25 Gifts From Washington State for A Memento

Whether you have marvelous memories with Washington as your hometown at heart or maybe this metropolis is where you studied, worked, engaged, and married, you can collect those memories of this U.S. capital city with our curated choices which will be a memorable memento. If you aspire to one day experience wonderful Washington state, you can also collect this great gift from Washington to fuel your fantasy. In addition, these gifts from Washington are also suitable as a souvenir for those who have witnessed and fallen in love with this fine region and it is also a great gift for those who aspire to one day experience its excitement.

And for that reason, we provide the perfect picks of great gifts from Washington state which are iconic items. They have the theme of Washington’s evergreen mountain and forest view, the White House that is the official residence and workplace of the United States president, the Washington Redskins Football team which is part of the National Football League or NFL, the Washington Post newspaper, and the Founding Father of the United States, George Washington.

What Items Are Washington Known For?

Washington, where the capital city of the United States is located, is well-known for iconic items which have the theme of Washington’s evergreen mountain and forest view, the White House that is the official residence and workplace of the United States president, the Washington Redskins Football team which is part of the National Football League or NFL, the Washington Post newspaper and the Founding Father of the United States, George Washington.

BEST and Awesome Gifts from Washington State

1. Mount Saint Helens Washington State Candle

Mount Saint Helens Washington Candle

Thinking of a gift from Mount Saint Helens in Washington state which is a special souvenir? Then, you are at the right place! From Mount Saint Helens which is very famous for its fantastic view, this scented candle has sweet smells of honey, caramel, citrus, tobacco leaves, and patchouli. Those fragrances will surely fill your room with a warm, cozy, and earthy scent. 

2. Washington State with Trees and Mountains Ornament

Washington State with Trees and Mountains

The Washington state with trees and mountains engraved wood ornament is a great gift. This piece is handmade originally from Washington. The artisan utilizes high-quality materials such as wood, jute, and natural stain, to create a perfect piece. It will instantly add an aesthetic element to your living space while also becoming a memorable memento from Washington.

3. Washington Neighborhood Map Drink Coasters

Washington, D.C. Neighborhood Map Drink Coasters

From your hometown to your favorite travel destination, this engraved coaster set is a great gift to celebrate the neighborhoods we love. Each coaster in the set had double-sided engraved in American birch wood. Moreover, one side illustrates the detailed neighborhood map and the other side has the name of the city. 

4. Washington State Quarter Coin Ring

Washington Ring State Quarter Coin Ring

Looking for a great gift from Washington State to honor history? Then you have found one! This Washington State quarter coin ring is only available in the year 2007. Each quarter was produced for about 10 weeks and will never be produced again. So, this piece is quite rare. Furthermore, state designs are displayed on the reverse or tails of the quarters while the obverse design displays the familiar image of George Washington.

5. Washington State Flag Memory Box

Washington State Flag Memory Box

If you are looking for a great gift that is perfect for those who are proud of Washington state’s history and heritage, here we have this Washington State Flag Memory Box. It features the Washington state flag on this wooden memory box Moreover, you can see the nameplates on the front and center of the lid, creating a great focal point for this piece. It is undoubtedly perfect for pinning medals, photos, patches, etc. 

6. Washington State Pillow Cover

Washington state home hometown united states love Decorative Throw Pillow

If you are looking for a simple and soft-style gift, then this Washington state pillow cover is the perfect piece. This couch pillow cover is decent decor for a modern minimalist home. It is made from 100% durable cotton linen material which is skin-friendly. With hidden zipper closure, it is easier to fill the pillow insert.

7. Washington State Paisley iPhone Clear Case

Washington State Cougars Paisley iPhone Clear Case

Celebrate your Washington state football team fandom by adding this gift from Washington state to your champion team collection. It is an iPhone clearcase that will surely captivate anyone who sees it. It is designed distinctively with a paisley pattern to fit your iPhone with proper button and port placement which is convenient to control. Furthermore, it provides a flexible and impact-resistant quality, thanks to its 100% polycarbonate material.

