25 Cool Dartboard Games for A Fun Weekend Gathering

Planning on a fun weekend gathering with friends and family? Make sure that your weekend is fun by preparing something exciting for them. Whether it’s the soul food that everyone likes or the game board that can enliven the atmosphere, you would want to have something to make the weekend to be enjoyable for everyone, right? A fun game is something that you must have, and a cool dartboard is definitely one of the top game board suggestions from us.

In dartboard game, everyone can play along, conduct a small competition, and put a little fun bet for food or singing punishment. And to create that entertaining mood, you should look for an impressive dartboard to play. We can understand if you find it challenging to find the best dartboards out there.

So, we have created a list full of 25 cool dartboard games for you to consider. Let’s check out the one that catches your attention!

What Are Different Types of Dartboards?

There are two different types of dartboards, bristle dartboard and electronic dartboard.

Bristle dartboard is usually used for tournaments and played by people who are serious about the game. It has sharp darts, so it needs extra attention to play with, while electronic dartboard mainly, if not all, come with plastic with soft-tipped darts. This board is great for amateurs or occasional players.

Cool Dartboard for Fun Weekend Party

When the weekend hits, nothing spells fun like the nostalgic thud of darts hitting a board amidst laughter and cheers. But forget the age-old, worn-out dartboards of yesteryears. Today, the dart game has leveled up with boards that aren’t just about aiming, but amplifying the fun.

Dive into our list to discover the coolest dartboards that promise to be the life of your next weekend bash!

1. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard

Dart games enthusiasts wouldn’t miss the latest dartboard. The Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core is the newest cool dartboard from Winmau and the world’s most advanced dartboard at the same time.

The dual-core technology allows the dart to bounce out less and increases the player’s scoring rate. Also, we think that this cool dart board is great for tournament practice or very competitive weekend games.

2. Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard

Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard

Another recommendation of dartboard from Winmau, we have the Diamond Plus Dartboard, which is the official tournament bristle made from sisal fibers. It features a diamond-shaped wire that prevents bounce out.

It has a staple-free bullseye that is perfect for maximum scoring. If your friends want to try the tournament-like dart game, then we suggest that you hang this cool dartboard on your wall.

3. Dart Toys for Kids

Dart Toys for Kids

If your weekend gathering involves kids in the family joining the fun, we believe this dart toys board is the best pick. Without a doubt, it is the safest dartboard for children. It uses sticky balls made from plastic to score points instead of sharp darts.

So, let’s stimulate children’s eyes and hands coordination by playing this game. After all, a weekend gathering can also include something to learn for the kids, right? You can hang this cool dart game inside your house or in a big tree backyard. 

4. Baseball Dartboard

cool dartboards

The perfect dartboard for baseball lovers is here! If you want to add double fun games to your weekend gathering, then we recommend this unique baseball dartboard game.

For your information, this cool game uses the stadium blueprint as its inspiration, so it can create a real game vibe to enjoy by everybody! It comes with three darts inside the package, and remember to read the game instructions carefully, and hit a home run.

5. Golf Game Dartboard

cool dartboards

Next up, we have found a new way to play a golf game in your garage. If it’s impossible for you to hold a fun weekend gathering at a golf course, then this one can be a great option to pick.

Nope, we’re not talking about the putt-putt, but we talk about this excellent golf game dartboard. The golf-inspired board fits whether a small or large number of people, and you can make your own competition with fun prizes. What a fun game for your upcoming weekend gathering, right?

6. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard

A big playing area with an extra sticky surface is an ideal dartboard for any player. This Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 has a long list of games, including seven cricket games, which will be super entertaining many people.

It uses Nylon Tough Segments that have proven the best durability through the years. However, we suggest spending on this cool dartboard if you have an extra budget for a compact electronic dartboard.

7. Magnetic Chess and Dartboard Kit

cool dartboards

This Magnetic Chess and Dartboard Kit is a practical wall dartboard, which we think will make a perfect dartboard for a fun weekend gathering. It comes in a tube with all parts of the two games, which are chess and dartboard.

You don’t need a long time to set up the dartboard because it’s a portable board game with easy installation. In our opinion, it is a great portable game option, especially if you want to change your weekend gathering location, from garage to backyard, perhaps?

8. Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Dartboard

Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Dartboard

Like a bristle dartboard, the Illuminator 3.0 Dartboard has its own cabinet. It stores six soft-tipped darts on the left and right sides of the cabinet. Not only do the numbers light up during scoring, but it also has thirteen dedicated lights-up games.

If you are spending your weekend with your buddies who love dart game as much as you do, then we highly suggest that you consider this cool dartboard to be part of the excitement. This dartboard has its way to spice up the games with its heckler features.

9. Spider 360 2000 Series

Spider 360 2000 Series

Do you think about a regular dart game? If you do, then perhaps you should invest in this Spider 360 2000 series electronic dartboard. The standing electronic dartboard numbers out any board game in any weekend gathering.

It has plenty of fun games, playing against the computer option, and an online global ranking system. Let’s see who’ll rank higher by the end of the month.

10. Viper ION Illuminated Dartboard

cool dartboards

This ION Illuminated Dartboard from Viper will surely light up your weekend dart game session with your pals. Being a more hi-tech option of a dartboard, it has built-in LED lights on the segments on scoring.

Since it’s a group game, you can also recruit eight players for a multiplayer game with this cool dartboard. With such feature, we believe that there is no more waiting for a long time to be in the game. To create more fun, make sure you include some bottles of beer into the excitement.

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11. Nodor Supawire 2 Dartboard

cool dartboards

You should try the regulation-sized dartboard endorsed by the American Dart Organization for dart tournaments. This dartboard will make you feel like a professional player even when you are actually an amateur or first-timer. The number rings are movable so that you can arrange them for a longer playing life.

In our opinion, this dartboard will become a fun yet serious game to play during a fun weekend gathering. But if and your friends love dartboard game and wanting to improve your skills, then this board will be your best pick.

12. Barrington 40” Dartboard Cabinet Set

cool dartboards

If your living room needs something nice on its wall, then you should consider this 40” Dartboard Cabinet Set. When no one plays the dartboard, it looks impressive as a wall decoration.

Also, when the weekend comes, this wooden ornament becomes alive and brings fun to everyone. Moreover, it has three built-in LED lights to help players see the target easier.

13. Costway Professional Electronic Dartboard

cool dartboards

How about a cool electronic dartboard with wings on both sides? If you ask us, we would definitely say yes! Here we have one of the best dartboards for that. This Costway Electronic Dartboard comes with attached cabinet doors, making it look cool to be placed on your wall.

It uses a heavy-duty plastic cabinet that includes 12 soft-tip darts. Moreover, it also has a sleep mode or power-saving features that automatically turns on when no key press or dart throw in ten minutes.

14. TG Solid Wood Dart Cabinet Set

cool dartboards

A lovely solid pinewood dartboard cabinet will enhance any room’s wall in your house. In our opinion, this is the perfect dartboard for those who love classic-looking game that will also make a great wall décor item.

It uses self-healing sisal fibers that lessen darts bounce out, and it provides a huge playing surface that comes with six steel tip darts. Plus, it gets you an out chart and dry-erase scoreboard on cabinet doors, so you’re ready for a game.

15. Turnart Electronic Dartboard

Turnart Electronic Dartboard

The Turnart Electronic Dartboard provides lighting segments to make games more fun. It has five-level games to go against the computer, starting from beginner to professional level.

It also includes unique games like moving target games that pick everyone’s interest. Moreover, the best part about this game is that it offers a two-year warranty and lifetime customer service after the purchase.

16. Hilitand Electronic Dartboard

cool dartboards

This Hilitand Electronic Dartboard has a unique shape & design that differentiates it from other similar boards. It allows multiplayer games up to eight players, making it a perfect game to play with the whole crew.

In our opinion, this cool dartboard is perfect for a weekend gathering where everyone wants to play together. Even better, it also features 4 LED displays that would be helpful in counting scores.

17. Reversible Magnetic Dartboard

Reversible Magnetic Dartboard

You know it’s the best deal when you can have a complete set of double-sided magnetic dartboard in one purchase. It allows many people to join the game with twelve magnetic darts and eight sticky balls in four different colors.

If you are looking for an all-in-one game for an exciting weekend gathering, we thing you just found one right here. In addition, you will be at ease about having holes in your wall if someone misses their darts.

18. Barrington Prescott Collection Cabinet Set

cool dartboards

Get high-quality pinewood in your living room with this magnificent Barrington Prescott Dartboard Cabinet Set. It has a beautiful design that looks like artistic decoration. So more than just a board game, it also make a perfect aesthetic home décor item.

