Spillnot Anti-Gravity Mug Carrier

Although spilling figurative tea is popular today, you wouldn’t want to deal with any actual spills. Spillnot Anti-Gravity Mug Carrier keeps the liquids inside your mug through ups and downs.

This carrier was designed for people who tend to spill when carrying their mugs.

It’s a great gift for the elderly and kids. But the physics involved in the working of this carrier makes it fun for anyone to have.

It looks like magic. You swing and rotate this carrier but nothing spills, right? Sorry to break you Potterhead heart but it’s not magic. It’s physics. 

Spillnot Anti-Gravity Mug Carrier

The combination of Newtonian physics and centripetal force make the liquid stay in the cup.

Spillnot Anti-Gravity Mug Carrier

This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to actively push the limits of Spillnot. Especially with hot liquids. Spill only figurative tea.

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