Kink Proof Garden Hose

This Kink Proof Garden Hose By Tuff-Guard keeps the flow of the water going even while being tied into a knot.

Anyone who had to deal with garden hoses once in awhile knows it’s not an easy task. Well, it is, until the water flow gets cut off. It can happen for a variety of reasons.

From you bending the hose at an odd angle to the hose being squeezed by a nearby door or boulder or whatever else you’ve got in your surrounding. But now it’s not going to be a problem with this kink proof garden hose.

This garden hose has got thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tube which drastically increases its flexibility. Said flexibility goes hand in hand with the hose’s strength due to two-ply spiral polyester fiber in the internal braided core. 

Kink Proof Garden Hose

You might also notice the polypropylene double helix coils around the hose’s surface. Those were added to maintain the water flow even when the mood hits you to tie the hose into a knot.

Kink Proof Garden Hose

This means that you can roam garden freely from now on without worrying about kinks and twists interrupting your watering fun. Finally.

Kink Proof Garden Hose

If you hate being interrupted during watering, having to bend to untangle or move the hose, and generally want to have an easier life, this kink proof garden hose is the one for you. 

Kink Proof Garden Hose

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