. However, the cactus may not give you vibrant, energetic youth vibes, but it is definitely girly and feminine. Therefore, we have no doubt that this unique girly car decal is a warm decoration that radiates an elegant personality from your car.

9. Pinky Objects and Animal Cartoon Decals

Pinky Objects and Animal Cartoon Decals

Next up we have these uniquely designed objects printed with cartoon car decals, which are super cute. We really have to say that this one comes as a pack of cartoon objects and animal unique girly car decals are being represented in the most fabulous way.

Sometimes girls just want to express their feminine side printed all over their belongings, and a car is one of them. In short, pinky objects and animal cartoons are great, and they are unique girly car decals to buy, too!

10. Hello Kitty Pink Car Decals Set

Hello Kitty Pink Car Decals Set

Hello Kitty may be one of girls’ favorite childhood cartoon characters because we all know that she’s cute. If you happen to be a hello kitty fan, then we have no doubt this unique girly car decals pack is definitely for you. Hello kitty car decals can be placed on your car window, body or simply anywhere you like. Moreover, it is also waterproof and made of high quality vinyl material, perfect for a sweet girl’s car.

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11. Window Rainbow Makers Stickers

Window Rainbow Makers Stickers

Rainbows are so beautiful because of their various mixed color spectrums that lighten up our minds. With so many beautiful colors, we can understand why many girls adore rainbows. Now, why not add some colors to your car by having these window rainbow to your car window?

Once you have it in place, as light enters it filters through special film to create a beautiful rainbow pattern. Undoubtedly, this item will definitely be a great and unique choice of girly car stickers.

12. Unicorn Vinyl Car Decal

Unicorn Vinyl Car Decal

Unicorn is a beautiful figure, it is often portrayed as a calm single horned horse and also as a majestic mythical being. Almost all girls love Unicorns. However, do you know that it also represents innocence and purity? With so many things to adore, we can really say that unicorns are elegant figures.

Unicorn stickers will make great car decals, and this unicorn designed car decals is a representative of unique girly car decals decoration choices for girls with a rather reserved personality. In our opinion, you can stick these waterproof car decals anywhere, because it will be a cute looking girly car accessory. 

13. Cute Koala Vinyl Sticker

Cute Koala Vinyl Sticker

Koalas have a large head, big pinky furry ears, and also a round black nose. In short, they are super cute and adorable. After all, we all know that any girl loves cute animals, right?

Koalas look like a real-life version of our teddy bear. Therefore, we think cute koala car decals would definitely make a funny  unique girly car decals decoration. So, you can consider choosing a koala decal sticker, which can be a great girly car accessory, including as a gift that any girl would love, too.

14. Inspirational Car Decal Free Spirit

14. Inspirational Car Decal Free Spirit

Feathers and dream catchers with a peculiarly aesthetic ornamental design in the hippie style would make a unique car decal choice, wouldn’t it? The feather has long been a powerful symbol for honor and wisdom, and it is more of an intuitive symbol.

We understand that not all girls prefer cute, girly, playful car decorations, because some girls are more engaged with their spiritual intuitive world and free-spirited individuals. So if you are one of them, inspirational free spirits  are the perfect yet unique girly car decals for you.

15. Princess on Board Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

Princess On Board Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

Girly stuff can come in many different forms, and for girl’s car decals, we believe this one can be a good choice. Without a doubt, the princess on board car decals will suit confident girls who own their personal car just like they are the princess of their car kingdom.

In our opinion, this one can be considered as a unique and funny car decal because of its exaggeration effect with  a little narcissistic touch. In short, this is a great girly car decal accessory. 

16. Car Door Handle Stickers Set

Car Door Handle Stickers Set

Sparkle, luxurious and elegant  accessories are often liked by girls like you. If you’re looking for one, then we recommend you to pick this car door handle sticker. It has it all and it can help to protect your car door handle from being scratched by fingernails, rings, or keys.

This car decal is made of a material that stands various weather conditions and oxidation resistant, too. In our opinion, the glitter of these unique girly car decals will make your car uniquely outstanding apart from other vehicles. Moreover, it can also represents a strong, girly prominent character who likes luxury.

17. Sexy Woman Silhouette with American Flag Sticker

Sexy Woman Silhouette with American Flag Sticker

Some women have patriotic characteristics and are proud of their country. For such women, this sexy women with US flag car stickers will be enough to decorate their vehicles.

Aside from being a feminine and patriotic sticker, a sexy image is also shown by this sticker, which builds the image of a brave, high-spirited character who likes challenges. After all, unique girly car decals don’t always have to be cute; they can also be representative of your character.

