25 Awesome Gifts for Principals

You should always appreciate your favorite principal for their hard work, determination, dedication, and visionary traits! Whether you are a teacher, parent, or student, we are here to help you show your appreciation and gratitude toward these valuable school leaders. We have curated and compiled 25 items suitable as excellent gifts for principals.

Some of these gifts for principals feature witty items that convey beautiful messages. Your favorite school leader will have sparkly eyes and smile when they receive your gift. We also include functional items with fabulous designs. These gifts will support your principal and remind them that you appreciate the leadership.

How Do You Appreciate Your Principal?

You can appreciate your principal for their hard work by showering them with gifts. After all, managing a school full of children is not easy. They are real-life heroes that should be respected constantly. Practical presents will be an excellent choice to honor their dedication. A principal may also appreciate funny knick-knacks and other items to help them with their office job.

Best Gifts for Male Principal 

The best gifts for principals, especially if the principal is a man, may include simple and functional items. A mug, T-shirt, and other practical things will be ideal for supporting his busy working days. Furthermore, the best gifts for male principals would also include meaningful and motivational messages. Something that can show your sincerity will be much appreciated.

1. Personalized Principal Posters

Personalized Principal Poster

Looking for a personalized gift for the principal? Our advice would be to choose something that can make him feel proud of his occupation. This principal typography art print would make an excellent gift for the head of the school.

Add the school name and customize the color if you want! The typography art is printed on premium material, so the piece will definitely last long.

2. Personalized Cartoon Caricature

Personalized Cartoon Caricature Male School Principal Snow Globe

Customizable items will be ideal as a gift for a male principal. This Cartoon Caricature of a Male School Principal printed on a snow globe is the perfect pick for the school’s leader.

This personalized cartoon caricature snow globe is visible from both sides because it is double-sided. In our opinion, this item is truly a unique gift, even someone who seemingly has everything will appreciate it!

3. Printable Prayers

A Prayer for Principal Printable Gift

Are you looking for a heartwarming gift for the school leader that will make him happy? In that case, this principal prayer printable art will be a fitting present for him. The principal can decorate his office with it!

Set this prayer on their work desk or hang it in the office. It will remind him that there is always a greater power above him.

4. “Go See the Principal” by Gerry Brooks

Go See the Principal by Gerry Brooks

Gerry Brooks is a former elementary school principal who turned into a youtube celebrity. He entertains K-12 teachers and parents across the country, and his jokes never fail to produce waves of laughter. His mocking humor may rile some people, yet it can be safely shared in school.

Therefore, we think that his published book will be a fitting present for educators and principals. The content is lighthearted yet inspirational.

5. Inspirational Wall Arts

Principal Wall Art Gift

This inspiring printable is definitely a must-have for any school principal out there. It features beautiful words that say: “Today I lead the school, tomorrow my students will lead the world.” It is a great and gentle reminder that will motivate the school principal to do his best for all students.

Moreover, it will also inspire them to guide the students toward a brighter future.

6. Funny Principal Back to School T-shirt

Principal I'll Be There for You” Funny Back to School T-Shirt

This “Principal I’ll Be There for You” t-shirt is a hilarious and heartfelt gift for the head of the school. We believe without a doubt that he will receive this gift with a broad smile on his face. Plus, you can give this item on any occasion, too.

For example, you can send the present on the first day of school, teacher’s day, or even Thanksgiving. In terms of product quality, this t-shirt is lightweight and classic, and it comes with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

7. Unique Principal Mugs

 Tribute To Principal Nutrition Facts Ceramic Mug

This mug is the ultimate tribute to a great principal. There is a humorous “Principal Nutrition Facts” printed on it. The fat cup also has a premium hard coat, so the printed inscription will last for many years. 

In terms of materials, this mug is made of fine white ceramic with a glossy glaze finish. So, the moment the head of the school receive this gift, he can immediately use it for drinking hot or cold beverages.

8. Red Storage Gift Bag Organizer

Red Storage Gift Bag Organizer

Looking for a great gift for the principal who likes to keep things organized? This Red Storage Gift Bag Organizer is the perfect pick for your principal. It offers storage space that will help him manage his belongings. Plus, it can also act as a gift bag.

If the principal receives more items, he can use the bag to hold them all!

