USB Light Socket Phone Charger

The USB Light Socket Phone Charger can turn any lamp into a USB port for you to charge phones, tablets, e-readers, the list can go on and on.

This cool home gadget is something you have never thought about, but now that you know about it you probably desperately want to have it.

This socket is extremely easy to use, just screw it into the lamp socket where the light bulb usually goes, and then screw  the said light bulb into it.

It is compatible with most standard lamps, can turn the lamp on and off with a simple switch and will charge the device of your choosing even when the lamp isn’t on. 

Where would you use it? Connect it to your bedside lamp to be able to use your phone in bed, or near your couch, or lounging chair or anywhere really. You could even take it with you on a trip to have an extra charging option. The choice is yours.

USB Light Socket Phone Charger

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