55 Cool & Unique Gifts For Firefighters

A firefighter’s job involves risking their lives to save lives, often going way beyond the call of duty. These thoughtful gifts for firefighters are a great way of showing how much we appreciate their lifesaving work. If you happen to have a partner, parent, sibling or friend who is in this line of duty, take a look at these firefighter gift ideas that are bound to impress them.

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Whether you are looking for sentimental firefighter gifts or memorabilia, we have got you covered.

We have funny firemen gifts for these smoke-jumping heroes that will keep them smiling and stocking stuffers for those special occasions. There are life-saving gifts that will get them out of tight situations and special gifts for a firefighters graduation or retirement.

The Best Firefighter Gift Ideas:

Our selection of firefighter gifts has everything a fireman or woman could ever dream of and much more. Take your time and make the best pick for that special firefighter in your life.

#1 Personalized Firefighters Duffel Bag 

Personalized Firefighters Duffel Bag

Personalized Firefighters Duffel Bag

Here is one of the most thoughtful and practical gifts for firefighters. This personalized duffel bag will be convenient for when they need a change of clothes.

The choice of material, cotton ripstop, guarantees durability. It bears the firefighter insignia, adding lots of meaning to the gesture. Find it Here.

#2 Fireman Gnome 

Fireman Gnome

This is the ideal gift for the fireman or woman in your life who also has a thing for gardening. The fireman gnome looks great alone or together with your existing gnome family.

He is a friendly gnome with an infectious smile. He is always prepared for action with an axe in hand and a hydrant by his side. Find it Here.

#3 Fireman Keychain Gift Set

Firemans Keychain Gift Set

The special firefighter in your life deserves one of these unique firefighter gifts. This gift set comprises a keychain bearing a cutout of the fireman’s cross and a pendant of the same cross.

It has a personalization option to add a sentimental touch. The best part about it is that it holds great value for both firemen and women. Find it Here.

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#4 Fire Escape Shelf 

Fire Escape Shelf

Firefighter gifts do not come any better than the fire escape shelf. It would look great in any apartment regardless of size and décor.

There is no limit to the treasure this shelving unit can hold. From potted plants and family photos to collectibles and candles, the sky is the limit. Find it Here.

#5 Upcycled Fire Hose Cab Coolers 

Upcycled Fire Hose Cab Coolers

Ever fun-loving firefighter would treasure these fire-hose can coolers. They use actual retired fire-hose material making each piece unique in color and markings.

There is a personalization option to add significance to the gift. You could use their initials or those of their department to make it truly memorable. Find it Here.

#6 Awesome Firefighters Coffee Mug 

Awesome Firefighters Coffee Mug

A whimsical mug is what every firefighter needs to make him smile after a long day saving the world. And this is just the mug to make sure it happens.

Choose any custom message to let them know you value their spirit of self-sacrifice. This could be all they need to get through another day. Find it Here.

#7 Firefighters Thin Red Line Hoodie

Firefighters Thin Red Line Hoodie

The thin red line hoodies have all it takes to amaze a firefighter. It is soft and fuzzy, perfect for curling up over the weekend with a good book.

The imagery combines a fireman’s axe and the red line flag and the color combination is unbeatable. This blend of features makes it one of the best stocking stuffers for firefighters. Find it Here.

#8 Firefighter Santa Storage Jar 

Firefighter Santa Storage Jar 

Firefighter Santa goes beyond the obvious to offer a visual feast and functionality in one package. He has a fire hose draped over his shoulder and a fireman’s hat.

But inside he has room for cookies, candy and everything nice. This ceramic jar will create visual interest in any room of choice. Find it Here.

#9 Personalized Firefighters Ring 

Personalized Firefighters Ring

Choosing a ring for your firefighter partner should be a walk in the park. This personalized piece comes in stainless steel and bears a red leather strip. This makes it both stylish and meaningful. What a way to celebrate your union with a firefighter! Find it Here.

#10 World’s Okayest Firefighter T-Shirt 

World’s Okayest Firefighter T-Shirt

Funny firefighter gifts are a great way to acknowledge the crucial role they play. This stylish tee will keep them looking great and give them a reason to smile.

