25 Best Ideas To Help You Choose The Gifts for Priest

If you’re currently thinking about the best gift for a special Priest, who has been supporting and helping you go through many important moments in your life, then you might want to consider a gift that is thoughtful and meaningful. Adding a personal Thank You Card in your handwriting will also add a sweet touch. It shows how much you are grateful for all his support throughout the years.

The best gifts for priest are sometimes out of the box. It doesn’t have to be something religious, but it can also be something practical and useful for his daily activities. We have gathered 25 of the best gifts for priests below.

In case you need inspiration pick the perfect gift for a wonderful priest in your life.

Memorable Gifts for Priest You Can Buy

Giving gifts for priest doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. The most important thing is your intention to make your favorite priest happy receiving your present. In this case, we have sourced the websites to find the most stunning and memorable gifts for priest you will find exciting. Interested? Let’s dive in!

1. Personalized Journal

gifts for priest

With a tight schedule every day, a priest would need a nice journal to help him keep track of his schedule. That’s why this personalized journal can be a useful gift for your wonderful priest.

It has a collection of color options and allows personalization, so you can engrave the priest’s name on the journal and make it one of the best gifts for priest. We also recommend including a pen so he can use it straight away after unwrapping the present.

2. Holy Rosary Watch

Holy Rosary Watch

A watch is considered one of the nicest gifts for anyone on any occasion. It also applies to a special priest in your life. This watch isn’t just your everyday watch because it has an image of the Holy Rosary.

No wonder that this stunning watch will constantly remind the receiver of how awesome the Lord Jesus Christ is. If your favorite priest loves something classy, we recommend choosing the chain band instead of the leather one.

3. Handmade Large Olive Wood Rosary

Handmade Large Olive Wood Rosary

A Rosary will always be one of the best gifts for priest. This Olive Wood Rosary is handcrafted in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and made of the Olive Tree. And you know what? This Rosary also has a great aroma smell of Olive Wood. 

Your favorite price can bring one with him to have a Sunday prayer at the Church. He may also wear one as a necklace to enhance its appeal and prevent the rosary from falling unnoticed.

4. Stacked Wooden Cross 3D Table Art

gifts for priest

This Stacked Wooden Cross 3D is a beautiful piece of art that you can choose as a gift for a special priest in your life. This beautiful cross consists of 8 separate cross laser-cutouts in multiple colors, which makes them a beautiful piece of wall or table decoration.

To highlight the awesome layering design, it will be better to hang this stacked wooden cross on white or neutral-colored walls. You can have one in your room to decorate the void space. But we prefer to feature the cross in the living room to emphasize the religious identity of your family.

5. Cross Wood Beaded Garland

gifts for priest

This 100% handmade Cross Wood Beaded Garland is the perfect piece of decoration that will definitely complete the look of your special priest’s home to remind him of the love of Jesus Christ.

This beautiful piece can be one of the best gifts for priest as it is furnished with muted-toned wooden beads and three faux pearls beads. He can bring one to replace his rosary or simply make it a whimsical decoration.

6. Olive Wood Cross

gifts for priest

Being a special priest who has been supporting you during many of your important moments in life, he deserves a gift. Consider one that resembles the moments of suffering, triumph, and victory for every priest in a delicate way, which is through this stunning Olive Wood Cross.

This exquisite cross is a handmade piece by families of wood carvers from Jerusalem and Bethlehem, making this object feel to have more religious value. He can hang one in his room or living room to show his love for his God.

7. Personalized Cross Bracelet 

gifts for priest

This personalized bracelet can add a sleek and fashionable look to your special priest’s appearance, still in a religious way. This bracelet will be the best gift for a priest, knowing it has a cross mark he will surely adore.

In addition, you can add a personal message on the inner side of the bracelet to convey how much you appreciate his dedication to helping you get closer to the Lord. Consider wrapping the gift with a wooden box to make it more special.

8. Cross Snapback Christian Hat

gifts for priest

This hat will be a nice companion for a casual day at the park after your special priest’s long day at work. It comes in various colors, and the same cross is printed on the front side of this hat.

We recommend choosing neutral tones if your favorite priest doesn’t love to look striking that can capture attention. Meanwhile, pick vibrant colors for those cheerful priests in your life. Your special priest will be happy to receive this adorable gift from you.

9. A Truly Best Priest Mug

gifts for priest

Give your special priest a more cheerful morning coffee session with this ‘A Truly Best Priest’ mug. This will definitely give him the required push to start the day with positivity and faith, especially for those who must have a sip to make them wide awake.

We recommend wrapping this lovely mug with a note where you can express your gratitude to have someone who guides you towards the faithful journey. In addition, you can consider giving his favorite coffee brand to complete this gift set.

10. World’s Best Priest Tumbler

gifts for priest

This adorable tumbler is certainly one of the best gifts for priest. The sleek design and printed wording will remind your special priest of how special he is and how he has helped many people in living their life based on faith in God Almighty.

Whether it’s coffee or tea, this tumbler is the perfect companion for drinking on the go. Try to wrap this mug with his favorite beverages, like coffee or tea brands, so he can brew his hot drink while enjoying his weekend.

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11. Bible Emergency Number Pillow Case

Bible Emergency Number Pillow Case

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your special priest, unlike other gifts out there, this pillowcase is the right pick for you. This cool and unique pillowcase features a list of solutions in the Bible that he can rely on whenever he feels worried, in danger, distant, and many more.

