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Titanium Outdoor Multi-Utensil

This Titanium Outdoor Multi-Utensil is incredibly light and makes for a great substitution of 10 different utensils. When you go camping or for a trip, efficient packing is a must.

Take only the things that matter and keep an eye on the weight of your baggage. That’s exactly when multi-tools come in handy and, trust me, this is a heck of a multi-tool, that combines everyday utensils you might need.

This outdoor multi utensil is made out of aerospace grade titanium and weighs only 0.7oz (20 grams), so adding it to your already packed gear will not be a nuisance, especially considering that you can simply attach it to the outside of your backpack with a carabiner. 

Titanium Outdoor Multi Utensil - the muncher

So what are the 10 tools that you get in this one multi-utensil-? A spork, a knife, a fire flint, a peeler, a bottle and can opener, a flattened screwdriver, a cord and box cutter and a ply-bar.

Titanium Outdoor Multi-Utensil

And even when you’re at home and your kitchen gets too cluttered and impossible to find anything in, this multi-utensil might actually save the day.

Titanium Outdoor Multi-Utensil

Titanium Outdoor Multi-Utensil

Titanium Outdoor Multi-Utensil

Titanium Outdoor Multi Utensil


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