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25 Funky Bob Marley Gifts for Fanatic Fans

Red, green, and yellow – yes, we all know these colors are very popular in the gift world and of course in our heads it is identical to the Bob Marley gifts. As we all know, the legend of reggae music, Bob Marley, is one of the historical people that affects the world of music, even merchandise world. Striking appearance of the Jamaican vibe, the red-green-yellow colors, and the funky style gifts become a hit until now. 

Bob Marley was considered one of the pioneers and influential people of reggae. His career was marked by fusing elements of reggae, ska, and rocksteady, as well as his noticeable vocal distinctiveness and songwriting style. At that time, his merchandise or items inspired by him were booming and remarkable by the fans and non-fans. Until now, here we have some listed funky and recommended gifts for the funky Bob Marley fans.

1. Bob Marley Rubber Wristband

Bob Marley Rubber Wristband

Very much we know that colorful rubber bands like this will remind us with those reggae lovers who are into Bob Marley and the Bob Marley gifts. This wristband can be used as a community wristband in between the fans of Marley. It is an affordable gift you can give to your reggae-loving friends. 

2. Bob Marley Tumblr

Bob Marley Tumblr

Another classic and chill gift for those reggae and ska lovers out there from the world of Bob Marley gifts. A tumblr would be a nice gift for every kind of occasion and a very useful gift for anyone. This vibrant-colored tumblr with Marley’s cheerful expression comes with metal straw. A nice gift for those thirsty Marley fans!

3. Bob Marley Trenchtown Rockers Vinyl

Bob Marley Trenchtown Rockers Vinyl

Some of the fans are still into vintage vinyl collections, so does your friend who’s into Bob Marley gifts. This Trenchtown Rockers 3-colored vinyl is a classic album tracks started from the “Trenchtown Rock” to the “Small Axe” from the 11 tracks listed on. This gift will make your joyful friends “Keep on Moving” after accepting this gift.

4. Bob Marley Custom Pin Button

Bob Marley Custom Pin Button

A simple gift and a nice reminder from a pin would be a nice Bob Marley gift. Sometimes it is not always a big gift that is so special for those receivers but a small sincere gift like this pin button with a nice quote will make a heartful impact. Those fans surely respect you for such a small affordable gift like this because you “don’t worry about a thing” anymore.  

5. Bob Marley Guitar Chord Songbook

Bob Marley Guitar Chord Songbook

If any of your Marley-holics is a guitar player, this guitar chord has a legendary list of Bob Marley songs which would make a perfect Bob Marley gift for your friend. This guitar chord songbook has 39 lists of songs that could be played (and learned) with your favorite guitar. Seriously, this songbook is a great one as a gift or even for oneself.

6. Bob Marley Face Mask

Bob Marley Face Mask

We may need a medical mask for preventing some dust or even microbes but a cool face mask  with the art of Marley will be another good Bob Marley gift for those Marley fans. With 3-layers and breathable water-based ink printing, this mask will give you a nice quality of the common mask we know. The design is vividly astonishing so you better have it fast!  

7. Bob Marley Headphone Stand

Bob Marley Headphone Stand

Not just an ordinary decoration but this Bob Marley gift would be considered as a useful decoration for you. As a headphone stand, this 3D printed stand could also be painted and used as a desk decoration. Your painter friends will love this too as it is also a canvas for them.

8. Bob Marley Designed Wooden Clock

Bob Marley Designed Wooden Clock

Time is always ticking and this wooden modern wall clock of Bob Marley gift inspiration is a hype for those fans out there. Time flies fast and now we realize even a clock has become a better decoration and artistic. Indeed it has been many years already to realize the influence of the reggae legend is still lingering until now.

9. Bob Marley – Babylon by Bus

Bob Marley – Babylon by Bus

A classic and authentic limited edition vinyl for those music lovers will be a great gift for those who need a vintage thing from a Bob Marley gift theme. It contains 2 discs which have the tracks from Bob Marley’s live shows in Europe region especially france. This is such a time traveling gift thus it is very suitable for your vintage-loving reggae and ska friends. 

10. Bob Marley LED Wall Art

Bob Marley LED Wall Art

A nice Bob Marley gift with the glowing spirit of LED decoration like this is absolutely a brilliant gift for your reggae-loving friends. Modern and minimalist are the exact words for this decoration. This is very convenient to use and it gives the effect of a cool floating appearance. Recommended for the decoration of a music studio!

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11. Three Little Birds Bracelet

Three Little Birds Bracelet

Inspired by the iconic song of the legend, the bracelet here would make a nice small Bob Marley gift recommendation. With cute three little birds and three different colored beads will make this gift not only appealing to the Marley fans but also recommended for those non-fans. Friendly small gift like this is a nice thing to give.

12. Bob Marley Phone Case

Bob Marley Phone Case

Some of your friends might be interested to have the legend on the back of their phone and that is why we recommend this Bob Marley gift for them. Like the basic phone case we know, this silicone-made case makes a nice protective barrier from a crack or even dust. Simple gift but of course we have to know your funky friend’s phone brand.

13. Bob Marley Shower Curtain

Bob Marley Shower Curtain

Let it be a surprise for the ska lovers out there with this eccentric shower curtain as a part of Bob Marley gift. Plain shower curtain is a big no for eccentric fans and this gift will absolutely satisfy their funky heart. The painting, the material, and the size will make a nice decoration too in the bathroom!

