30 Playful and Unique Dalmatian Gifts Ideas 

Dalmatian is a dog breed known for its white cloth and black or dark brown spots. A very familiar dog breed especially to those who grew up watching the 101 dalmations. As the movie depicted, Dalmatian is a very loyal and family loving dog. They just love to be part of a family. However, Dalmatians are surprisingly a rare breed. In the past, they were used as hunting dogs, carrier dogs, and farm dogs. 

If you happen to know a Dalmatian mom or dad, this list of dalmatian gifts would give you some great ideas on what you can get them. There are 30 items on this list that come with their own unique points. The list is divided into two sections, for him and for her, to help you figure out the best dalmatian gifts for them. 

Dalmatian Gifts For Him

We will first cover the items perfect for all the Dalmatian dads out there. Their energetic and loyal nature would make them a great companion for men. Here is a list of things that they would love second after their dalmatians. 

1. Black Polka Dot Socks 

Black Polka Dot Socks

Starting this list of Dalmatian gifts with the Black Polka Dot Socks. These socks perfectly resemble the iconic Dalmatian white coat with black polka dots. Made from comfortable cotton, it will be their go-to pair socks for any occasion.

2. Dalmatian Sweatshirt Hoodie

Dalmatian Sweatshirt Hoodie

The Dalmatian Sweatshirt Hoodie is a practical Dalmatian gifts choice for all Dalmatian dads out there. It is made from cotton polyester with a very subtle dalmatian print which makes the sweatshirt perfect to be used while they walk their dalmatian out or just running any other errands. 

3. Dalmatian Apron

Dalmatian Apron

The Dalmatian Apron will be a great item to wear for Dalmatian dads out there. Perfect to be worn while they are meal prepping for both their dalmatian friend and themselves. It has dalmatian prints all over it, an adjustable neck strap, and handy pockets in a soft pastel blue color. 

4. Dalmatian Duvet Cover

Dalmatian Duvet Cover

The dalmatian black spots on a clean white cloth is something dalmatian lovers could get obsessed with. If you happen to know one of those people, this Dalmatian Duvet Cover would make the perfect dalmatian gifts option for them. It is machine-washable and comes with a zipper for easy removal. 

5. Disney Dalmatian Figurine Playset

Disney Dalmatian Figurine Playset

The Disney movie “101 Dalmatian” contributes to much of the Dalmatian popularity especially among young people. If they grow up loving Dalmatians starting from this Disney movie, the Disney Dalmatian Figurine Playset will be a sentimental gift for them. The figurine set comes with Cruella and Dalmatians figurines that will make a perfect home decoration item

6. 101 Dalmatian Mystery Pack Monogram

101 Dalmatian Mystery Pack Monogram

The 101 Dalmatian Mystery Pack Monogram is another collectible Dalmatian item on this list of dalmatian gifts. These cute dalmatian collectibles come in an individual mystery package so they won’t know which character they actually get. You can give them a bunch of these and let them get excited as they open each one and find out which character they actually get. 

7. Personalized Dog Blueprint

Personalized Dog Blueprint

A personal Dalmatian-inspired home decoration item on this list of dalmatian gifts. The Personalized Dog Blueprint comes in a blueprint design that is customizable with their dog name and breed. It also explains about the breed origin and temperament which looks like to be the observation result of their Dalmatian. 

8. Dalmatian Jasper Stretch Bracelet

Dalmatian Jasper Stretch Bracelet

A jewelry piece for the dalmatian dads from this list of dalmatian gifts. The Dalmatian Jasper Stretch Bracelet is made from dalmatian jasper beads with durable elastic rope making it easy to wear. Wearing this bracelet will help keep them grounded so that they can feel more relaxed and at peace.  

9. Dalmatian Pillow Case

Dalmatian Pillow Case

This Dalmatian Pillow Case is another must have item on this list of dalmatian gifts. It is made from linen material with a dalmatian print on it. It is a two sided case so they will get a dalmatian picture on both sides. Perfect item to add a touch of dalmatian to their homes. 