18. “Girls Hunt Too, Only Prettier” Decal Vinyl

Girls Hunt Too Only Prettier Decal Vinyl

In this world, we encounter many problems of gender equality, especially for women. Sometimes, a simple way can give huge impact, and in our opinion, this girl’s hunt car decal stickers can do the job. It exposes the problem with a subtle hint that shows how women can do what men are doing.

In addition to exposing the issue of gender equality, we also think that these car decals also remind us that women also have advantages that men do not have.

19. Baby On Board Warning Sticker

Baby on Board Warning Sticker

Sometimes, drivers expect the car in front of them to go at a reasonable speed; it can be annoying for them if the car in front drives very slow. Sometimes, you might be the driver who drives slow, and perhaps its because you have your little one on board.

For such drivers, this baby on board cute car decals suits moms with babies or girls who like to take a slow driving. In our opinion, these cute and unique girly car decals can make other drivers understand when your car is running at a low speed.

20. Cartoon Retro Style Stickers

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Girls who love retro style will definitely love this sticker. Consists of 50 unique flower-themed car decals design, you can use your imagination and combine one sticker with another so that it becomes an attractive and personal car decoration.

Moreover, this unique girly car decal is made of waterproof PVC material, which provides protection from various weather. 

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21. Rectangle Sticker Jelly Bean Girl

Rectangle Sticker Jelly Bean Girl

Every Jelly Bean has a different flavor and is favored as a candy by many. With such cute shapes and colors, Jelly bean can be a great inspiration for girl car decals. They can also become unique car stickers that will be come great decorations.

If you ask us, we think this unique girly car decal is perfect for small cars, making them look even cuter on the road. So bring your colorful spark to the road with these car decals and show the world how you always feel; happy and alive.

22. Surfer Girl Sticker

Surfer Girl Sticker

Are you a surfer or do you like to surf? A surfer girl with a fantastic, cool, adventurous personality gets along well with the waves of the ocean. Therefore, this girly and unique surfer car sticker can represent your wild passion perfectly.

This unique girly car decal is made of a vinyl material with premium ink that is resistant to the sun and water, too. So, let’s drive your car to the beach and surf the sea, with this sticker on your car.

23. Momlife-Cheetah Sticker

Momlife-Cheetah Sticker

You may be a young housewife and new to the mommy world, but you might still have a girly spirit inside. For such a beautiful soul, we believe without a doubt this mom-life cheetah sticker surely does represent your personality very well.

This car decal implies your position as a mother of children, but still able to take care of yourself and look fashionable, which is a condition that deserves appreciation.

24. Just a Girl Who Loves Jesus Car Decal

Just a Girl Who Loves Jesus Car Decal

Some girls are concerned with their spiritual life and proudly shows their personal relationship with God.

We believe without a doubt girls with this kind of life will instantly love these car decals, and keeping these car decals will express your spiritual faithfulness. In addition, this car decal is coated with a crystal clear layer that is resistant to UV rays, scratches, water and can withstand various weather conditions.

25. Hydro Flask Sticker Pack

Hydro Flask Sticker Pack

These are various unique girly car decals that are both colorful and cute, which will make your car looks more lively! You can impress your friends by adding many antique, funny, or car decals.

Suitable for teenage girls who enjoy collecting various decals, we think these cute VSCO girly car decals are all made of high quality vinyl material and are waterproof, too!

Final Thoughts

Girls love to personalize their belongings and their car is definitely one of them. We often see girls having cars with personalizations such as specific colors, accessories, and interior customizations. Aside from that, there are also unique girly car decals that will boost the appearance of your car.

On this list we have some recommendations of car decals that will be the perfect way for you to show your characters and personalities to everyone while you’re on the road. From cute decals to sexy and funny ones, we have it all, and we believe you will find the perfect piece for your car.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of girly stickers are best for cars?

The best type of girly sticker for cars is the simple and colorful sticker that doesn’t make the car look full of stickers. The free spirit car decal is one of the best examples because it has a uniquely elegant aesthetic design and color, making it eye-catching with great self-representative words. Plus, it’s also girly in a sweet way. The sticker must be weatherproof, too.

Why you shouldn’t put girly decals on your car?

Stickers can make people stereotype your identity, especially if you put stickers on your car where the whole public can see them. Girly stickers can make people stereotype you with unwanted judgment associated with girly personalities like innocence, easily manipulated, and overly-expressive.

Overall, girly stickers represent a strong particular characteristic. Some people may not like it and it may influence their perception of you. Nothing wrong with that, though, it’s just not always recommended.

Where should I put stickers on my car?

You should put stickers on the rear top window for two main reasons. First, for better visibility of drivers (it doesn’t annoy drivers) and better exposure to other people as an audience (if you want to promote a message or brand). You can also put stickers on the driver’s side, but the exposure to other people will vary.

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