26 Inspirations Of The Best Gifts for New US Citizens

We all know that in becoming an official US citizen, someone must go through a long process of filling forms and interviews, and the process definitely takes a lot of time and effort. But once the whole process is finally done, the result definitely pays off.

If someone you care about is currently in the process of becoming an official US citizen, and you have been there through all the process, we know that you can feel the excitement when that person you love is finally a US citizen. Then, it is time to celebrate the special occasion by giving that person a special gift. Confused about what fits most? No worries because we have gathered 26 adorable gifts for new US citizens for you to choose from.

What Responsibilities Come with Being A US Citizen?

By being an official US citizen, there are nine points of responsibilities that come with it. Some of the responsibilities are to Support and Defend the Constitution, Participate in the Democratic Process, Respect and obey federal, state, and local laws, Pay income and other taxes, and five other responsibilities that are clearly stated in the official U.S. Citizenship website.

Best Gifts for New US Citizens

1. Petit Ribbon Gift for New US Citizens

gifts for new us citizens

This luxury gift fits for a special woman in your life who just became a US citizen. Melt her heart by giving this beautiful necklace as a gift to celebrate the special occasion. The petite ribbon pendant is finished with 14K white gold and a sparkling 7mm round cut Cubic Zirconia in the center. It makes a woman who wear it becomes prettier than ever.

2. American Citizenship Keychain

gifts for new us citizens

A personalized keychain seems to be one of the most favorite gifts for special occasions, including a gift for someone who just became a US citizen. It comes in the shape of the US map and you can add personalized engravings like the new US citizen’s name and date of becoming an official US citizen. This keychain will be a super adorable gift ever. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to persoanlized the gift.

3. “Proud To Be An American” Socks

gifts for new us citizens

These socks are the definition of a warm welcome to the United States, which are a pair of the sweetest gifts for new US citizens. Your new US citizen friend can wear these socks to stay warm at night, or to run errands around the city during the day.

4. Wooden Jewelry Box with American Flag

gifts for new us citizens

Choosing this wooden jewelry box for a new US citizen is a right decision to make, since this box features an American Flag and American Eagle that create a solid American style wooden box. Also, you can re-use the box as a nice decoration for any room at home. Also, take a look at how fine the details are made. This wooden box is like a US pride!

5. Long Sleeve American Shirt

gifts for new us citizens

Talking about the amazing feeling after someone finally got an official US citizenship, why don’t you add a little touch of happiness to a new US citizen’s feeling and celebration by having this long sleeve shirt as a gift? Because a long sleeve shirt fits for daily wear. It also comfortable to wear and matches for other bottom outfit.

6. American Engraved Bracelet

gifts for new us citizens

The feeling to finally announce themselves as US citizens is an amazing thing, especially after having to go through a long application process. So why not celebrate the moment by giving this personalized bracelet as a gift to wear everyday? The sweet personalized bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful gifts for new US citizens.

7. US Flags Cufflinks

gifts for new us citizens

Cufflinks are some of men’s accessories that will enhance any men’s look and appearance when attending formal events. If you happen to have a male friend who just became a new US citizen, you can choose these US Flag cufflinks as a special gift. Give it as a gift is not only cool, but also practical gift.

8. Citizenship Celebratory Print

Citizenship Celebratory Print

It’s wonderful to know that being a new US citizen is something that the former US leaders have been encouraging since many years ago, and also good to have a piece of a former US leader’s quote as part of home decoration, like this quote by John F. Kennedy. This celebratory print is very meaningful and fits as a memento of every people who finally becomes a new US citizen.

9. Customized Passport Case

Customized Passport Case

Get a new passport case when finally becomes a new citizen will be a great idea. So, it would be sweet to give a new US citizen a new passport cover with a personalized message on the cover that describes the pride of being a US citizen. Besides the material is soft to touch, it also has a sleek design and meaningful quotes.

10. US Citizenship Travel Mug

gifts for new us citizens

To finally receive the certificate of US citizenship is a kind of relieved feeling and deserves a proper celebration. And to be part of the celebration, you might want to pick this adorable travel mug with a funny and meaningful image on it. So that your friend can bring this one in order to reduce using a plastic bottle as well.

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11. American Flag Citizenship Sign

Personalized American Flag

There’s nothing sweeter than this personalized US citizenship sign. Comes in the form of the US flag and the Statue of Liberty Torch, also with the name of the new US citizen and also date/year of being an official citizen. Your gift can be a complete one to describe the historical moment of the new US citizen.

12. Black Zirconium American Flag Ring

gifts for new us citizens

Everyone will immediately fall in love with this adorable and sleek ring with a laser-etched United States Flag Stars and Stripes pattern especially the new US citizen. Wrapped up beautifully in an elegant wooden ring box, this Zirconium will be a super elegant gift for new US citizens.