10. Dalmatian Dad T-Shirt

Dalmatian Dad T-Shirt

Every dalmatian dad’s most treasured t-shirt: the Dalmatian Dad T-Shirt. A way to tell the world they are a proud dalmatian dad. It comes in black color and is made from 100% breathable cotton with a simple dad writing and dalmatian illustration on it. 

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11. Dalmatian Tin Wall Sign

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The Dalmatian Tin Wall Sign is a fun dalmatian gifts option you can consider. It is made from tin or metal making it a durable piece to be placed outdoors. A fun sign to let their neighbors know that a dalmatian is in the house.

12. Dog Training Logbook 

Dog Training Logbook 

Committed dalmatian dads would love getting this Dog Training Logbook. They will make good use of this log book in tracking down their dalmatian development. Just like a proud dad they are, they will be glad to know the details of their dalmatian’s achievements. 

13. Dalmatian Storage Basket  

Dalmatian Storage Basket

This Dalmatian Storage Basket is a multipurpose storage basket that is made from canvas that has dalmatian prints all over it. They can use it as a storage basket, laundry basket, etc. It is collapsible and would make a great home decor piece.  

14. Dalmatian Smartphone Stand

Dalmatian Smartphone Stand

A cute dalmatian theme lifestyle item is this Dalmatian Smartphone Stand. This smartphone stand comes with cute dalmatian figurines made out of sturdy polyresin. It comes in a colorful and playful design that will light up the mood. 

15. Dalmatian Wall Decals 

Dalmatian Wall Decals

Ending the first part of this list of dalmatian gifts with the Dalmatian Wall Decals. It is a wall decoration sticker with the dalmatian head design in a black color. A simple decoration that will suit a minimalist room or home best. 

Dalmatian Gifts For Her

The second part of this list of dalmatian gifts focuses on items that are suitable for the dalmatians mom out there. Their living nature makes them quite popular among the ladies. Here are some items that will suit dalmatian moms out there.  

16. Dalmatian Mom Mug 

Dalmatian Mom Mug

Starting the second part of this list of dalmatian gifts with a super simple and straightforward item: the Dalmatian Mom Mug. It is made from high quality ceramic and printed with the writings “Dalmatian Mom”. A cute paw print completes the overall dalmatian mom feel that can’t keep their mind away from their babies.  

17. Dalmatian Necklace

Dalmatian Necklace

The Dalmatian Necklace comes with a cute dalmatian pendant made out of silver. It also comes with an initial pendant that makes this necklace more personal. You can customize its length so it will fit them well. A jewelry piece that they can wear daily. 

18. Sterling Silver Enamel Dalmatian Dog Stud Earring

Sterling Silver Enamel Dalmatian Dog Stud Earring

A cute and petite dalmatian ear stud they would love. The Sterling Silver Enamel Dalmatian Dog Stud Earring, just like its name suggests, is a handmade piece made from sterling silver. Its enamel design makes the earring look youthful and cute, a perfect piece even for younger dalmatian moms. 

19. Dalmatian Print Glass Can

Dalmatian Print Glass Can

This Dalmatian Print Glass Can is made from glass and comes with a bamboo lid and stainless straw. The glass can is printed with the iconic dalmatian black dots. All dalmatian moms out there need to stay hydrated and take good care of themselves too.  

20. Dalmatian Coaster

Dalmatian Coaster

A cute dalmatian inspired kitchenware item to add to their home. The Dalmatian Coaster is made from sustainably forested eucalyptus boards which are 100% PEFC certified and formaldehyde free and a cork backing that is also sustainably farmed. The mustard color design will match their dalmatian cups perfectly. 

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21. Squishmallows Dustin the Dalmatian Plush

Squishmallows Dustin the Dalmatian Plush

All dalmatian moms would love this cute Squishmallow Dustin the Dalmatian Plush. It is made from a marshmallow-like material that makes this plush extra soft. The perfect couch companion that will give them that warm feeling. It will also make a great travel companion so she won’t miss her fur friend a little too much. 

