49 Incredibly Cool Fire Pits You Can Buy For Your Home

More and more modern-day home owners are thinking of innovative ways to expand their living space by making their backyard the ultimate zone of relaxation reminiscent of a top notch resort.

They refuse to stop at the traditional wooden deck and backyard grill but yearn for a fun and creative focal point to cheer up this space.

While cool fire pits are not a recent invention and have been around for a number of decades, the latest trends in design and utility will leave you thoroughly spoilt for choice.

Cool Fire pits:

Take a look at these awesome fire pits to help you spruce up your yard and leave your guests green with envy!

#1 The 3rd Rock Fire Pit 

The 3rd Rock Fire Pit - cool fire pits

With this exquisite orb fashioned after the planet’s red hot core, you will not hear the end of the story-telling sessions and lots of fun family time around this beautiful centrepiece. Be sure to keep your marshmallow supplies overflowing.

#2  The Lowboy Fire Pit

The Lowboy Fire Pit

This hand-carved masterpiece tells a story that every guest would love to hear.

Designed to last a lifetime under all weather conditions, it is bound to master every one of your family’s narratives by heart.

#3 Autumn Sunset Leaf Fire Pit 

Autumn Sunset Leaf Fire Pit - cool fire pits

Are you madly in love with all things natural?

Then the amazing design of this creative fire pit will definitely leave you in awe and enhance both your outdoors experience and your quality of life.

#4 Module Octagon Steel Fire Pit 

Module Octagon Steel Fire Pit

This simple yet highly gorgeous piece would make the ultimate addition to your yard if you love your fire wild and roaring in more ways than one.

#5 Custom Made Fire Pits 

Custom-Made Fire Pits

Would you like a reenactment of your favorite wild scene against a fiery background right in your backyard? Then these custom-made works of art would be your ideal choice. Go crazy with your own design sculptured from scratch or pick a ready-made model.

#6 Up North Custom Made Sphere Fire Pit 

Up North Custom Made Sphere Fire Pit

If you are renowned for attention to detail then this is one of the most remarkably cool fire pits you might lay your eyes on.

Use it as an ornamental piece or to keep your patio warm and friendly all year round.

#7 The Solo Stove Bonfire Steel Fire Pit 

The Solo Stove Bonfire Steel Fire Pit

Have you been searching for a simple, portable modern fire pit to carry along on camping trips? Search no more as this lightweight, stainless steel will make the perfect addition to your camping accessories and keep the nights warm and cozy.

#8 The Portable Flat-Pack Fire Pit And Grill

Portable Flat-Pack Fire Pit And Grill

Do you love to travel light only carrying along the bare necessities? This 2-in1 fir pit and grill is all you need to make sure you never have to endure another cold dinner on a dreary night. 

#9 Freedom Fire – Patriotic Fire Pit 

Freedom Fire - Patriotic Fire Pit - cool fire pits

If you are a diehard patriot at heart and a nature lover by choice, then you simply cannot do without one of these remarkable pieces. Ditch the stadium blanket and profess your true feelings to the love of your life against this backdrop.

#10 Deep Stone Stainless Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit 

Deep Stone Stainless Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Up for an evening of roasted hotdogs, cozy warmth and unmeasured fun with friends and family? Look no further than one of these rustic wood-burning pits to recapture the simple joys of living.

#11 The Cowboy Sphere Fire Pit 

Cowboy Sphere Fire Pit

Bring childhood memories back to life with this amazing recreation of good old country life. If you feel like your identity is getting lost in the concrete jungle, then this is the ideal memento to take you back down memory lane.

#12 BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Fire Pit 

BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Fire Pit

Drag down the midday sun to your homestead with one of these impressive works of art. Not only will it help warm up your chilly nights but it will also serve as an exciting addition to an otherwise dreary patio or garden space.

#13 Hidden Angel Fire Pit 

Hidden Angel Fire Pit

Heavily laden with meaning yet outstandingly splendid, this master piece is bound to evoke a deep connection with every keen observer. Whether fired or unlit, it begs for a moment of your time and stirs up profound emotion.

