Enjoy the Sea with the Iguana X100 Amphibious All-terrain Yacht

Would you like to explore the beautiful ocean on a deluxe amphibious boat? If you are far from a harbor, transporting even a small ship can be troublesome. However, the Iguana X100 White Edition luxurious yacht can get in or out of the water directly from the shore and ride on land thanks to its amphibious capability.

The exquisite X100 was created by Iguana Yachts. This company offers you premium yachts with innovative high-class design. Furthermore,  Iguana Yachts combines the adaptability trait of an amphibious vehicle with the luxurious design of a yacht 

Because of its amphibious nature, the X100 does not really need a harbor or a deep pocket of water to be unpacked. You can just tow it to the nearest beach. Utilizing caterpillar treads instead of regular wheels, the X100 can traverse various terrain without fearing of getting stuck.

This small luxurious tiny boat is also considered as a Rigid Inflatable Boat. This design allows the X100 to be very stable when sailing even though it is lightweight. The rigid inflatable hull filled with high pressure air allows the yacht to be practically unsinkable even when taking on water.

The treads that look like small tank tracks provide this boat with maneuver versatility even on wet sand and rocks. Combined with the RIB design, the lightweight boat will be able to ride directly into the sea to reach a desirable water depth. Then, using its powerful engines, you are ready to sail just like that.

When it comes to features, this nimble luxurious all-white yacht has them all. First, the X100’s amphibious capability is powered using IMS or Iguana Mobility System. 

Iguana X100 Yacht

This boat can ride up to 7km/h even when traveling up on a 40% slope. This system also can tackle any rough terrain on any beach. Additionally, for safety, the IMS will let you embark or disembark in the water with waves up to 1.2 meters.

Then, for its sailing capability, the Iguana X100 comes with two reliable motors which are capable of generating 2x300HP. The double engines provide you with speed up to 56knots. Even though the size of this exquisite all white boat is not that big, it can move really fast.

As a RIB boat, the Iguana X100 is built using very strong carbon fiber materials to ensure its structural integrity. Combined with a complex design, this strong boat can sail safely and smoothly above the fierce waves.Therefore, you do not have to doubt its seaworthiness!

Now, because the Iguana X100 White Edition is intended as a luxurious boat, the manufacturer provides this yacht with the most elegant French design. The luxurious hull interior and exterior will provide you with maximum enjoyment. 

With the monochrome, white, and cream color schemes and stellar French design, the Iguana X100’s emanates class everywhere it goes.

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