They come in multiple colors to match every personality and taste. And the unisex design makes them perfect for both firemen and women. Find it Here.

#11 Embroidered Red Line Flag Men’s Polo with Red Accents 

Embroidered Red Line Flag Men's Polo with Red Accents

A minimalist firefighter would appreciate this classy polo t-shirt. It bears the signature red line flag and laidback red accents on the collar and sleeves.

It says enough without having to utter a single word. Show them how much you care with one of these gifts for firefighters. Find it Here.

#12 Fire Hose Tool Roll 

Fire Hose Tool Roll

This rugged tool roll is a sure winner for every fireman out there. The material that makes it is a retired fire hose ensuring durability and relevance.

It has 9 slots for handy tools and the roll-up design keeps them secure at all times. This eco-friendly choice uses handcrafting to ensure each piece is unique. Find it Here.

#13 Firefighters Cufflink and Tie Clip Set 

Firefighters Cufflink and Tie Clip Set

Cufflinks featuring the Maltese cross are ideal for dress-up events. They look great and show off your man’s affiliation with the fire department.

This gift set comes complete with a tie clip bearing the emblem. Make him the man of the moment at the next office event with these unique fireman gifts. Find it Here.

#14 Leather Firemans Wallet 

Leather Firemans Wallet

You can never go wrong with a unique wallet when it comes to gifts for men. This RFID fireman wallet is a particularly great choice thanks to its high utility.

The material is genuine leather and guarantees long-lasting performance. Then it bears the Maltese emblem and has a personalization option. Find it Here.

#15 Firefighters Home Decor Wall Sign 

Firefighters Home Decor Wall Sign

Firefighters Home Decor Wall Sign

Take your home décor to the next level with this firefighter home sign. Nothing would feel better for your partner than to come home to this sign.

It comes in the signature red black and white that all firefighters know and love. And above all else, it bears a worthwhile message to warm their heart. Find it Here.

#16 Truckers Friend All-Purpose Survival Tool 

Truckers Friend All-Purpose Survival Tool

Most firefighters are handymen and already have a tool collection. But what makes this one of the best gifts for firefighters is its multi-purpose aspect.

It has a hammer, wrench, axe, glass breaker, code cutter and pry bar among others. With this in hand, your friend or partner in the fire department can get out of any situation. Find it Here.

#17 Firemans Stainless Steel Travel Mug 

Firemans Stainless Steel Travel Mug

What makes this travel mug a great gift choice is its utility for a firefighter. It bears a heavu-duty design with a no-sweat exterior. It has a splash-proof lid and keeps ice for 24 hours.

The design is straw-friendly adding to its convenience. These personalized firefighter gifts hold a custom laser engraving of any message of choice. Find it Here.

#18 Personalised Firefighter Cutting Board 

Personalised Firefighter Cutting Board

Whether a family member just joined the fire department or is set to retire, this cutting board is a remarkable gift choice.

It serves a decorative role perfectly thanks to the high-quality wood and personalized message. But it also holds a functional value for any firefighter who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Find it Here.

#19 Personalized Crossed Axe Firefighter Gift 

Personalized Crossed Axe Firefighter Gift

This is one of the most versatile firefighter gifts ever. It will serve just as well for a promotion as it will for retirement, and everything in between.

It is an appealing display featuring the crossed axe symbol and a plaque highlighting achievements. Handcrafting gives keen attention to detail making each one unique. Find it Here.

#20 Smoke Detector Deactivation Towel 

Smoke Detector Deactivation Towel

Looking for funny firefighter gifts for the whimsical fireman or woman in your life? This towel holds top priority with its witty set of instructions.

It is an exceptional gift in that it will always give the recipient reason to smile. So go on, light up their life with one of these and they will always remember you. Find it Here.

#21 Firefighter Paracord Bracelet 

Firefighter Paracord Bracelet

Let’s face it, firefighters get into a lot more survival and rescue situations than most of us. This makes paracord bracelets great gifts for firefighters graduation.

Apart from functional value, this bracelet holds great visual appeal. It has the Thin Red Line American flag showing its allegiance to the fire department. Find it Here.

