26 Cool Laptop Decoration Ideas to Level Up Your Device

Having a laptop is a great way to finish your job and stay connected to the world, allowing users to access the internet, utilize various programs, and work on various documents. But having a laptop can also be a fun way to express one’s personality and style. With the right laptop decorations, users can create a unique look that reflects their personal style. From laptop stickers to laptop skins, there are plenty of creative laptop decoration ideas to explore. 

Are you looking for some creative ways to spruce up your laptop? Whether you’re wanting to add some personality to your workspace or just want to give your laptop a unique and stylish makeover, there are plenty of cool laptop decoration ideas out there.

In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best laptop decoration ideas that are sure to make your laptop the envy of your peers.

Laptop Decoration Ideas for Gamers

Are you looking for inspiring ideas to decorate your laptop with a gaming theme? From custom stickers and skins to colorful keyboard covers and accessories, you can give your laptop a stylish gaming makeover that reflects your love of video games.

Let’s explore some of the best laptop decoration ideas for gamers.

1. Cartoon Doodle Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@Markets Trend Deals)

If you are a gamer who is looking for ideas to level up your laptop’s boring look, we’ve got you covered! For this particular purpose, we really think that you can create a DIY laptop case from stickers.

Simply cover the whole laptop cover with cartoon stickers that you like. Stick the stickers décor to each other to create a creative doodle art. Moreover, if you still have more cartoon stickers, you can also decorate the keyboard area as well.

2. Galaxy Laptop Skin

The galaxy theme is perfect for a gaming laptop decoration idea. Especially if you love to play games in the dark gaming room, we believe this galaxy theme will decorate your laptop well.

We recommend you choose the glow in the dark laptop skin, so those star constellations will beautifully glow in your gaming room. Moreover, we also think that this idea would make an elegant laptop cover design idea for working.

3. Dream, Love, Party Colorful Laptop Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@phshirt.com)

When it comes to colorful designs for gaming laptops, this lovely design is undoubtedly worth trying.

It features funny and quirky characters such as hearts, stars, jellyfish, skulls, and more. In addition, add “Dream, Love, Party” text between these adorable characters. You can create this design with your favorite colors, then print it for your laptop skin.

4. Black and White Pirate Skull Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@refuge-du-pirate.com)

For those gamers who prefer monochrome laptop covers ideas, we’ve got the ideal design for you. Personally, we really think that you need to consider creating this black and white pirate sticker design for your laptop.

A pirate is a cool character you can put on your laptop. It has skulls with pirate accessories, skull boat wheels, and other skull pirate ornaments, too. Without a doubt, having this cool design will make you look respectable among other gamers.

5. Cute Symbol Keyboard Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@Amazon Fashion EU)

Instead of decorating your laptop cover, why don’t you decorate your keyboard with cute symbols? Who knows, having cute characters in each key may increase your gaming skills, too!

You can customize the keyboard keys with cartoon characters or symbols. Also, make sure to choose bright and vibrant colors. Without a doubt, these awesome keys will give additional spirit while playing your favorite games.

6. Blue Golden Mandala Laptop Skin

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you prefer a vintage decor idea, this mandala laptop skin would be perfect, there’s no doubt about it. Especially if you are gamers who like a professional and mature design, you can have the mandala pattern in gold and blue for your laptop.

In terms of meaning, the mandala pattern will be a traditional symbol that brings fortune to your game. Moreover, the combination of blue and golden color will give an elegant look to your laptop, too.

7. Dota Crystal Maiden Fanart Laptop Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@redbubble.com)

As gamers, you may have a favorite game character. Therefore, how about transferring the character on your laptop to boost your gaming spirit?

For instance, you can put the Crystal Maiden fanart as your laptop skin if you are a fan of Dota. Simply choose your favorite fan art for the laptop sticker. Or, you can design it on your own for a personalized laptop skin.

Laptop Decoration Ideas for College Students

Decorating a laptop is a great way for college students to showcase their individual style and personality. With a few simple and affordable accessories, students can transform a plain laptop into a colorful and creative expression of who they are.

From stickers and vinyl decals to laptop cases and keyboard covers, there are countless laptop decoration ideas for college students to choose from.

8. DIY Motivational Quote Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@littlepieceofme.com)

One of the greatest ways to motivate students who are going to college is by having a source of motivation. Therefore, why don’t you put motivational quote stickers while decorating your new laptop? Make your own motivational laptop skins with various motivational quote stickers. You can browse the internet and search for interesting and inspiring words or phrases, making a cool laptop decor.

9. Girls Favorites Laptop Stickers

Source: Pinterest (@𝓑.)

