Pattern Paint Rollers

These Pattern Paint Rollers can breathe new life into your bare walls, simple furniture, and even old fabric. Having painted walls in your house might suit some people, but sometimes you just want to redecorate and liven up space.

You could opt in for completely repainting them in another color. Or reach for the good old-fashioned wallpapers. But that might be too much hassle. Instead, your creative nature should reach for the pattern paint rollers.

The creator of these pattern paint rollers was inspired by the same devices used in Romania. But thanks to some adjustments made to the original design, you now get lightweight, easy-to-use rollers that feature a wide variety of patterns.

The rollers consist of two parts – the foam and the patterned roller. The foam roller transfers a thin layer of paint onto the patterned one, and that’s how the magic happens. 

These patterns especially suit old walls but will also look incredibly well on any other kind of surface.

Pattern Paint Rollers

If you want to give your walls, furniture, or fabric a new life, these patterned paint rollers are the way to go. Turn your old coffee table into a charming eye-catching piece of interior.

Pattern Paint Rollers

Want to give your beaten up curtains a new look? How about painting them in an amazing floral pattern. If you want to make an accent wall in your room, why not go for a beautiful bird pattern instead of expensive wallpaper?

Pattern Paint Rollers

The point is, with these pattern paint rollers you can transform your living space and have immense fun while doing that. 

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