#14 The Dragon Fire Pit

Dragon Fire Pit - Cool Fire pits

Are you an enthusiast of mythical realms and the beings that reign supreme far beyond in the fantasy world? Bring your dreams to life by firing up this life-like dragon and embarking on a trip down fairy-tale lane.

#15 The Druids Dream Fire Bowl 

Druids Dream Fire Bowl

Less is always more as evidenced by this simply designed fire pit sculpted on a base resembling an ancient Oak.

As far as cool fire pits go, this one has a place in the heart of any lover of Mother Nature.

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#16 The Inferno Steel Wood Burning Fore Pit 

Inferno Steel Wood Burning Fore Pit - Cool Fire Pits

Have you been dying to create the most awesome sleepover for your kid’s birthday party and are running out of ideas. This smokeless fire pit was designed just for you and for such a time as this.

#17 The Alhambra Outdoor Fire Pit With Cover 

Alhambra Outdoor Fire Pit With Cover

This ornately designed modern fire pit is simply perfect for the contemporary styled home backyard. If you are a firm believer in “big is beautiful” then this piece was made with you in mind.

#18 The Antler Fire Bowl 

Antler Fire Bowl

Are you longing to create an optical illusion all the while keeping your guests warm all night long?

Go for this articulate design that seems to be suspended on thin air thanks to the delicate antlers below it.

#19 The Santiago Concrete Propane Fire Pit

Santiago Concrete Propane Fire Pit

With this articulate blend of both worlds, you could bring the past back to life in a simple yet extremely elegant manner.

This auto-igniting beauty may just be the missing centerpiece for your garden space.

#20 African Safari Sphere Fire Pit 

African Safari Sphere Fire Pit

The best part about the spherical fire pit is that it can bring to life virtually any concept.

Meet some of Africa’s best kept secrets right in your backyard with this beautiful portrayal of nature at its best.

#21 The 32” Round Rust Anson Fire Pit 

Real Flame 958-GRY Anson Fire Bowl, Gray

They say that the best things in life are free. But for this stroke of genius you might be tempted to sell your own soul just to ensure you bring your nights to life in style.

#22 Red Lake Sphere 

Red Lake Sphere

Do you fancy a special connection with aquatic life or do you simply long for their mouthwatering capabilities? Whichever option you choose, do not forget to take home this sculpted version of life on the Red Lake.

#23 Jag Grill Fire Pit Tables 

Jag Grill Fire Pit Tables

Is there anything in the world more awesome than your 3 favorite things all packed into one? This ingenious assembly calls for a round-the-clock barbecue this and every coming weekend.  

#24 High Mountain Sphere 

High Mountain Sphere

If you love a quiet evening of meditation and getting lost in a world of the imagination, then get yourself one of these cool fire pits to keep you company. The intricate details and amazing complexity in the design are simply spell-binding.

#25 Southampton Teak Indoor-Outdoor Fire Pit 

Southampton Teak Indoor-Outdoor Fire Pit

If you thought that the idea of taking your fire pit with you everywhere you go will forever remain on your wish list, you thought wrong. This innovative design makes it possible to enjoy the best of both the indoor and outdoor world without a single worry about dropping temperatures.

#26 Kwik Pit Traveller Fire Pit  

Kwik Pit Traveller Fire Pit

For everyone who feels like they just cannot have enough of the outdoors, this fast-assembly for pit is a must-have. Take it with you on every expedition and keep the fire going all night long.

#27 Phoenix Blossom Fire Pit 

Phoenix Blossom Fire Pit

Are you working on a collection of uniquely designed home accessories? Then this unusual fire pit design will take your world by storm. The intricately shaped yet highly ornate parts that make the whole are a stunning display of artistic genius.

#28 Round Steel Moon & Star Fire Pit With Cover 

Round Steel Moon & Star Fire Pit With Cover

Do you feel like you have lost touch with the people who matter most to you? Do you long to spend relaxing, quality time with them but lack the energy to venture out? Pick up one of these fire pits and have a blast right in your backyard tonight.