Female students usually love to put cute stickers on their laptop because they can add a touch of personalization to their laptop. If you are looking for a cute way to decorate your laptop with stickers, we recommend you to pick your favorite things in life.

For example, you can add your favorite lip shades, drinks, flowers, or even hobbies. Moreover, remember to put your favorite or funny quotes to add cuteness to your laptop, too!

10. Love Glitter Sequin Laptop Skin

Source: Pinterest (@Jei Ti)

Instead of stickers, students can also hone their creativity and skills by decorating their laptop with glitter sequins. Especially if you are looking for decorative designs, we believe the heart pattern will be a great creative project to try.

However, make sure you have marked the design before applying the glitter sequins as in the picture above. Without a doubt, we believe this design will surely make you love your laptop more!

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11. Black Board Laptop Skin

Source: Pinterest (@tecnobrip)

Show that you are a good student by having a fantastic black board laptop skin.

You can customize the black board design with your school lesson in white. It features various mathematical formulas and chemical structures you may learn at school. In addition, you can also put the difficult one, so it will be a perfect place to find a hint when you forget the lesson! 

12. Rainbow Splash Laptop Skin

Source: Pinterest (@thither.com)

What a fabulous art on the laptop! If you are an art student, we believe that you will surely love this laptop skin. The idea is to have a fantastic paint splashing effect on your laptop.

We recommend you to have rainbow colors, showing that the laptop owner is a bright and creative student. All in all, this design will be one of the most charming decoration ideas for students.

13. World Map Laptop Skin

Source: Pinterest (@Pamela Bell English)

Next up we have another creative and useful laptop decoration idea, which can turn your laptop skin into a cool world map.

Instead of a decorative accent, this world map can be an educational medium to learn geography. Simply adjust the size of the world map design that suits your laptop skin. Moreover, various world map designs also can be cool decoration ideas for professionals.

14. Aesthetic Summer Laptop Décor

Aesthetic Summer Laptop Decor
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

The aesthetic decorations are currently popular among students. Therefore, if you want to have an aesthetic laptop, simply follow this design. Paste summer themed stickers such as lemon, sunflower, or smiley emoji on your laptop cover. Make sure they have similar aesthetic yellow tones. Giving a great summer impression, your laptop will appear fascinating with this idea.

Laptop Decoration Ideas for Children

When it comes to decorating their laptops, children are often looking for something fun, creative, and unique. Not only is it a way for them to express themselves, but it can also help them stay organized and make their laptop look more inviting.

With these creative ideas, children can transform their laptop into a personalized work of art that suits their individual style.

15. Minion Cover Sticker

Minion Cover Sticker

Minions are children’s favorite characters that deserve to be an adorable laptop skin. Therefore, make your children’s laptop look a lot cuter with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob’s hilarious action.

You can consider this funny design for sure. It features these three adorable characters hanging on each other, with a beautiful sky background. We have no doubt, your kids will surely love this funny scene on their laptop.

16. Colorful Space Laptop Skin

Colorful Space Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@society6.com)

One of the best ways to introduce your children to outer space is by transferring this design on your laptop skin. You can have a moon, sun, various planets, and star constellations on this design.

To make it look inviting, color them with your own style to make it one of a kind laptop skin. To create this design, you can let your kids draw and color it together, then print it as a DIY laptop skin.

17. Astronaut Doodle Keyboard

Astronaut Doodle Keyboard
Source: Pinterest (@z_o_e)

Decorating the laptop’s keyboard is a fun and creative way to excite your kids while using their laptop. As they more often see the keyboard than the laptop covers, we recommend you to have this creative astronaut doodle keyboard design.

You can design the doodle with various astronaut related things such as rockets, UFOs, planets, and even aliens. Basically, you can pick things that your kid loves the most.

18. Funny SpongeBob Laptop Skin

Funny Spongebob Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@quickstickeg.com)

If you want to have a simple but adorable laptop design for children, why don’t you put the SpongeBob face on it? SpongeBob has a square or rectangle shape, which we believe is similar to the shape of your kids laptop.

Therefore, you can simply put their face as the laptop cover. Choose an adorable and funny SpongeBob face for your design. For instance, you can have the smiling SpongeBob face with tongue out.

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19. Dinosaur and Alien Laptop Stickers

Dinosaur and Alien Laptop Stickers
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Children love fantasy and imaginary things. Therefore, we believe without a doubt that dinosaurs and aliens will make a great laptop skin for children.

You can design some funny scenes such as aliens playing football or dinosaurs taking photos and playing with butterflies. Remember to choose bright and vibrant colors to stimulate your kids eyes. It will be an exciting laptop decoration idea for children.

20. Cute Hello Kitty with Birds Laptop Skin

Cute Hello Kitty with Birds Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@quickstickeg.com)

Hello Kitty is a great symbol of innocence and simplicity, perfect for your calm little daughter.

