25 Best Gifts for Mom with Dementia to Show Affection

Seeing your old mom losing her memory because of dementia is heartbreaking! Hence, you need to provide gifts to restore and strengthen your mother’s memory. Fortunately, various products that can train sensory nerves and cognitive abilities are available for you to buy. You can also get ornamental and decorative items that can evoke old memories.

If you have a mother with dementia, you should give her the best gift as a sign of your affection. Let her know that even though she is losing her memory, she still has you on her side. And so, we have put together a list of the best items for your mom with dementia.

Best Functional Gifts for Mom with Dementia

Provide functional items that can support memory recovery therapy for your mother with dementia. You should also provide products that can help your mother’s daily activities so she can live comfortably despite having a poor memory.

1. Custom Busy Cube for Mom with Dementia

Personalized Busy Cube for Mom with Dementia

Don’t let your mother’s mind idle for too long. You can encourage her to practice her hand movements using this Busy Cube. This unique gift for mom with dementia will help her develop motor skills and stimulate the visual receptors. Furthermore, the cube features a maze, fruit balls, cloud disc, and other attachments. It also includes name beads engraved with your mother’s name.

2. Fidget Blanket for Mom with Dementia

ESPIJO Memory Loss Fidget Blanket

This Fidget Blanket is perfect for keeping your mom with dementia busy. Her hands will actively play every element attached to this unique item. It can also reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. You’ll get woven buckles, memory cards, fabric covers, buttons, shoelaces, zippers, and threaded laces in bright colors to aid memory recovery.

3. Memory and Mental Stimulation for Mom with Dementia

Memory and Mental Stimulation for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

This cool Lock-Station provides entertainment and simulation that will be beneficial for a long time. This gift for your mom with dementia improves memory skills and strengthens hand control. 

Your elderly mom can fit small items into 3 separate compartments with 10 doors and 10 different latches. Then, she can close the door and memorize where she put her trinkets.

4. Fidget Muff for Mom with Dementia

This Fidget Muff features a lovely pink color to provide a pleasant feel for effective occupational therapy. This gift for Mom with dementia can help improve concentration and fine motor skills while protecting your mother’s hands. Various components such as zipper, reversible sequin pocket, different buttons, flower band will give a tremendous therapeutic effect.

5. Big Button TV Remote for Seniors

Flipper Big Button Remote for Seniors

Fine motor movements and decreased memory skills make it difficult for your elderly mother with dementia to use tools. You can help her watch television and change channels easily with this Flipper Big Button TV remote. After all, it only has 3 main functions: setting power, changing channels, and changing volume.

6. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Help your mother to remember her plans for the next 100 days. Your mother’s memory will be refreshed whenever she sees the pictures or writings pasted on this excellent scratch-off poster. The bright pink color makes this gift for Mom with dementia easy to attract attention.

7. Wooden Puzzles for Mom with Dementia

USATDD Wooden Puzzles Brain Teasers

Train and restore the creativity of your mother, who has dementia! This Classic Tangram puzzle toy improves visual coordination and movement with various shapes and colors. Furthermore, it uses natural and eco-friendly wood, so your mom can play it safely. In any case, this gift for Mom with dementia provides hours of fun.

8. Sensory Snuggle Owl for Mom with Dementia

The plushie is the perfect birthday gift for your mom. The adorable owl shape will make your mother happy. This gift for Mom with dementia is a sensory cushion that will relieve anxiety and provide a sense of calm. In any case, this item will offer an extraordinary and meaningful impression.

9. Analog Retro Radio for Mom with Dementia

Large Analog Retro Style Dementia Radio

This retro-style radio is perfect for your mom who has dementia. Do you know why? This item has just one big switch to turn it on or off. It is a unique radio that will help those suffering from memory degradation. So, you should play your mother’s favorite music and awaken her memory!

10. Digital Clock With Display Calendar

Level 10 Auto Dimmable Display Calendar Clock

Help your mother to remember the time and date in the best way! This digital clock with remote control features 16 daily activity alarm options. Furthermore, the alarm schedule can be repeated and set as needed. This gift for Mom with dementia is ideal as a sophisticated reminder

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11. Sensory Mat for Dementia

Sensory mats for dementia are suitable for maintaining your elderly mom’s motor skills. Several activities can be done on this unique mat. For example, she can play around with ribbons, buttons, and zippers. This gift for moms with dementia has a compact size that makes it easy to carry everywhere.

12. Bingo for Mother Who Has Dementia

Keeping Busy Easy Number Bingo Dementia

Here is a fun bingo number puzzle for dementia patients! It will train your mom’s logic and thinking skills. Furthermore, this functional item has been tested by various studies and proved to be effective in improving seniors with dementia.

13. Fidget Cube as a Brain Teaser Puzzle

Coogam Fidget Cubes Brain Teaser Puzzle

This set of 4 fidget toys is an ideal tool for your mother with dementia! You will get three types of cubes, and one ball, each of them has unique functionality. 

The magic 3D maze and 3×3 speed Rubix cubes will help practice problem-solving. And then, the rainbow ball will train your mom’s visuals and the snake ruler to practice hand movement. Bottom line, the brain teaser items are excellent to train eye-hand coordination in a fun way.

