21 Best Gifts For Landscapers

Here’s a good question, what on earth do you buy for the landscaper in your life to let them know you care?! From birthday’s to anniversaries to retirement trinkets, and even Christmas gifts, we have the quintessential list of gifts for landscapers right here.

Keep scrolling to discover the internet’s most thoughtful, creative, and unique creations that the landscaper you’re buying for is sure to love!

#1 Landscaper Hourly Rate T-Shirt 

Landscaper Hourly Rate T-Shirt

Kicking off with one of the funniest gifts for landscapers out there, this hourly rate t-shirt is guaranteed to make them chuckle. We love the chic cut and color of this tee almost as much as the hilarious novelty price list! Choose their favorite color from the eight different and stylish shades available to make it even more personal to them.

#2 Personalized Grill Set 

Personalized Grill Set

For the landscaper who just loves to grill when all the work is done, this personalized wood grill set is simply perfect. It comes with 11 essential tools they’ll need to cook up a tasty feast on the grill including a spatula, brush, fork, knife, 4 steel skewers, and a heat glove.

This all comes in a gorgeous, maple wood travel case to keep everything clean and safe. Additionally, you can have it personalized simply with their name, or, opt for one of the many, many comic designs available on the listing. Our personal favorites? ‘Best Flippin’ Dad’ and ‘The Grillfather’!

#3 Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas Apron 

Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas Apron

Every great landscaper needs to carry a selection of high-quality tools. The best way to transport them and keep their clothes protected? This practical yet stylish heavy-duty waxed canvas apron. Perfect for working outdoors, this apron has 9 tool storage pockets, is incredibly durable, and has a flat solid buckle closure for comfortable wear. We love gifts that are both thoughtful and serve a purpose like this apron, and are certain they will too!

#4 Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket 

Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket

Being a landscaper means working in all types of weather, including the cold and rain. Make sure the landscaper you’re celebrating is set up no matter what with this flannel-lined, wax trucker jacket. Not only is it practical for staying warm and dry in the colder months, but it also looks seriously stylish and comes in eight different colors!

#5 Best Landscaper Ever Landscaper T-Shirt 

Best Landscaper Ever Landscaper T-Shirt

Do you happen to know the best landscaper ever? Then this is this T-shirt for them! It may be one of the simpler gifts for landscapers on our list, but it’s also one of the most appreciated. It comes in 13 different colors for a little personalization and makes the perfect gift no matter the occasion.

#6 Landscapers Personalized Ornament 

Landscapers Personalized Ornament

Since we can bet you’re on the lookout for particularly hilarious gifts for landscapers, we just couldn’t resist including this personalized ornament. ‘The Weed Guy’ you know is sure to laugh out loud upon opening this gift. Plus, it’ll give any Christmas tree an especially personal touch come December.

#7 Gardener’s Tool Seat 

Gardener's Tool Seat

Even the most experienced landscapers need to take a load off now and then. Make sure they’re able to at the drop of a hat with this transportable gardener’s tool seat. It folds out with ease and is ideal for storing some of their most important pieces of equipment whilst they’re on the job!

#8 Landscapers Mug 

Landscapers Mug

Whether it’s a strong cup of java to get them going in the am or a well-earned hot beverage at the end of a long hard day, this seriously funny mug is one of our favorite comical gifts for landscapers!

It comes in two different sizes and is handmade from ceramic for a quality finish and a print that’ll never fade. And yes, it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe!

#9 landscape Gardeners Tool Belt 

landscape Gardeners Tool Belt

Every great landscaper knows that the ability to go hands-free when you’re working is a must. Therefore, we can think of few more practical landscaper gift ideas than this chic 4-in-1 landscaping belt. There are three sizes available so you can ensure the perfect fit for the lucky recipient.

What’s more, this eternally handy belt is handmade from leather for a high-quality construction that will last and last. It’s suitable for both right-handed and left-handed landscapers, comes in a variety of leather shades, and can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder, whatever their preference!

#10 Smartphone Sanitizer 

Smartphone Sanitizer

As you might imagine, working outside day in day out means your everyday essentials (yes, smartphones are an everyday essential!) can get a little grubby from time to time. Help the landscaper you know take care of their phone and blitz away all those nasty germs with this incredible UV sanitizer!

The ultra-violet light inside the case gets to work quickly to quickly kill any bacteria build up on the phone. What’s more, it has built-in speakers so they can listen to music whilst it does its thing. What’s more, when it’s fully charged, it lasts up to 45 cleaning cycles or four full phone charges!