#22 American Flag Thin Red Line Wall Decor 

American Flag Thin Red Line Wall Decor

The Thin Red Line American flag makes a great housewarming gift for a fireman or woman. It serves the dual purpose of letting everyone know what they stand for and creating visual appeal.

The design is naturally alluring and what it stands for is even more impressive. Find it Here.

#23 Firefighters Home Decor Family Sign 

Firefighters Home Decor Family Sign

If you’re looking for unique firefighters gifts then consider your search over! This photo sign is as impressive as they come.

It features photos of significant firefighter equipment and your letters of choice in the foreground. The concept holds limitless potential for personalization and will thrill the recipient. Find it Here.

#24 Upcycled Fire Hose Toiletry Bag 

Upcycled Fire Hose Toiletry Bag

Indestructible gifts are few and far between but this toiletry bag offers that and much more. It uses upcycled fire hose material to ensure great quality.

The fabric holds lots of significance for every firefighter and will make the gift memorable. It is rugged and stylish, an impressive choice for someone special. Find it Here.

#25 Instant Firefighter Coffee Mug 

Instant Firefighter Coffee Mug

This funny coffee mug is one of the most amusing gifts for firefighters who love coffee. It is simple yet full of positive energy thanks to the promise of coffee and the text it bears.

When the going gets tough, all they have to do is brew a fresh one, take one look at the mug, and all will be well. Find it Here.

#26 This Guy Is a Firefighter T-Shirt 

This Guy Is a Firefighter T-Shirt

Get straight to the point with this simple yet witty t-shirt design. It is an appropriate gift choice for him to wear on the weekends. It is stylish, witty, and comes in all rainbow colors.

This offers an endless list of options when it comes to personal favorites. If he happens to be single, this stylish tee adds to his magnetic appeal. Find it Here.

#27 Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchets 

Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchets

Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchets

Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchets

Few fireman gifts can match the functionality and sentimental value of these personalized hatchets. This is a must-have for every firefighter, and we all know, they can never have too many of them.

Make him proud of his career choice with one of these handy axes. Find it Here.

#28 You Light My Fire Paperweight 

You Light My Fire Paperweight

If the firefighter in your life also happens to be your significant other, then here is a killer gift.

This paperweight employs a witty play on words alluding to their career and your relationship. Isn’t this a brilliant way to say I love you?  But please remind them not to put this particular fire out. Find it Here.

#29 Trust Me I’m a Firefighter T-Shirt 

Trust Me I’m a Firefighter T-Shirt

There’s something about firefighters that makes them irresistible. If the one in your life is yet to find a soulmate, then here is a way to get them going.

It looks great and has a way to spread good cheer. It makes it so much easier for them to find the perfect catch. Find it Here.

#30 Firefighter Maltese Cross Necklace 

Firefighter Maltese Cross Necklace

The Maltese cross is an obvious favorite for firefighter gift ideas. But this pendant offers so much more than a conventional gift choice.

It has an extra flair thanks to the crossed axes that find the perfect spot in the nooks of the cross. it is also textured, making it that much more special. Find it Here.

#31 Stylish Firefighter Bracelet 

Stylish Firefighter Bracelet

Minimalists are the toughest to please. But have no fear, no one can say no to this firefighter bracelet. It comprises a leather band, bronze clasp and an aluminum plate for a personalized message.

Choose from a wide variety of leather colors to get the one that most suits their style. Find it Here.

#32 Trademark Global Fire Fighter Wall Clock 

Trademark Global Fire Fighter Wall Clock

Do not underestimate the firefighter touch on an ordinary wall clock. The Maltese emblem transforms this clock into a firefighter’s favorite.

It comes in all red with black hands and white time markers. It goes way past functionality, adding great visual appeal and sentimental value to their life. Find it Here.

#33 Keep Calm And Let Me Save Your Kitty Mug 

Keep Calm And Let Me Save Your Kitty Mug

You can never go wrong with the “keep calm” concept, even on a firefighter gift. This mug will make any fireman or woman smile.

And the best part is that they get to see and use it every day, making the smile a part of their life. You could opt for a custom message to make it more significant. Find it Here.