14. Bob Marley Towel

Bob Marley Towel

Never thought the fans would need a Jamaican inspirational towel like this for the next recommendation of Bob Marley Gift. Previously we have the shower curtain now we have this funky towel as a recommendation that would complement each other gifts like a pack. Recommended for those who need a beach towel or big towel to use.

15. Bob Marley Multicolored Reggae Cap

arley Multicolored Reggae Cap

Not all the boys who love the world of reggae need a Bob Marley gift but this multicolored cap for the girls will shout out the reggae beat of the ladies. With the vibe of Jamaican colors this cap is a nice one to wear with your reggae-loving friends. In the end, the cap is wearable for men too!  

16. Three Little Birds Wood Engraved Magnet

Three Little Birds Wood Engraved Magnet

This cute and memorable engraved wood magnet stamp is a Bob Marley gift that goes along with simplicity and nostalgia. We recommend this gift not only for Marley fans but also for those people you love because the birds might be the symbolism of purity and freedom. All of us love supports in between us just like the phrase from this gift will make them feel motivated and loved.

17. Bob Marley Custom Guitar

Bob Marley Custom Guitar

A customized guitar is like an ultimate gift for someone who often plays guitar but also an ultimate gift for the Bob Marley fan. This guitar can be customized with Bob Marley’s face and the writing of his quotes or even some parts of his song lyrics. It might be quite pricey but surely it will make a guitarist happy.

18. Bob Marley Eau de Parfum

Bob Marley Eau de Parfum

It is rarely known that this authentic eau de parfum is inspired from the world of Bob Marley gifts. Bob Marley Eau de Parfum by AGN is something not everyone knows about and it is part of our recommendation to set it as a gift. This gift will obviously surprise your Marley fan friend because we bet not a lot of us know about this secret perfume. Surprisingly, this perfume comes from India.

19. Bob Marley’s Trenchtown Jacket 

Bob Marley’s Trenchtown Jacket

Everyone loves a stylish jacket and a Bob Marley gift like this jacket will also be part of your Marley fans enthusiasm. This Trenchtown jacket will give you warmth but also make you look like a tough guy at the same time. A highly manufactured jacket and a licensed music jacket so no need to worry about the authenticity of this cool jacket.

20. Bob Marley Bobblehead

Bob Marley Bobblehead

Who doesn’t know a bobblehead after all until this unique bobblehead of Bob Marley comes as an eccentric Bob Marley gift. A bobblehead is quite common to be collected as a decoration on someone’s desk while the others like a full figurine collection. Bobblehead of Marley like this is absolutely a great present for your friend’s birthday.

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21. Bob Marley Backpack

Bob Marley Backpack

Something like a functional backpack would help a lot for those fans who love to travel because this Bob Marley gift will be one of the useful gifts for them. Polyester crossbody bags like this will surely help those reggae lovers to store up their favorite Bob Marley stuff inside. Actually, the design looks fashionable due to the detail and colors.

22. Bob Marley Shoes

Bob Marley Shoes

It will be a great gift for those fans being given these authentic three-colored shoes as one of the best Bob Marley gifts. Not only comfortable to wear these authentic shoes are meant for the fans out there to have an affordable item that has a remark by the legend. Surely, this high top canvas shoe is recommended as a gift

23. Vinyl Record Bob Marley Wall Clock

Vinyl Record Bob Marley Wall Clock

  This unique and round lovely clock is certainly memorable and nostalgic for a Bob Marley gift inspiration. Reminded with the shape of vinyl and classic vibe this clock will give an aura of the past nostalgia of the legendary ska and reggae singer. Somehow, the clock gives the artistic side of black and white too.

24. Three Little Birds Shirt

Three Little Birds Shirt

The iconic symbolism of the legendary song “Three Little Birds” on a shirt will be a nice Bob Marley gift for those funky reggae lovers out there especially Marley lovers. Versatile and can be used by anyone, this shirt will remind us with the well-known song and how reggae was a hit at that time. Of course, the birds are cute too!

25. Bob Marley Gift Set

Bob Marley Gift Set

It might be so confusing for us to choose some gifts but a complete gift set of Bob Marley gifts from these items will fulfill your idea. This set includes the printed fabric Bob Marley fan, the eccentric bead earrings, and the simple bead keychain. This recommendation could be a final search for those who are looking for a simple set gift for those reggae lovers. 

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What are the best Bob Marley gift ideas?

The Bob Marley gifts according to our recommendation are the AGN Bob Marley Eau de Parfum because it is a rare thing to know that the legendary reggae singer has a perfume inspired by his glory and the next one is the round shaped Bob Marley vinyl clock because it will enhance the sense of nostalgia for those fans

What are the best Bob Marley merchandise for fans?

The best Bob Marley merchandise for fans are the one that shows the attribute of the legend’s appearance like the Bob Marley Backpack, The Bob Marley Facemask, and the legendary shirt. We all know the fans prefer merchandise that shows the vibe of the legend.

What are the best gift baskets for Bob Marley lovers?

We have two options of Bob Marley gifts that could be a considerable gift basket: the Bob Marley Gift set or the compilations of our personal choice. Our personal selections that should be put on in the basket gifts are the Bob Marley wristband, the Three Little Birds bracelet, some vinyl discs, and the Reggae Cap.

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