9. ”Best Principal Ever” Ceramic Mug

”Best Principal Ever” Ceramic Mug

This “Best Principal Ever” Ceramic Mug will be an excellent novelty gift for the head of the school. It is crafted using professional printing to permanently place the image on the mug. Each original custom inscription is permanently fused, so the art becomes part of the mug.

In other words, the writings will not peel away, fade or scratch off.

10. Principal Journal

Behind Every Great School Is An Amazing Principal” Journal

Are you looking for an inspirational gift for your favorite principal? If you are, then this ”Behind Every Great School as an Amazing Principal” Journal will be an excellent choice for that particular reason.

This gift will allow you to show how much you appreciate the head of the school for his amazing contributions to education through the item. This sweet, sentimental gift can be also be used for planning, ideas, meeting information, schedules, brainstorming, or anything else that a principal would need.  

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Best Gifts for Female Principal 

The best gifts for female principals can be something that looks lovely, like jewelry. You can also get items featuring motivational messages emphasizing women’s empowerment, like printed posters or puzzles.

The best gifts for female principals also include therapeutic things for stress relief, such as coloring books as art therapy, a journal, and a tea set.

11. Fun Puzzles Gift

gifts for Principals 

Working on a jigsaw puzzle is very relaxing because it acts just like meditation. It is one of the most enjoyable activities that remind us of the power of coming together. This puzzle’s picture features a group of diverse women forming a meditative circle.

In our opinion, it would come as the perfect gift for a principal who may lead a very diverse school. Not to mention that this gift will also reinforce the idea of working together toward the same goal despite differences.

12. Principal Keychain

A Great Principal Builds Character Inspires School” Keychain

Suppose you are looking for a lovely gift to express your appreciation to your favorite principal who helped your child grow, we have the perfect item for you. In that case, this key chain will be very suitable because it is not big but very meaningful.

We believe without a doubt that it will make the recipient feel extra special. 

13. Principal Makeup Bag

Behind a Great School is an Awesome Principal” Makeup Bag

Looking for an exciting and inspiring gift for the principal? This ”Behind a Great School is an Awesome Principal” Makeup Bag is the perfect pick for a female principal. It will make an excellent cosmetic bag. After all, all women need a nice make up bag including your principal, right?

However, If she already has a nice make up bag, she can definitely use it as a pencil case, mobile phone bag, glasses bag, medicine bag, watercolors pen bag, etc.

14. Grace of Pearl Principal Appreciation Gift

Grace of Pearl Principal Appreciation Gift

The Grace of Pearl Principal Appreciation Gift is a stunning pearl necklace that can show your gratitude towards the head of the school. Each gift comes with a memorable message that captures what is in your heart.

In our opinion, this item would be one of the most meaningful gifts for principals that will show her how much she means to the students. In addition, this item is also suitable as retirement gift.

15. Female Principal Journal

gifts for Principals 

Do you need to find a perfect heartfelt gift for the principal? If you do, then this ”Only The Strongest Women Become Great Principals” Journal would be an excellent gift idea. It can express your sincere appreciation towards your favorite principal.

As a journal, it would be perfect for writing, jotting down thoughts, doodling, and more! It is designed specially to fit into bags. So, let your favorite female principal brings her new and precious new personal journal wherever she goes.

16. Principal Mug Gift

gifts for Principals 

This ”It Takes a Lot of Sparkles to be a Principal” Mug is designed delicately and distinctively by hand to create a one-of-a-kind mug. All mugs have a design on each side. In terms of materials, it uses premium ceramic and enamel, so the item is super sturdy.

Moreover, this mug also uses high-quality ink to ensure a special inscription. Furthermore, the fat cup is microwave and dishwasher safe.

17. School Principal Definition Mug

gifts for Principals 

We just can’t get enough of mug gifts! The new mug on our list is this School Principal Definition Mug. It would make a heartwarming gift that will make the recipient smiles!

The mug includes an inscription that read, “Principal: the best kind of person, usually known for their exceptional wit, beauty, and intelligence”. Professional printing and sublimation processes are used to create a permanent image. As a result, the writings on this mug will not peel or rub off – ever!

18. Principal Adult Colouring Book

gifts for Principals 

This Adult Coloring Book features 25 stunning, high-quality illustrations with humorous comments and reflections about being a principal. It is designed to provide enjoyment and help practice mindfulness. It can also relieve anxiety. The book will be the perfect gift for any principal to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and endless patience.