#29 Chappy Teppanyaki Fire Pit 

Chappy Teppanyaki Fire Pit

If you have been looking for the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, look no further than the Chappy Teppanyaki. It’s ability to act as coffee table, grill and fire pit is what makes it one of the most amazing and cool fire pits of all time.

#30 The Ball of Fire Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit 

The Ball of Fire Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit

Much as it is said that looks can be deceiving, this spherical stroke of genius is out to prove the world wrong. It delivers everything it promises, warmth, fiery appeal and sophistication all in one.

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#31 Portable Horse & Forest Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Running Horse Fire Pit - 36 Inch Wood Burning Campfire Ring - Large Round Outdoor Fireplace - Heavy-Duty 0.91mm Thick Metal Firepit - High Temperature Paint

Are you looking for a sturdy yet expedient way to contain your camp fire and avoid a lawsuit?

Then you will certainly fancy this forest-themed portable fire pit that is easy to assemble and conveniently portable.

#32 Sunnydaze Cross Weave Fire Pits  

Sunnydaze Cross Weave Fire Pits

Any stylish modern-day homeowner will agree that you can never go wrong with a cross-weave pattern. It is surprisingly timeless and can be woven into almost any appliance. You want a taste of the trendy pie?

#33 Blaze 37″ Fire Pit

Blaze 37" Fire Pit

There is an undeniable primal appeal that draws even the most sophisticated being to the inviting flames of fire. The fire is contained in an elegant wooden contianer that is carefully fused to form a cascade of pure heat awesomeness

#34 The Brookdale Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit 

The Brookdale Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

The irresistible appeal of curves never goes out of style. You will definitely believe this to be true once you catch sight of this modest yet exceedingly gorgeous portable fire pit.

#35 Blaze Monolith Chiminea Fire Pit 

Blaze Monolith Chiminea Fire Pit

Do you love your fires big and raging and your parties large and memorable? This tower-like power house most certainly defines you in more ways than one. Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impression with one of these unique fire pits.

#36 Fire Globe Fire Pit

Fire Globe Fire Pit

There is nothing more inviting than the dancing flames on a cold and lonely evening.

Trust the irresistible appeal of one of these shapely and extremely cool fire pits to ensure you won’t spend the evening all alone.

#37 Crestone Wood Burning Fire Pit 

restone Wood Burning Fire Pit

This is exactly what you get when you dare to think outside the box when it comes to keeping the family warm, a classic design to keep your fire of love burning all through the cold season.

#38 Uniflame Criss Cross Fire Pit 

Uniflame Criss Cross Fire Pit

When you have friends over and you really want them to stay a little longer, there is no need to cry and beg when you have this remarkable little friend blazing away by the corner of the patio.

#39 Anson Steel Fire Pit

Anson Steel Fire Pit

Here is yet another irrefutable testimony to the simple pleasures of life. For a relaxing evening of roasting s’mores by the poolside, you need to look no further than this lovely bowl of pure steel.

#40 Alien Vs Predator Wood Burning Stoves 

Alien Vs Predator Wood Burning Stoves

Do you have this geeky friend who flat out refuses to leave the safety and comfort of the indoors? Compel them to come out by extending their comfort and warmth to the backyard using this irresistible Alien vs. Predator stove. 

#41 Darth Vader Fire Pit

Darth Vader Fire Pit

Ok, so we decided to add this seriously awesome fire pit to our epic list because we can’t have a list of all the coolest firepits in the world and not include this one from the dark side.

#42 Vizayo Tabletop Fire Pit

Vizayo Tabletop Fire Pit

Bring something new to your table with this tabletop fire pit. It is a brand new fire pit that looks exquisite because it is made of natural stone with a unique pattern. 

Additionally, the crater is environmentally friendly as it only uses bioethanol as the fuel. Thus, the emission from the combustion is harmless. What a perfect fire pot to decorate any corner of your house.