14. Anxiety Relief Weighted Blanket

Release all anxiety and fatigue using this warm blanket. Available in various sizes and weights, this gift for moms with dementia is perfect for calming their minds and bodies. Furthermore, it is made of hypoallergenic polyester fiber. Hence, this cool item is safe for your mother to use.

15. Natural Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles

Natural Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles Gifts

Would you like to give a birthday present to help your mother with dementia? These Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles contain pure essential oils to create a calming scent. Your mom will enjoy the lavender scent just by lighting the candle. The olfactory nerves will be appropriately stimulated to produce peace of mind.

Top Ornamental Gifts for Mom with Dementia

In addition to functional items, you can also get ornamental or decorative gifts to appreciate your mother’s love. Make her remember the beautiful moment by giving the following exceptional items.

16. “I Remember for My Mom” Necklace

Providing your mom with happiness is the ultimate goal of this beautiful necklace. This meaningful fashion item is perfect for those whose mothers have been diagnosed with dementia. Moreover, it includes cubic zirconia stone with an interlocking heart frame. It is a beautiful symbol of unified love.

17. Decorative Glass Bottles for Indoor & Outdoor

Mom, you are everything for me! The silhouette of a mother leading her child will refresh your elderly mom’s precious memories. This gift for Mom with dementia presents a hope to always be together. It also comes in a premium leather carton, excellent for a heartwarming gift. In any case, this wishing bottle is worth ordering.

18. Recycled Glass Tree Globes

These glass balls with beautiful colors and abstract accents are an excellent stress reliever for your mother with dementia. The vibrant splash of color is the most unique component. It can also become a charming decorative item for any table or room at home.

19. Forget-me-not Necklace

This beautiful dementia-themed necklace is a form of support for your beloved mother. The phrase “You May Not Remember but I Will Never Forget” is the unique selling point of this beautiful item. It uses stainless steel with a distinctive purple pendulum for dementia patients. So get one now to encourage your mom!

20. Laser Engraved Vintage Music Boxes

Bring back the beautiful childhood moments with your mom. Memorable and beautiful tones can restore the memory of your elderly mother with dementia. Twist the handle of this wooden music box and bring out a harmonious melody that will never be forgotten. In addition, you can engrave a custom message on the box’s lid!

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21. Forget Me Not Dangle Earrings

Here is a beautiful piece of jewelry with a floral motif that will impress your mom. These Teardrop-shaped dangling earrings are used as items to signify Dementia Awareness. This gift for Mom with dementia will beautify your everyday look. Furthermore, you can also get a matching pair for yourself and your mom.

22. Mom & Daughter Stainless Steel Necklace

Nothing is more beautiful compared to unforgettable moments and memories with mom. This gift for moms with dementia comes in the shape of a necklace! It is made of titanium steel and crafted in Europe. Furthermore, the pendant will bring moments of togetherness with your mom. 

23. Celestial Desktop Timekeepers

This cool Astronomical Ring Dial is a vintage item that symbolizes the importance of time. Your mom with dementia who loves antique items will definitely treasure it. Unlike modern clocks, this one offers an analogous method of setting time. And so, you should get this unique item now for your mom because it is selling out fast!

24. Ceramic Jewelry Holder

This jewelry tray is specially designed for a mother. This item will remind her that she still has your love and care. It uses high-quality glossy ceramic and offers a lovely quote printed on the surface. Furthermore, your mom can put this cool item on her table as an attractive decoration.

25. Dementia Awareness Pin

The pinback button indicates that your mother has dementia. This type of illness is not a barrier to compassion. The unique pin is available for people to support a mother with dementia. So, buy some pins now and distribute them among your friends and family to spread awareness!

Latest Post :

What should I get my mom with dementia?

Give beautiful items that can bring back fond memories for your mother with dementia. Try the vintage music box and the commemorative necklaces! They can stimulate the memory of your mother with dementia. Memories will rise from unforgettable tunes and poems.

Furthermore, you should also buy items that can train your mom’s mind. Things like fidget boxes and puzzles will help her enhance her coordination and stimulate the brain. In any case, keeping her mind busy is the best way to fight dementia!

What do dementia patients need?     

Dementia patients need items that can improve and restore motor movement and cognition abilities. You can choose things like Busy Cube, Fidget Blanket, or Bingo Number. These gifts will help dementia patients in the therapy process. Again, keeping the mind stimulated and busy is the key to having a stronger memory! Do not let old age take your mom’s memories away from her!

Can you come back from dementia?  

Unfortunately, several studies have shown that dementia is irreversible and progressive. After all, it is related to aging, and it is inevitable. Moreover, this disease can be permanent and worsen if not treated properly. Therefore, take care of the condition of dementia patients with brain nutrition and items that can train memory and movement.

Does dementia run in families?

Based on the results of clinical trials, dementia is not passed on to children and grandchildren. However, a small number of cases show that dementia has a strong genetic link that can be passed down in families. The most important thing is adequate brain nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to prevent dementia.

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