Based on what the experts say, coloring for adult can be a great way to help improve your focus level. Since we know that being a principal requires a high level of focus, this coloring book will be a super useful gift for sure.

19. ”Blessed Principal” Mug

gifts for Principals 

This ”Blessed Principal” Mug uses a premium hard coat that provides a crisp and vivid color. Moreover, the high-quality material will ensure this mug will last for years. The inscription will never fade due to the high-quality of it, no matter how many times you wash it.

Furthermore, this mug is perfect for all hot and cold drinks. We can imagine seeing your principal enjoy her morning coffee using this adorable mug.

20. Wine Tumbler with Lid

gifts for Principals 

This ”World’s Best Principal” Wine Tumbler With Lid can be the perfect gift for a special principal in your life. This insulated tumbler is a practical gift that holds more than just wine. With this insulated tumbler, keep your beverages hot or cold for hours.

Furthermore, this wine tumbler is made from food-grade stainless steel with a double-wall vacuum. Truly one of the most recommended gifts for principals, female principal in particular.

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21. Wrapped Canvas Graphic Art

gifts for Principals 

This Wrapped Canvas Graphic Art is such an excellent gift idea for your dearest principal! It contains funny inscriptions in colorful fonts. The quality of this product is top-notch, so it will blend well with the room. It also has a heartwarming message for whoever reads it in the principal’s office. 

Upon receiving this gift, she will immediately search for the best spot to hang this the wall. Whether it’s the wall inside her office of living room at home, this wall decor will definitely become the focal point of the room.

22. Principal Printable Scrabble Sign

gifts for Principals 

These excellent gifts for principals come in the form of a unique printable scrabble sign. The item will show the head of the school how much you truly appreciate her hard work! The principal will be delighted to receive and read the Printable Scrabble Sign.

After all, this wall hanging is designed delicately with motivational messages for the principal you know well.  

23. Principal Keychain Gift

gifts for Principals 

Looking for a lovely way to express gratitude and appreciation to a special principal who helped your child grow? This Principal Keychain is a great gift for the principal. The school-themed gift magnifies your thoughtful gesture and makes the recipient feel really special.

Moreover, the charms are made of lead-free and nickel-free stainless steel. In any case, the principal will appreciate this small yet meaningful present.

24. Happy Birthday Assorted Teas Gift Set

gifts for Principals 

Give your principal the gift of wellness on her birthday with this set of luxurious assorted teas. This gift set includes various premium teas such as Chocolate Vanilla Herbal Tea, Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai, Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea, and Sweet Himalayan Green Tea.

In any case, she can relax and enjoy the tea during her days off.

25. Love Knot Necklace Principal Gift

gifts for Principals 

This Love Knot Necklace represents an unbreakable bond between two souls. This symbol of eternal love is a forever favorite and trending everywhere. Surprise your favorite principal with this gorgeous gift!

This beautiful necklace also comes with a special message. So, it will be treasured as a token of your appreciation for your principal.

Final Thoughts

It takes great dedication to become a good Principal. Whether it’s elementary, junior high or high schools, being a school Principal is something that requires hard work. Therefore, it would a wonderful idea to give our Principal a special gift for their dedication and hard work all these years. The best gifts would be items that can represent how much we are thankful for having them as our Principal.

For women Principals, you can consider giving them items like mugs with funny or meaningful quotes about Principals and their dedication. You can also give them a piece of jewelry like a necklace or a keychain that will make them feel grateful about having such a thoughtful student like you. For male Principals, one of the most recommended items on our list is definitely the personalized Cartoon Caricature on Snow Globe. It would be such a meaningful yet funny gift for a fun Principal.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the funny gifts for principals?

The funny gifts for principals include hilarious mugs, wall arts, and t-shirts. These items usually offer funny designs that will cheer them up. Principals will appreciate those types of gifts because they may also need time to relax. Being the head of a school is a serious job, so items that can bring joy to life are perfect as a gift.

What are the best gifts for male principals?

The best gifts for a male principal include items that can support his busy working day. Men usually prefer something small but practical rather than sentimental stuff. If you are buying a present for your principal, make sure that it is something that he will need.

On the other hand, men also appreciate corny jokes. Funny accessories can also become a suitable gift for the head of the school.

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