#43 Smokeless Bowl Fire Pit

Kante 25

Want to have a fire pit but don’t like the smoke? Take it easy. Now there is a smokeless fire pit. With stove-like technology, the fire and smoke produced can be controlled. 

And thanks to this, you will have a stable flame that is perfect for enjoying a warm bonfire. The size is ideal for a table fire pit or outdoor décor.

#44 Metal Pinecone Fire Pit

It is impossible to have a cool fire pit than this one. Its shape that resembles a pinecone makes it a perfect centerpiece. Starting a fireplace will be easier because the material is metal which is a good heat conductor. 

Whether you want to take it to the mountain to help you warm your body or just use it at home, this fantastic fire pit is indeed an incredible choice for you.

#45 Pop-up Portable Firepit

Pop-up Portable Firepit

Do you often go on a camping trips with your family? If so, you should consider this pop-up fire pit! It is super lightweight, and you can fold its stand for ease of carriage. Reassembling the pit is also very easy and quick.

Because the whole frame uses a combination of aluminum and stainless steel, this model will not rust. If you love exploring the beach area and having outdoor gatherings by the sea, the fire pit is the best choice. A little salty wind and sand won’t be a problem.

#46 Gas-powered Fire Pit with Wicker Table

Gas-powered Fire Pit with Wicker Table

Trying to get your fire pit burning takes skill! It’s not easy to light up the firewood and coal brisket if you are not used to it. Instead, you can get this gas-powered fire pit for convenience! Just turn the knob on, and the pit will produce smokeless flame instantly. Just connect it with a 20-pound propane tank.

The flame will look just like the one from the regular fire pit, thanks to the glass beads and the metal bowl that disperse the heat. Moreover, the fire pit is integrated within the elegant wicker table. The tank is seamlessly hidden inside the table. It looks neat and stylish, perfect for your patio!

#47 Rectangular Gas-powered Fire Pit

Rectangular Gas-powered Fire Pit

The gas-powered fire pit is just as good as the traditional method, if not better. It is more convenient, and you will get the same flame effect.

If you need a lighter-duty fire pit, you can try this rectangular gas-powered fire pit because it provides white heat coverage despite the sleek design. Comes with wind guards, the flame of this fire pit will always stay stable. It also includes some lava rock for that extra heat distribution.

#48 Portable Propane Fire Pit by Outland Living

Portable Propane Fire Pit by Outland Living

This highly portable propane fire pit will allow you to enjoy some fresh cold air by the lake anytime you want to. It is hassle-free because you do not need to start the fire with woods. Just turn it on, and viola!

Because of its lightweight design, you can lift it up easily and move it around to any spot you want. Bring a friend, turn on the fire pit, and enjoy the fresh outdoor evening atmosphere while sipping on your beer! It’s CSA-approved, so it’s very safe.

#49 Collapsible Stainless Steel Firepit with Grill

Collapsible Stainless Steel Firepit with Grill

Back to the traditional fire pit, we recommend the Snow Peak Takibiki fireplace. Despite its lightweight, collapsible design, this model is super sturdy and relatively rust-resistance because of its stainless steel material.

It comes with a convenient grill that you can put above the pit for some cooking action. It’s definitely something that every camper needs to have. Easy to set up, convenient, and does not take much space to store!

What is a good fire pit?

A good and cool fire pit is one that can meet your needs. For example, if you want to go to the mountains and light a fire there, then a small portable fire pit is best. However, suppose you only need it for home decoration. In that case, some fire pits with aesthetic designs such as custom-made fire pits or tabletop fire pits will be better choices.

How long do fire pits last?

It depends on the capacity of each fire pit. However, usually, the flame can last up to 9 hours. The power of the BTU tank will determine whether or not the fire pits are lit. If you want to have fire pits whose fires are stable and long-lasting, you may want to look at one from our lists, named smokeless bowl fire pit.

With this impressive array of options of cool fire pits you have no excuse whatsoever to miss out on the fun and thrill of an evening outdoors. Give your backyard the centerpiece it deserves and your family the irresistible opportunity to bond that this fiery appeal presents.

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