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Chef N Twist Spiral Slicer

Chef’N Twist Spiral Slicer is a great new way to prepare fruits and veggies by slicing them up in a spiral.

Let me explain. This amazing kitchen gadget lets you peel and shape products into neat-looking “noodles”. Simply put your chosen fruit or vegetable into this interesting kitchen gadget and keep turning until you have enough healthy “noodles”. After you’re finished press the “eject” button and all the unwanted waste will be safely thrown out.

It’s very comfortable and easy to use and what’s important – completely safe. You can choose from three types of blades depending on your current needs. 

So enrich every snack, sandwich, salad or soup to make it look even more appetizing with this cool kitchen gadget that will never make you miss cutting fruits and veggies ever again 

Chef N Twist Spiral Slicer


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