#34 Couples Firefighters T-Shirts 

Couples Firefighters T-Shirts

These matching couples t-shirts are the kind of gift that keeps giving. They will certainly amaze your fireman husband. But they also give you the chance to show him off to the world.

More importantly, you get to mark your territory, getting all other girls to keep off. Find it Here.

#35 Firemen Helmet Sculpture 

Firemen Helmet Sculpture

This is the ultimate collectable for any firefighter to add to their display. It is the sculpture of a Merryweather helmet from the Victorian era.

It holds lots of sentimental value and meaning for anyone in this line of duty. The reproduction is precise and true to the original design. Find it Here.

#36 Thin Red Line American Flag Watch Box 

Thin Red Line American Flag Watch Box

Thin Red Line American Flag Watch Box

Thin Red Line American Flag Watch Box

The Thin Red Line American flag is a notable way for firefighters to honor those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

This makes it one of the most significant gifts for firefighters. In this case, it graces the top of a watch box. You can get the fireman’s prayer inside the cover to make it even more meaningful. Find it Here.

#37 Custom Made Firefighters Pocket Watch 

Custom Made Firefighters Pocket Watch

Nothing can beat the firefighters pocket watch when it comes to antique appeal. The top bears the Maltese emblem while the inside has a vintage analog watch.

Add to the sentimental value of the gift with a photo of anyone near and dear to the firefighter. It comes with a long chain necklace and upgrade options to belt clip chain. Find it Here.

#38 Men’s Thin Red Line Flag Baseball Cap 

Men's Thin Red Line Flag Baseball Cap

Men's Thin Red Line Flag Baseball Cap

Every fireman who also happens to love baseball deserves one of these. It’s a classy baseball cap with the Thin Red Line American flag on the front.

It also has a stylish embroidery patch on the visor and a mesh back. This denim cap will never go out of style and will keep him comfortable no matter the season. Find it Here.

#39 Maltese Cross Skull Firefighter Hoodie 

Maltese Cross Skull Firefighter Hoodie

Take your fireman buddy ahead of the hype with the skull hoodie. It sports a chic version of the Maltese cross with a skull in the middle.

It’s a heavy blend that will keep him warm during cool evenings but cozy enough for a relaxing experience. The front print is small and more laidback while the back commands attention.

Find it Here.

#40 Personalized Custom Made Fireman Sign 

Personalized Custom Made Fireman Sign

Nothing compares to this custom fireman sign when it comes to rustic gifts for vintage style lovers. It is a custom wooden sign for a family firehouse offering a custom appeal for a special recipient.

The distressed design makes it authentic and adds to the visual interest and uniqueness. Find it Here.

#41 Firefighter Husband and Wife Keychain Necklace Set

Firefighter Husband and Wife Keychain Necklace Set

Love brewed in the fire department is usually blazing hot! Celebrate you firefighter partner with one of these innovative sets. Consisting of a keychain and necklace pendant, it makes perfect use of symbolism to capture your relationship.

The keychain tag has the Maltese Cross cut out of it, and the cutout makes the necklace pendant. Cool, right? Find it Here.

#42 Firefighter Turn-out Gear Tan Station Blanket

Firefighter Turn-out Gear Tan Station Blanket

You can never go wrong with a useful gift choice that will offer practical value for a firefighter. This warm blanket will be their favorite companion during long nights on the job.

It is also likely to become the talk of the fire station. A personalization aspect adds a ton of sentimental value to the gift choice. Find it Here.

#43 Personalized Aluminum Firefighter Sign

Personalized Aluminum Firefighter Sign

How about a unique décor piece to introduce an artistic touch to his man cave? Not only does it show great attention to detail, but it also lets you add a personal detail.

Choose between a powder coat finish and brushed aluminum, to match your recipient’s tastes. Find it Here.

#44 Firefighter Diaper Bag

Firefighter Diaper Bag

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby in your favorite firefighter’s family? Here is a gift choice that will touch their heart. Every mom needs a diaper bag, but this one takes things to the next level.

Both the material choice and design get inspiration from firefighter gear. It could be the perfect way to get the new baby started off on the right career path. Find it Here.