13. American Flag Picture Frame

American Flag Picture Frame

Traditionally handmade American flag photo frame is one of the most recommended gifts for new US citizens, because this frame can display a picture of a new US citizen when he received his new US citizenship certificate. It seems simple but practical for the people who need it.

14. American Citizenship Apron

Yiloom Kiss Me I Just Got My American Citizenship Apron

Make cooking becomes an exciting routine by having this US citizenship apron as a gift. The simple design and funny quotes makes this a super unique gift for a new US citizen, who will be happy to spend more time in the kitchen wearing this apron.

15. American Trivia Game

American Trivia Game

More than just a game, this American Trivia Game can improve any new US citizen’s knowledge about the United States of America. As a new US citizen, it’s always good to learn more things about America, right?

16. United States Traditional Flag

United States Traditional flag

Having a high-quality US flag is a must for all US citizens, including your lonely new US citizen friend. The main material is polyester, hence this flag will be a long-lasting flag for any purpose and occasion.

17. United States Black and White Duvet Cover

gifts for new us citizens

Give a new touch of American style might be a good idea for the new US citizen. That’s why we think giving a new US citizen this bed cover set is a brilliant idea! Since it is made of 100% recyclable environmentally friendly fabric, this bed cover set will be a nice focal point in any American style bedroom.

18. “Proud To Be American” Baseball Cap

Proud to be American Baseball Cap

Baseball is one of the most famous sports in the US, which is why this baseball cap is one of the coolest gifts for new US citizens. Aside from being a nice accessory, this baseball cap will also create a certain feeling of pride of being part of America, and part of it’s famous baseball matches, too!

19. United States Cities Text Map

United States Cities Text Map, US Colors on Grey Wall Art

Any new US citizen would be happy to have this modern style map of America in their living room’s wall. Consisting of names of the cities in the US, this item will be an informative decoration made of high-quality canvas that features a distinctive texture.

20. “American by Choice” T-Shirt

American By Choice US Citizenship T-Shirt

A t-shirt will always be one of the perfect gifts for any occasion. Including one of the best gifts for new US citizens, as this t-shirt is perfect for those who recently became proud US citizens. Made of polyester, this t-shirt is lightweight and comfortable for daily use.

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21. US Citizenship Certificate Holder

US Citizenship Certificate Holder

Make sure your new US citizen friend keeps the certificate of citizenship secure by keeping it in this elegant certificate holder. Here, we recommend one of the best gifts for new US citizens as it features textures of faux leather in elegant navy blue, professionally stamped in gold leaf foil with the great seal of the United States of America.

22. American Flag Throw Blanket

MayNest American Flag Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love to have this soft and comfy-looking blanket as a gift to celebrate the special moment of being a new US citizen? We highly recommend this blanket to be a sweet gift for your loved one who just became a new US citizen.

23. The U.S. Constitutions and Other Writings

The U.S. Constitutions and Other Writings

Well, a new US citizen needs to learn, not only about the history of the United States of America, but also about the U.S. Constitution, including their writings that shaped the United States. Without a doubt, this book will be a super valuable gift for a new US citizen.

24. “A True History of The United States” Book

A True History of the United States Book

Time to learning about United States History? Then, this book will be a source of valuable information for all new US citizens. Therefore, picking this book as a gift for new US citizens can never go wrong.

25. Patriotic American Flag Pin

Patriotic American Flag Pin

Add this pin to any attire and a new US citizen will look sleek and nice for any occasion. By giving this item, there is something to show the pride of being US citizens, and will definitely be the one item to wear on any national events and celebrations.

26. 3D Rose Russ Billington Design

3d Rose Russ Billington Design

Being a new proud and free US citizen is something to be valued forever. Giving this valuable canvas wrap as a gift for new US citizens is something to consider, as this elegant piece of decoration will be a nice statement in any new US citizen’s home.

Final Thoughts

We all know that to be able to become an official US citizen, someone must go through a long process to finally reach this point. Therefore, you must make sure that you prepare something special to gift a special person who finally becomes a US citizen. The feeling of relief and happiness would be twice more exciting with a thoughtful gift from you. Give something that comes as a warm welcoming gift that makes them feel welcomed by you and other US citizens.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What gift to give someone who just became a US citizen?

The best gifts for new US citizens are things that are related to the United States, like the US Flag, US coin collection, or accessories that can show the pride of being a new US citizen.

How can I check my citizenship status?

You can check your U.S. citizenship status by online, email, phone, or in person. The easiest way is to check it online at USCIS. First you can find the number of your U.S. citizenship application, visit the USCIS “Case Status Online” tracker, enter the receipt number, and click “Check Stats” to see the current status.

Can a US citizen have dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship (or dual nationality) means a person may be a citizen of the United States and another country at the same time. U.S. law does not require a person to choose one citizenship or another.

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