Nano Quad Copter

The Nano Quad Copter is a small-sized drone that is easy yet extremely fun to operate. If you want to master the art of flying drones, this copter is the best way to go.

But it will be fun to play around with not only for beginners but also for advanced “pilots” who just want to make some sick flips and tricks.

The main advantage of Nano Quad Copter is that it’s neither expensive nor complicated.

Still, it manages to deliver the same array of emotions more advanced drones would. It has 3 speed levels where even the lowest one would give you a whiplash. 

Nano Quad Copter

So you’d better use it outdoors only. A 20-minute charging time will give you around 7 minutes of flying this drone. The best news is, the lack of infrared connection in this toy significantly lowers the chances of this drone not responding to your commands or running into interference.

Nano Quad Copter

You can simply fly it around all you want. Or if you want to show off a bit or test its capabilities this drone comes with a whole library of pre-programmed 3D flips and rolls.

Additionally, the drone seems to be surprisingly sturdy and durable. Not bad for a 1.65” long drone that weighs just 0.003lbs. If you’re looking for a gift for your hyperactive kid or grandkid who tends to destroy toys in a matter of seconds, this quality in itself should seal the deal for you. 

Nano Quad Copter

So there you have it, a fun little drone you can fly around, make tricks with, and generally have more reason to spend time outdoors. You can learn how to fly drones, in general, to move on to more advanced models in the future. Or you can use it as intended – for sincere undiluted fun.

Nano Quad Copter

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