UCO Portable Camping Grill

This UCO Portable Camping Grill is probably the most compact grill you can take with you on a camping trip. One of the most challenging tasks of preparing for an active trip is packing light.

So many things you’d like to take with you, and so little space in your backpack. Well, fear not. With this portable camping grill, you can rest assured that no matter what happens at least you’ll have your BBQ during the trip.

This portable camping grill is made out of high-quality stainless steel. When packed, this grill looks like a simple 11.4” (29 cm) long metal tube.

In reality, the tube acts as both a part and a container for other metal parts which together can be assembled into a small grill. 

It’s like LEGO bricks with an actual purpose for hungry camping enthusiast. Put together, this grill measures 9.1″ x 10.2″ (23 cm x 26 cm), big enough to cook enough food for 2-3 people. It’s also quite light for such a handy thing, weighing only 19.8 oz (560 g).

Note: The ( UCO Grilliput Firebowl ) is sold separately!

UCO Portable Camping Grill

It can be deconstructed as quickly as it can be assembled. The good part is that you can also easily clean the grill rods with the help of the groove on the end of the tube.

UCO Portable Camping Grill

So next time you decide on going on a camping trip with a small group of friends or even by yourself, you’ll also get to enjoy tasty grilled food. Score. 

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