#45 Customizable Firefighter Bracelet

Customizable Firefighter Bracelet

Add some sparkle to a firefighter’s look with this meticulously detailed bracelet. It comes in brass with sterling silver plating.

Thanks to its innovative design, it would make the perfect keepsake for that special person. Complete the appeal with a personalized detail and your recipient might never want to take it off. Find it Here.

#46 Personalized Firefighter Blanket

Personalized Firefighter Blanket

Whether you are celebrating a fireman’s retirement or housewarming, this is one gift that will provide timeless appeal.

Perfect for use both at home and on the station bunker, the warm comforter is perfect showing your firefighter pride. It is outstanding, captivating and unique, and it also offers tons of functionality. Find it Here.

#47 Firefighters Prayer Engraved Wallet Insert

Firefighters Prayer Engraved Wallet Insert Nothing holds quite as much meaning to a fireman than the touching firefighter’s prayer. Bearing a portion of those powerful words, this aluminum wallet insert would make a timeless gift for a fireman.

It combines the sentiment in the prayer with a heartfelt personal line, and a Maltese Cross cutout. Find it Here.

#48 Thin Red Line Personalized Firefighter Necklace

Thin Red Line Personalized Firefighter Necklace

Keep it simple and elegant with this personalized gift for a firewoman. Though it might look like any other classy necklace, it holds volumes of meaning.

The bar pendant bears the thin red line, representing those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Add to this the recipient’s badge number and you will have her weeping for joy! Find it Here.

#49 Firefighter Engraved Paracord Bracelet

Firefighter Engraved Paracord Bracelet

A Maltese Cross adds meaning to this paracord bracelet making it ideal for that special firefighter. It comes in an elegant combination of black and red, with the latter holding symbolic appeal as the thin red line.

More importantly, this simple gift choice can get your recipient out of harm’s way, given the usefulness of paracord. Find it Here.

#50 Dog’s Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Garden Art

Dog's Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Garden Art

Does the fireman in your life also have a soft spot for gardening? If so, they would truly appreciate this garden art piece. We all know just how much dogs love to mark territory on fire hydrants.

Well, it also happens to be a favorite for every firefighter, given its life-saving potential. Find it Here.

#51 Fireman Glove Strap

Fireman Glove Strap

Your firefighting superhero might already have more than enough pairs of gloves. But what they might not have is a perfect glove strap to add functional value to their gloves.

These tamers come in high quality leather with high grade Velcro for fastening. Incorporate your recipient’s name to make it a truly special gift. Find it Here.

#52 Firefighter Leggings


How about an opportunity to show off a firewoman’s curves and love for the job? The design on these leggings features the thin red line American flag.

Sporting as much visual appeal as it does sentimental value, it is an incredible choice to let her know how much you appreciate them. Find it Here.

#53 Custom Leather Firefighter Suspenders

Custom Leather Firefighter Suspenders

Remember the good old days when firefighters wore suspenders? Well, you can bring back those simple times with one of these creative gifts for firefighters.

Sporting heavy duty leather, rivets and welded rings, they can stand the tough job description of a fireman. Personalized touches make them all the more special. Find it Here.

#54 Sterling Silver Firefighter Thin Red Line Bracelet

Sterling Silver Firefighter Thin Red Line Bracelet

Created to honor the bravery of firefighters, this minimalistic bracelet is full of meaning. It is a dainty silver piece with a thin red line.

To complete its allure, it has a custom name and badge number for personalization. Alternatively, you could add a message on the inside to make it even more meaningful. Find it Here.

#55 American Flag with Thin Red Line Trail Tumbler

American Flag with Thin Red Line Trail Tumbler

In their efforts to help people out of emergency situations, firefighters are constantly on the go. To make their job a tad easier, this insulated tumbler keeps their coffee hot.

A laser-etched thin red line American flag adds sentimental appeal to the functional aspect. And to cap it all up, you can add their name or other text to the bottom. Find it Here.

Turns out that pleasing a firefighter does not have to be so difficult after all! We hope you enjoyed our list of gifts for firefighters and can now make the best choice to show them how much you appreciate them.

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