Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

These Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes make building your own house a painless experience for you.  Normally, building a house can take years of choosing the materials, arguing with contractors, and constantly shifting schedule. But these shipping containers can be developed into a house of your dreams in a matter of weeks.

So how does it work exactly? Well, all that is required from you is choosing the site where your future home would stand, taking care of paperwork, and laying out the foundation.

The shipping container house of your choosing will take approximately 10-12 weeks to be built and another 1 week to be assembled on-site.  

Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

This smooth process takes off all the burden you would otherwise be faced with the case of regular house building.

These modern modular homes arrive on site move-in ready. Meaning that once the assembly is finished you can arrive on site with your packed bags and happy smiles. Oh, trust us, upon seeing your new place you would smile like a maniac.

Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

The houses are sleek, modern and minimalistic. They look like those places you’d see in magazines or movies and would daydream living in one of those.

With these babies, the daydreaming is over. You can select just the right size for your future home – they range from 200 sq/ft to over 1520 sq/ft. You can even stack them on top of each other if it tickles your fancy.

Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

The shipping container homes are fully insulated and solar ready. In fact, with the solar energy option, you can go net positive – produce more energy than you use. 

Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

This makes them a perfect choice if you’re planning on living off the grid. The homes are also built to withstand harsh climates or rough handling.

Additionally, these shipping container homes are corrosion resistant.  

These shipping container houses are everything you could wish for. No hassle with building them, beautiful and modern design, durability, and a reasonable price. This is the stuff of dreams.

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