It uses heavy-duty steel support poles that add modern minimalist furniture looks to the board game. Also, this big and thick bristle board will be the cool dartboard that everyone envies.

19. Derbyshire Dartboard Cabinet Set

Derbyshire Dartboard Cabinet Set

We could say this Derbyshire bristle dartboard is the complete set you could buy online. It comes with a cabinet, six deluxe steel-tipped darts, two pcs of chalk, an eraser, and mounting hardware.

You just need to mount the board, then play, as easy as that. The sisal board heals itself when you remove darts from the segments. It also uses a heavy-duty steel spider for extended durability.

20. Dart Wall Décor

Dart Wall Décor

Moving on to the next item on the list, we’re very excited to present you with this cool dartboard. It is a marvelous artistic piece that dominates your living room, but it works well as a dartboard, too.

This dartboard will be the giant functional board in any weekend game. Even though it principally serves as a decoration, it comes with a triple steel pointed dart set. So, you can still expect some fun gaming time with this one.

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21. Monochrome Belgian Dartboard

Monochrome Belgian Dart

You can start to spare space for this unique dartboard, because we think this dartboard deserves a special spot inside your house. This dartboard is a delicate handmade Belgian Dartboard, making it a valuable piece to own.

It uses a good grade of basswood with polished solid brass, making an excellent finished appearance. It also looks minimalistic chic with the monochrome design. Moreover, it claims to be a double-sided dartboard with in-lay brass scoring rings.

22. Super Magnetic Dartboard

Super Magnetic Dart

Another danger-free dartboard with a powerful magnet is ready to bring some fun elements to your weekend gathering. It comes with six magnetic darts in two different colors, which are red and green. Being a simple and light dartboard to pick, this dartboard is very easy to install with a keyhole slot on the backside. 

It can be easily moved to different spots, which will surely bring some fun to every place during your weekend gathering. Moreover, if you are thinking of holding a gathering some place else than home, you can easily bring this board along.

Pretty handy, right?

23. Dartboard with Brass Darts Set

Dart with Brass Darts Set

If you’re thinking of purchasing a few dartboards for your weekend game, we think that you might want to consider this next recommendation. In our opinion, this super affordable dartboard with a dart set is the answer.

At a cheaper price, you can get a dartboard with six brass darts in two flags design, American and Croatian flags. With this dartboard, you can host a few dart games at the same time.

24. Arsenal FC Dartboard

Arsenal FC dart

Do you expect an Arsenal football match night on your next weekend gathering? If you do, then we believe that this Arsenal FC Dartboard will thrill every The Gunners fan. The red dartboard comes with a cabinet and two sets of darts and flights, a complete dartboard for true Arsenal fans.

You can bet on snacks and beers for the night match on the dart game. Also, planning on having two exciting games in a day? Why not? In the end, what a great weekend with your buddies.

25. Personalized Printed Dartboard

Personalized Printed dart

Surprise your playful friend or jokester brother with this Personalized Printer Dartboard at the weekend gathering. You can send their best smiling picture and get it printed on the dartboard.

It comes with six magnetic darts, encouraging everyone to throw the darts to their face safely. With this personalized cool dartboard, we believe without a doubt that some big laughs will fill your weekend.

Final Thoughts

Dartboard game is without a doubt one of the most classic games that will never get old. It has become a favorite game for many years, and today many dartboards with more features have been created, giving you more options of game variations to play with your friends and family.

Make sure your weekend gathering is full of excitements, and you can definitely include a fun dartboard game into the agenda. Instead of choosing the standard ones, you can choose a cool dartboard from our list. We believe you will have an unforgettable weekend gathering if you pick the perfect dartboard.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What dartboard is the best?

We can say the best dartboard is the one that fulfills your needs and gives satisfaction in terms of its functions and aesthetic points.

If you’re just looking for casual games on the weekends, then the electronic dartboard like the electronic with built-in LED or a lightweight dartboard like the reversible magnetic dartboard will be the best for you. 

Are electronic dartboards good?

Yes. Electronic dartboards are outstandingly good, especially for people who only play for fun and cannot keep an eye for scoring. They also provide many games, including crickets to play.

Electronic dartboard come with soft tip darts, so it’s safe for children to join the fun. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is the perfect choice for the best electronic dartboard.

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