25 Portland Gifts for The Scenic City Fans

Portland is one of the most scenic cities in the United States, which is why Portland has so many adorable souvenirs and gifts to offer. If you happen to have the chance to visit this scenic city, you might want to bring adorable gifts from Portland for your loved ones back home. Also, if you know someone who loves and admires the city of Portland, these gifts will definitely make their day, too! So, make sure you pick the best Portland gifts out there.

Portland gifts come in many types and shapes, including accessories, delicacies, or decorations. However, the most popular gifts from Portland are the tasty ketchup, boots, and last but not least, everything about basketball. To help you with the struggle of looking for the best Portland gifts, we have created a list that include 25 items of gifts to give you inspirations, which we divided into three categories.

Portland Gifts for Everyone

In this category, you will find a list of adorable Portland gifts that you can get for everyone. From home decorations to useful items, this category includes all. So let’s scroll down and prepare yourself to be inspired!

1. Portland Elevation Map

Portland Elevation Map

Any Geophysicists, Geologists, or Topologists will definitely love this piece of adorable Portland gift. This map features the elevation in Portland, Oregon to be exact, which comes in a form of a unique wall decoration. So if you’re looking for a nice Portland gift for a special Geologist in your life who loves Portland, this item is the one to pick.

2. Handcrafted Log Carrier

Handcrafted Log Carrier

A carpenter who loves Oregon deserves to have this unique Portland gift, which comes as a log bag. This bag is a useful gift that will provide them with an easy way to carry their logs to the storage. This bag is also waterproof, so it can be used in any weather, including rainy weather.

3. Portland Timber License Plate Birdhouse

Portland Timber License Plate Birdhouse

Portland has its unique birdhouses, too! That’s why they created this unique Portland gift as one of the most adorable Portland gifts out there. If you have friends or family who love both Portland and birds, then this unique birdhouse of the perfect Portland gift for them.

4. Portland Oregon Temple Night Light

Portland Oregon Temple Night Light

Do you want to bring the beauty of the Portland Oregon temple to your home? If you do, then you can purchase this beautiful Portland gift. This item features a temple with a night light, which will not only brighten your room, but also bring a touch of Portland to your room.

5. Portland, Oregon – Destinations Sign Tote Bag

5. Portland, Oregon - Destinations Sign Tote Bag

A dear mother or wife definitely need this tote bag, especially of they adore the city of Portland, Oregon. This Portland tote bag will be a perfect replacement bag for shopping or running errands, and will also support them to stop using plastic bags. Truly a nice environmentally-friendly Portland gift!

6. Portland Bowling Drinking Team Metal Sign

Portland Bowling Drinking Team Metal Sign

For someone who love to play bowling while enjoying a glass of beer, then why not give them this drink and play bowling metal sign as a new home decoration? With a funny sayings of “Our elite Portland drinking team has a serious bowling problem”, this wall decoration will definitely put a smile of their face.

7. Portland Trail Blazers 4′ Gameday Tower

Portland Trail Blazers 4' Gameday Tower

Portland also has Portland gifts that are designed for future civil engineers or kids. The game’s purpose is to maintain the building’s balance. The loser is the one who makes the building collapse. It is a fun game to play with, especially with your kids or siblings.

8. Portland Boot Company Women’s Fur Trim Chelsea Boot

portland gifts

Boots are well-known products that are made in Portland. Portland gifts like these fur shoes are the perfect gift for your girlfriend. It will not only be comfortable to wear, but it will also boosts her appearance.

9. Portland Bee Balm


Bee balm is one of the products from Portland that you must try. It comes from the Pacific Northwest and uses local ingredients. It also combines local beeswax, organic oils, and subtle peppermint coolness into this our most popular balm in Portland.

10. Plush Velvet Headboard Portland 

portland gifts

To make your bed look perfect, you should add these Portland gifts. The plush velvet headboard is great to add an elegant look to your bedroom. Also, the headboard is available for many bed sizes, such as king and queen size.

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11. Lunarable Lighthouse Bedspread

Lunarable Lighthouse Bedspread

Besides headboard, there are also Portland gifts that come as bedspreads, inspired by the lighthouse in Portland. The graphic is very beautiful, and it will definitely improve your sleep quality and reduce stress, too! Moreover, this unique Portland gift can also be used as a blanket.

Accessories Portland Gifts

Portland gifts are also available in the form of accessories. They are made to compliment your outfit or to enhance the look of your room, etc. All items in this list are made in Portland, making them the perfect Portland gifts for your friends and family.

12. Portland Wallet Taupe Leather Accessories

portland gifts

Being one of the most useful items of accessories, a wallet is definitely a great gift for everyone. If you’re looking for a different kind of Portland gift for someone who loves leather stuff, then this one is the one for grab. The Portland wallet features a timeless designs and also high-quality craftsmanship. Also, since it is made of natural leather, there is a slight color variation.

13. NBA Portland Trail Blazers Antenna Topper Car Automobile Decor 

portland gifts

Portland, like other states in America, has a huge base of basketball fans. This Portland gifts sticker can be a great gift for a basketball fan, which can be a nice addition to their car external decoration.