22. Dalmatian Christmas Tree Ornament

Dalmatian Christmas Tree Ornament

A dalmatian themed Christmas tree would be a dream to Dalmatian moms out there. They can start with this Dalmatian Christmas Tree Ornament to make their dream Christmas tree come true. The Dalmatian ornament is detachable so you can use it as a home decoration during other times. 

23. Dalmatian Pajama Pants 

Dalmatian Pajama Pants

A Dalmation outfit will always make a great dalmatian gifts option. This Dalmatian Pajama Pants is made from cotton polyester. It is super comfortable pants, perfect loungewear pants for them to use at home. The “I Need A Nap” design with cute sleeping dalmatians on it. 

24. Dalmatian Puppy Bone Shaped Treat Jar

Dalmatian Puppy Bone Shaped Treat Jar

Every dalmatian mom needs to own this Dalmatian Puppy Bone Shaped Treat Jar. It is made from ceramic and comes with a full color Dalmatian illustration on it. The perfect item to keep your Dalmatian treats in a neat and organized place. 

25. Dalmatian Dog Park Tote

Dalmatian Dog Park Tote

It is a must to take their dalmatian out for a walk to cater their energetic nature. This Dalmatian Dog Park Tote is perfect for a walk around the neighborhood or a day out at the park. The tote bag comes in the iconic dalmatian black polka dots on a white bag. Thoughtfully designed, this tote bag has compartments for treats, poop bags, and all the other necessary things. 

26. Dalmatian Jasper Gua Sha Massage Tool

Dalmatian Jasper Gua Sha Massage Tool

Even though Dalmatians are cute and fun to have around, it is a struggle to keep up with their overflowing energy. The Dalmatian Jasper Gua Sha Massage Tool would be a great self care tool for dalmatian moms to recharge. Dalmatian jasper is a stone known to be useful for grounding and being present, thus it will help release tension and boost circulation. 

27. Dalmatian Headband Ears and Tails

Dalmatian Headband Ears and Tails

The Dalmatian Headband Ears and Tails is the perfect set for costume parties. The set consists of plush headband ears and bendable tails. They just need to cover themselves with polka dots. 

28. Dalmatian Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shake 

Dalmatian Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shake

A super cute and useful home decoration item that all dalmatian moms out there would love. The Dalmatian Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shake comes with a kissing dalmatians in teacups design with a very vivid color. It will be a cute addition to their kitchen. 

29. Dalmatian Tape Dispenser

Dalmatian Tape Dispenser

This Dalmatian Tape Dispenser is a collectible item that you should not miss. It comes with a unique and cute design perfect as home decoration or office decoration for all dalmatian moms out there.  

30. Dalmatian Stapler

Dalmatian Stapler

The Dalmatian Stapler will end this list of dalmatian gifts. A cute stationary piece that is made from polyresin with a dalmatian figurine on it. It will make work more fun for all dalmatian moms out there. 

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From this list of dalmatian gifts, the best gift would be the Portable Dog Bed. It is a useful item for dalmatian moms or dads, especially dads who would like to take their dalmatian babies on a trip together. The other best dalmatian gifts option would be the Dalmatian Dog Park Tote. WIth this tote, dalmatian moms can easily bring all things that they need for a day out with their dalmatian babies. 

Do Dalmatians make good house pets?

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What are the best dalmatian home accessories?

The Dalmatian Smartphone Stand and the 101 Dalmatian Mystery Pack Monogram are two of the best dalmatian home accessory items on this dalmatian gifts list. Both items would add some fun and playful mood to their home with its fun dalmatian designs. 

What are the best dalmatian jewelries you can buy?

From this dalmatian gifts list, the Dalmatian Jasper Stretch Bracelet would be the best dalmatian jewelry for him while the Dalmatian Necklace would be the best one for her. The stretch bracelet comes with the iconic dalmatian jasper beads in a very simple stretch bracelet design that is wearable for men. On the other hand, women will love the simple and elegant design of the necklace. 

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