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#11 Personalized Leather Wallet 

Personalized Leather Wallet

Not all gifts for landscapers need to be on theme. This personalized leather wallet, for example, will make a truly thoughtful and unique present idea for them no matter the occasion. This incredible wallet can be personalized with an ‘engraved photograph on the front, a special message inside and on the back in your own handwriting, or all three! You can even have it arrive in a stunning wooden gift box for an extra special touch if you wish.

#12 Yoda Best Landscaper Pun Tee Shirt 

Yoda Best Landscaper Pun Tee Shirt

If you’ve been hunting out gifts for landscapers who are also huge Star Wars fans, you can officially call off the search! This ‘Yoda Best Landscaper’ t-shirt is as cute as it is funny and will certain get a laugh out of them. It’s also the ideal weekend attire to relax in whilst letting everyone know they’re the absolute greatest at what they do during the week!

Want to add a little personal touch to this tee before you order it? It’s available in six different colors so you can pick their favorite and know they’ll love it when it arrives!

#13 Eagles Nest SuperNest Hammock 

Eagles Nest SuperNest Hammock 

Looking for the ultimate relaxing gift idea for a landscaper? Moosejaw have you covered with this outstanding SuperNest hammock! Its contoured design makes sure it’s always stable, plus, its durable construction is built for all weather conditions. Perfect for their outdoor space, this hammock even offers removable pillows for added comfort and an optimal lounging session!

#14 Journey Utility Gloves 

Journey Utility Gloves

Another of our favorite practical gifts for gardeners are these amazing Journey utility gloves. They’re handmade with leather and include a plush wool lining for unbeatable insulation during the winter months and protection from fire should they need that too.

Additionally, the brass eyelets allow the wearer to clip them onto a tool belt or work bag for easy access. As if all this wasn’t enough, these incredibly functional, hard-wearing gloves have a leather reinforcement on the palms and on the part of the index finger which sees the most wear for greater protection, and a long-lasting fit.

#15 Gorilla Carts 1200-lb Heavy-Duty Poly Dump Cart 

Gorilla Carts 1200-lb Heavy-Duty Poly Dump Cart

Is your landscaper in need of a great new cart? You won’t find anything better than this heavy-duty one with 13” tires! It has a quick-release dump feature for speed and efficiency plus a new frame design that reduces assembly time. And in case you were wondering, yes, it has a rust-proof poly bed and boasts large pneumatic tires.

#16 Personalised Photo Keyring 

Personalised Photo Keyring

If it’s a truly personal and sentimental gift you’re after, look no further than this personalized photo keyring for the landscaper in your life. Have their title (Mum, Dad, Granny, Papa, etc), or their initials, engraved right onto the leather case part of the keyring.

The leather can also be personalized in one of six colors. Once it’s unbuttoned, it will reveal a photograph chosen especially for them inside. It will be a stunning, and undeniably touching addition to their keys and means they can keep a piece of home with them no matter where they are.

#17 Personalized Docking Station 

Personalized Docking Station

Coming home and throwing everything from their pockets onto a countertop is a recipe for a disorganized start to their next day! Help them get a jump start on the morning with this seriously stylish and incredibly useful docking station!

It has spaces for their phone, sunglasses, watch, keys, jewelry, wallet, credit cards, and more! What’s more, you can have it personalized with their name so they know you chose it especially for them!

#18 Contractor Tools Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas

Contractor Tools Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas

This gift idea can be saved in your wishlist for next Christmas. An adorable contractor ornament. Perfect choice as a gift for the landscaper. The color is eye-catching and matches for Christmas. You can feel the uniqueness of this ornament since it is handmade. Hence, each item has a slight difference.

#19 Landscaper Gardener T-Shirt

Landscaper Gardener T-Shirt

A new t-shirt is always a good idea when you are confused about what to give to the landscaper. This t-shirt is cool and describes the landscaper very well. It is pretty comfortable for daily wear as well, since the material is made from cotton and polyester.

#20  Blank Lined Journal Notebook

Blank Lined Journal Notebook

Giving a journal notebook for a landscaper is an excellent one since it is simple but useful for them. Whether they can write their daily activities there or simply take some important notes related to the works. The size is not that big, so it is to carry everywhere.

#21 Landscaping Beer Mug

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The undeniable beer glass for the landscaper. This one can be used to enjoy the night with a glass of great beer. This glass can be stored in the house or the hut. The material is durable, safe for food, and easy to clean for sure.

Those are the best selections of gift ideas for landscapers. You may choose it for their birthday, appreciation gift, secret santa or Christmas. We guarantee no one can resist these gift ideas.

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