peekapet car window screen

Peekapet Car Window Screen

The Peekapet Car Window Screen fits snugly over your car’s rear window and keeps your curious dog safe during car rides.

Dogs love sticking their head out of the window. We don’t know exactly why, but it’s a fact.

But you never know how far exactly you should roll down the window to keep your dog both safe and satisfied.

Peek-A-Pet allows you to keep your rear window open without endangering your dog. It’s a window sleeve kept tightly in place with velcro straps and drawstrings. 

Peekapet Car Window Screen

Three versions of this window screen come with three hole sizes (small, medium, large) and three different positions (high, medium, low).

This allows you to pick the window sleeve that will perfectly suit your dog’s size, needs, and personality. Even the smallest pooches can see what’s happening outside without any danger.

Peekapet Car Window Screen

The dual cut-out design still leaves the rear window functional. So you can roll it up any time you leave the car without taking the Peek-A-Pet off.

Keep your dog safely inside while still allowing him or her see new places and meet new friends. A very useful gift for dog owners, Plus, you’ll give your car a stylish makeover with 5 different window sleeve patterns to choose from. 

Peekapet Car Window Screen
Peekapet Car Window Screen

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