If you prefer less distracting design for your kids, then the Hello Kitty laptop skin would be the perfect choice. It features a Hello Kitty with its teddy bear, Tiny Chum, on the head, watching some yellow birds in the light blue sky. Moreover, remember to add a few clouds around for extra cuteness.

21. Personalized Chibi Character Laptop Skin

Personalized Chibi Character Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@redbubble.com)

If you want to make a personalized laptop decoration, why don’t you customize a chibi character that resembles your kids?

Design a chibi that has your kids’ hair color, facial expression, and also wear a student uniform. Your kids can have a cute character that appears similar to them. This cute design will make your kid’s laptop stand out, giving a statement about the owner without too much décor.

22. Cosmetic Laptop Skin

Cosmetic Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Women and makeup are inseparable. Therefore, we think it would be a great idea for you to apply a makeup-themed laptop decoration.

It may include graphics of everything you have inside your makeup pouch, such as lipsticks, brush, foundation, and perfumes. In our opinion, this is probably the most adorable laptop decoration for a woman who wants to look stylish and fashionable.

23. Pink Glitters Laptop Decoration

Pink Glitters Laptop Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@ShirlPoppin)

When it comes to decorations, especially for women’s stuff, glitters will never go out of style. After all, almost all women love glitters, don’t you think?

Based on that fact, we recommend you to decorate your laptop with pink glitters laptop skin that will transform the look of your laptop instantly. Moreover, to make it look more colorful, don’t forget to use the pink keyboard cover, too. Therefore, your laptop will have a whole new look in an instant!

24. Abstract Pattern Laptop Skin

Abstract Pattern Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

For women who love abstract designs, we believe you will love this abstract pattern laptop skin.

It comes with simple graphics in the form of artsy drawings of the various faces of women. We also love the colors of this laptop skin as well, which include soft colors that create a simple abstract look that perfectly enhance the appearance of your laptop.

25. Hand Painted Nature Laptop Case

Hand Painted Nature Laptop Case
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Here we have one of the most adorable laptop decoration ideas for women who love natural designs in soft colors.

This laptop case features hand painted drawings of nature that will take your laptop design to another level of sweetness. With earth toned colors, we can assure you that you will have a fresh kind of feeling whenever you see it. Without a doubt, it can boost your work performance, too!

26. Vintage Laptop Skin

Vintage Laptop Skin
Source: Pinterest (@caseapp.com)

Any vintage lover would be thrilled to have a laptop with this vintage style skin. Just like any other vintage decoration, this one also comes in a gray-ish color tone that will turn your laptop into a vintage piece to enjoy and use everyday. This vintage skin features a collage of photos including photos of a girl with sunnies, classic car, quotes, and many more. 

Do Laptop Skins Look Good?

Whether laptop skins look good or not is clearly subjective, but many people enjoy the look and feel of laptop skins. It can add a personal touch to any laptop, and it can also help to protect it from scratches and dings.

Some people think laptop skins look good because they can add a unique, customized look to the device. While others may not like them because they can be difficult to clean and often obscure the laptop’s original design.

Do Skins Protect Your Laptop?

Yes, skins can protect your laptop. They provide a barrier to protect the laptop from scratches, dust, dirt, and other elements. Skins can also help to keep the laptop cooler, as they provide an extra layer of insulation, reducing the amount of heat that the laptop emits.

Final Thoughts

Adding a personal touch to your laptop can help in terms of making it feels like it is your property, which can be a great way to express your own style. Whether you’re looking for something fun and stylish or something more meaningful and personal, there are plenty of ways to give your laptop a personalized touch. We hope this article will inspire you to  find the perfect way to make your laptop look and feel exactly the way you want it!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you make your laptop look cool from outside?

The easiest way is by adding a vinyl skin or decal to the laptop. This is an easy way to add a unique design to the laptop and make it stand out. Or, you can get a laptop bag with a unique pattern or design. Moreover, add a laptop stand with a unique design. This can be a great way to make the laptop look more modern and stylish.

Are stickers on laptops important?

Stickers on laptops are not necessarily important, but they can be a fun way to personalize your laptop or to show off your interests and hobbies. Even better, they can also add an element of protection from scratches and minor damage. Therefore, if you are looking for cool laptop decoration ideas, please read the article above.

Which material is best for a laptop skin?

The best material for a laptop skin is vinyl. Vinyl is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. It also provides a good grip on the laptop and allows for air to move freely, which helps to prevent overheating. If that’s not convincing enough, Vinyl is also lightweight and doesn’t add bulk to the laptop, which makes it a great choice for laptop skins.

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