14. Portland Trail Blazers Team Snow Mittens

portland gifts

Winter might be an unforgettable experience that anyone will enjoy while visiting Portland. To make it more memorable, don’t forget to include these snow mittens as part of your winter in Portland outfit. These items will keep your hands warm, but still looking stylish, too!

15. St. Johns Bridge Ornament

portland gifts

St. Johns Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the United States. It spans the Willamette river, and it has a length of 630 meters in total. If you haven’t got the chance to visit this bridge yet, you can choose to buy this ornament instead.

16. Hoop Earrings

portland gifts

In this category, we also have these earrings, which might be the perfect Portland gift for your girlfriend. One thing that is unique about this earrings is the tiny axes as part of the design. The earrings would be a better on a plumber, a timber, or a carpenter who uses the ax as the main tool to do their job.

17. Wedgwood Portland Blue Jasperware Brooch

portland gifts

Choosing Portland Gifts like this brooch will make you look cooler, since you can use this to attract girls. This brooch features a dancing figurine. If you take a good look at it, you’ll see that the figurine looks like a fairy. It’s going to be a very nice Portland gift for someone who loves fairy tales or angels.

18. Greatest Portland Timbers Plays iPhone Case

portland gifts

Any soccer lover and iPhone user must buy this Portland gifts because this is an iPhone case that reveals the greatest soccer game ever played by the Portland Timber. The game was tied with score of 2-2, and it ended with a penalty shoot-out where Portland won with a small margin.

Portland Food and Drink Gifts

I believe some of you might have bee waiting for this category, right? Yes! we have come to the most exciting part of this list, which is the category of the best Portland food and drinks. This list includes food and drinks that can be the perfect Portland gifts for food lovers. Moreover, you can also choose a Portland food gift for your pet, too!

19. Portland Pet Food Company All-Natural Dog Treat Biscuits

Portland Pet Food Company All-Natural Dog Treat Biscuits

Having a dog as a pet is definitely one of the best things in life, because dogs are known as loyal pets. Luckily in Portland you can find pet foods that can be a great Portland gift for your pet. Therefore, your furry friend will never feel left behind because you also bring a nice Portland gift for them!

20. Portland Syrups Sampler 12-pack

Portland Syrups Sampler 12-pack

Syrups are also quite popular in Portland. This gift baskets contain 12 bottles of syrups that you can taste to know which one has the best taste. Each of the 12 bottles makes three soda or six cocktails!

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21. Portland Organic Mustard Gift Box by Portlandia Foods

Portland Organic Mustard Gift Box by Portlandia Foods

Organic mustards are one of the best Portland gifts that you should bring home. Not only that they are unique , they also fit for a vegan. It cultivates organic ingredients, sustainability, and wholesome standards to build a healthy body.

22. Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker

Breakfast should include tea as a mood booster to start your day. The Portland tea is made with herbal ingredients. The sachets are made of plants and 100% commercially compostable to support climate change prevention movement. Plus, no sugar is included in this tea.

23. Portland Organic Ketchup Gift Box 

Portland Organic Ketchup Gift Box 

Besides mustard, you should also buy this organic ketchup as a Portland gift that will improve the taste of your food. Once you taste this ketchup, you will not forget about how delicious it is. You will notice the fresh, bold tomato flavor with a touch of sea salt when you try this ketchup.

24. Goose Hollow from Portland Coffee Roasters

Goose Hollow from Portland Coffee Roasters

If you don’t like tea, then you can prefer this Portland coffee instead. This tasty Portland coffee will keep you fresh with a good mood. The coffee bean is roasted medium-dark, with an entrancing chocolate flavor. If you bring this coffee home, you can also serve this coffee to your guests.

25. Larvae Bites: Buffalo Wing Sauce Flavor Black Soldier Larvae

Larvae Bites: Buffalo Wing Sauce Flavor Black Soldier Larvae

This is a must-try food to taste once you have arrived in Portland. The larvae sound eerie to eat, but people in Portland consume this as a snack. Each pack comes with 900-1000 bugs that can be consumed straight after the package is opened, and to be shared with your friends.

Latest Post:

What do you get someone moving to Portland?

If someone is moving to Portland, then they should familiarize themselves with Portland gifts to create a familiar feeling between them and the city of Portland. For instance, you can get them the temple nightlight, which will be a good representation or Portland for someone that is new to the zone.

What is something you can only get in Portland?

You can get Larvae bites, the famous Portland dog food, and the unique birdhouse. They are specifically made in Portland and will not be found anywhere else. So, be sure to buy these items before leaving Portland.

What are the best made in Portland gifts?

The best made in Portland gifts are the nightlight, legendary patch, and the bridge ornament, because they are made solely to show how good Portland is. The gifts should be bought whether you want to move there or will leave because you are a tourist.

What are the best Portland gift baskets?

The best Portland gift baskets are mustard and ketchup gift baskets. They are originally made in Portland. Also, they will make your food more delicious, and make you always remember about your visit to Portland, for sure.

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