8. Washington State Apple Green Tea Box

Washington Apple Green Tea Box

Washington State is world-famous for its juicy, succulent apples. Therefore, this green tea box is our tribute to the hard-working apple farmers who have dedicated their lives to growing the most perfect fruit. A delicious blend of antioxidant-rich sencha green tea and cinnamon-dried apples, along with subtle flavors of spiced cider and baked apple pie. It also tastes great with a touch of sugar and a splash of milk.

9. Seattle Chocolates Gift Bag

Seattle Chocolates Gift Bag

Searching for a sweet surprise as a gift from Washington for your loved ones? You have nowhere to go than here. This 1 pound of the colorful package contains Seattle milk and dark Chocolate assorted chocolate truffles are a good gift. Moreover, it is all-natural, nongluten, and Kosher certified.

10. Sexy and Smart Washingtonian Mug

Smart Washingtonian, Washington USA or US State Coffee & Tea Gift Mug

Looking for a fantastic and functional gift from Washington? Then, you just came to the right spot! This original mug from Washington is made from the highest grade ceramic with a premium full-color sublimation imprint appearing on both sides of this cup. It has a large, easy-to-grip C-handle. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe. 

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11. The Washington Post Custom Birthday Book

gifts from wahsington state

Celebrate marvelous moments in someone’s history with this Washington Post custom birthday book. This custom-made and commemorative book is a tribute to the treasury of the time after time events that have crossed the path of the respected recipient. The hardback binding comes with the recipient’s name embossed in gold on its surface, as well as a custom-printed dedication on the title page. Leafing through the pages gives a time-lapse view of a lifetime history. Moreover, there is room for the recipient to write his or her own personal experience of that year, along with photos and other mementos.

12. Founding Fathers Mini Building Block Kits

gifts from wahsington state

If only we had all grown up with toys to spark curiosity about history like these building-block sets. Each set has almost 400 pieces to assemble into models of George (who signed the Constitution of the United States) and Ben (who was the sixth governor of Pennsylvania but had never become the United States president). Grant this great gift from Washington for your kid to stimulate his/her curiosity in discovering the history of the United States founding fathers.

13. Shower Steamer Spray

gifts from wahsington state

Looking for a handmade gift from Washington in a happy mood? We get this shower steamer spray for you to experience aromatherapy’s rejuvenating effects. It is surely necessary after a long stressful week. Made with all-natural ingredients, the liquid within this palm-size bottle lets you quickly and conveniently transform your bathroom into a steamy spa.

14. Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

gifts from wahsington state

If you are looking for a great gift to a history or politics buff, then these United States Founding Fathers whiskey glasses are the perfect pick for sure to surprise them. Each of these gorgeous glasses bears a Founding Father’s personal seal, signature, and a quote. Moreover, it has “Honesty is always the best policy,” a famous quote by George Washington, who had one of the biggest whiskey distilleries in the country at Mount Vernon.

15. Mama Bear Necklaces

gifts from wahsington state

Inspired by her own mother’s protective nature, Britta Ambauen, who lives in Washington, designed this sweet bear and cub necklace. The playful piece features a sterling silver mama bear with up to four bronze cubs, capturing the strong bond and tender love a mother has for her little ones. Above all, it is a sparkling reminder that children—no matter what age—need their mother to help lead the way.

16. Washington State Scented Candle

Washington State Scented Candle

This Washington state scented candle has the smell of soft downpours which is familiar to the Pacific Northwest. The scents emit, for instance, top notes of Maple, Bergamot, Patchouli, mid notes of Rhododendron, Cedarwood, and base notes of Amber, Musk, Vanilla. It is hand-poured and made from an all-natural soy wax blend.

