The Camping Doughnut

Hardcore campers who want to have an amazing outdoor experience unlike any they have ever had before will enjoy this.

The Camping Doughnut is an innovative new way to sleep beneath the stars.

This unique tent collapses into an easily transportable size and pops up quickly without much effort to create a communal camping space that is completely sheltered from the elements.

Smaller Camping Doughnuts can sleep 2 to 4 people and feature a living space as well as two separate sleeping areas while larger set-ups can sleep huge groups in C, S, or O-shaped tents. 


Camping will never be the same again when you bring along this incredible camping tent!

The Camping Doughnut

This tent is certainly one of the coolest tents we have seen in a long time, unfortunately, this is only a design concept at this stage and we are waiting to hear when these will become available to actually purchase!

The Camping Doughnut

The Camping Doughnut

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