17. Whiskey Glass with Washington DC Map

Whiskey Glass with Washington DC Map by Greenline Goods

Each Greenline Goods whisky glass was etched by a skilled artisan. It features a hand-drawn street grid with map coordinates. Moreover, glass sets are carefully packed in an elegant gift box and picked to make a lasting impression. It is made from premium quality glassware which is 100% lead-free and will not get distorted in the dishwasher.

18. Washington State Cutting and Serving Board

Washington State Cutting and Serving Board

Savor a slice of the evergreen Washington state with this wonderfully crafted bamboo board. It features engraved artwork highlighting the top towns and attractions in Washington, for instance, Seattle to Walla Walla, Spokane to Tacoma, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and many more. This can be a great conversation starter when used as a serving board. Furthermore, you can flip the board over to the blank side to use as a high-quality, knife-friendly bamboo cutting board.

19. Washington Weather Graphic T-Shirt

gifts from wahsington state

Oh, lovely Washington weather, who can resonate? This option as a gift from Washington is obviously cool and is originally designed and produced in Washington. This U-neck T-shirt is unisex fit and is made from 65% poly and 35% cotton. Moreover, to keep it clean, just wash with a machine with cold and tumble dry low.

20. Washington Redskins T-Shirt

Redskins T-Shirt

Looking for a casual and comfy gift from Washington for your favorite friend? This 100% cotton T-shirt has the classic look with a U-neck and short sleeves, and also feels comfy on the skin. The high-quality printed statement with bright and brave colors surely adds an elegant appearance.

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21. Washington D.C. Travel Guides

D.C. Travel Guides

If you are looking for a gift from Washington that will be received with gratitude, then this eyewitness travel guide book by Alice L. Powers and Susan Burke is a perfect pick. This guidebook shows you what others only tell you. It also features entertainment events, hotels, restaurants, memorials, monuments, parks, all including the images and location map.

22. Washington D.C. Canvas Painting

DC Canvas Painting

Add awesome colors and distinctive details to your space with the contemporary style of this Washington DC canvas painting. It is printed with Epson anti-fade ultra chrome inks on 100% cotton canvas. It also features 100% anti-shrink pine wood bars. This piece of artwork is ready to be displayed right out of the box, thanks to the hanging accessories and detailed instructions.

23. Washington D.C. Ornament

D.C. Ornament

This original gift from Washington is a hanging figurine Christmas ornament. It is designed with exquisite details and hand-painted with metallic and glittery colors. Moreover, it is made from first-class quality blown glass. Celebrate Christmas with your family and friends who will certainly be amazed by this awesome ornament!

24. The White House Architecture LEGO

The White House Architecture by LEGO®

Recharge your batteries by focusing on a fun and creative challenge like this White House Architecture. You can escape the daily grind and click your stress away by creating this stylish model that will look great in your home or office. With this hands-on and minds-on craft project, you will recreate details from the neoclassical columns of the president’s executive residence. This is undoubtedly a perfect pick for adults interested in art, design, architecture, and pop culture.

25. Washington Football Team LED Night Light

Football Team LED Night Light

This National Football League (NFL) night light glows with team spirit! This original and officially licensed night light features the colors and logo of your favorite NFL team. With long-lasting LED lights, it means no bulbs to replace. Moreover, this indoor use night light has 3 light settings: on, off, and auto. The light sensor automatically activates at dusk in auto mode. 

Final Thoughts

The Washington State is the home of many American leaders and heroes with so many histories. So, it is recommended to bring home some gifts or souvenirs upon your visit to the state. The best kind of gifts are those that can mean something to the receivers. It can be something to enjoy like food or snacks that you can only find in Washington State, or things that be used of decoration like paintings, home decor items, or accessories such as jewelries or scarfs. Happy gift hunting!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can you only get in Washington state?

You can only get particular products in Washington state which have the thematic design or iconic illustration of Washington’s evergreen mountain and forest view, the White House that is the official residence and workplace of the United States president,  the Washington Redskins Football team which is part of National Football League or NFL and one of the Founding Fathers of United States, George Washington.

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