This kind of gift is helpful to remind him that he is with God all the time. As for the function, the pillowcase features a beige to brown color that will make a perfect fit for any home interior. He can use it for the pillows on his sofa or take it along the trip to ensure his comfy sleep.

12. Beautiful Cross Keychain

Beautiful Cross Keychain

Your special priest doesn’t have to worry about losing keys anymore. This beautiful Cross keychain will keep his keys secure and well-kept at all times. The simple design features a minimalist image that includes the word ‘Hope’ to remind him never to stop hoping for the best for everyone he cares for.

Moreover, the cross marking truly emphasizes his faith towards Christ and makes him looks as a true believer. If your special priest loves anything fancy, the gold one is the right pick. Meanwhile, the silver tone is for those who don’t like flashy items.

13. Customized Bible Quotes UV Phone Sanitizer

Customized Bible Verse Quotes UV Phone Sanitizer

Add a digital touch to your special priest’s life by giving gems this customized Bible verse quotes, UV phone sanitizer, and wireless charging pad. This cool device can clean up to 99% of harmful microorganisms on his mobile phone in just 90 seconds to 5 minutes of duration options.

And even more interesting, it has a 5W wireless charging feature that will work with any plastic phone case. Knowing its simple design, your priest can have one on his nightstand and bring it wherever he needs to sanitize his phone.

14. Jesus and Coffee Spoon

Jesus and Coffee Spoon

Everyone loves coffee, and probably your special priest, too! This is one of the unique gifts for priests that will give them an enjoyable coffee time with an engraved spoon that says “Jesus & Coffee” with a little heart and coffee on it. 

Besides being a useful item for mixing coffee and sip it, this spoon will make adorable decorations in his kitchen. We recommend hanging some of the spoons on the walls while ensuring the marking are showing. You can also wrap the spoon with a mug we have on our previous list.

15. Inkstone Proverbs 3:5 Engraved Gift Pen

Inkstone Proverbs 3:5 Engraved Gift Pen

This exclusive pen features the “Proverbs 3:5” engraving that makes it a wonderful religious gift for a special priest in your life. Coming in a luxurious pen box, this personalized engraved pen will be one of the best gifts for priests, plus a useful gift that he can use for many years to come.

Having such a bold design, your priest can bring this pen to make notes on the contents of the weekly lectures that will be delivered in front of the congregation. Besides that, it may help him to sign the document whenever he needs to.

16. Priest T-Shirt

Priest T-Shirt

This t-shirt offers a funny and unique design that will bring a smile to the face of your favorite priest. This t-shirt will definitely be the t-shirt to wear for any casual gatherings, to remind everyone about how cool it is to be a priest who can help many people.

Not to mention the fact that he is also an amazing and incredible kind of priest. Your job is to choose the color that suits his personality. Consider having one with cheerful tones for your vibrant priest, while the darker or neutral shades are make a perfect match for those shy ones.

17. Wooden Faith Box with LED Light

Wooden Faith Box with LED Light

This Wooden Faith Box with LED Light is one of those religious gifts that will be adored for a very long time. As one of the best gifts for priests, this item features a switch that works great when you press the button.

The light will create the shadows of 3 crosses apart and remind him of the great sacrifice Christ made on the cross. With the dramatic effect, your priest can display this LED light as home decoration in his room or living room.

18. Vintage Compass with Engraved Scripture Quote

Vintage Compass with Engraved Scripture Quote

This vintage compass includes an engraved scripture quote combined into one compact compass that your favorite priest can carry in his bag wherever he goes. This directional magnetic compass features an antiquated brass finish with quotes to remind him that “Your God Will Be with You Wherever You Go.”

If you wish to give this whimsical compass to your priest, we recommend having it wrapped in a wooden box. Then, surprise him on Christmas, his birthday, Easter, or any religious occasion. Also, don’t forget to tuck a note to write your heartwarming message for him.

19. Roman Table Cross with Words of Encouragement

Roman Table Cross with Words of Encouragement

This piece of fine art will definitely be a perfect piece of home decoration for any priests out there, including the special priest in your life. This Roman Table Cross is beautifully designed with words of encouragement and prayers.

Having those wordings, we assure you this gift will bring a touch of positivity to his life as a priest, with God in his heart always. You can recommend him to feature this art on his nightstand or glass cabinet so he can always take a look at this object to remind him about Christ.

20. Divinity Boutique Journal

Divinity Boutique Journal

This journal is beautifully designed in a faux leather wrap with a beautifully embossed cover and inspiring bookmarks. Your special priest will have plenty of space for daily journaling, Bible study, or sermon notes, not to mention taking notes of prayers, requests, and answers, too.

However, it will be unfortunate not to include a pen. For that reason, we encourage you to take a look at our previous list where we have an awesome pen to complete this gift set. Then, add a red ribbon as a garnish to make this gift even more memorable.

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21. Best Priest Ever Bracelet

Best Priest Ever Bracelet

Another option for elegant bracelets as a gift for the special priest in your life is this best Priest bracelet. As one of the most fashionable and best gifts for priest, this bracelet measures approximately 23 centimeters in length and is adjustable. 

In addition, it comes in black color. So, you don’t have to worry whether your priest will love it since the tone can effortlessly match any outfit he prefers. Besides, it sleek and minimalist design allows him to wear the bracelet at formal occasions, like Sunday prayers.

22. Priest Plastic License Plate Frame

Trust Me I’m A Priest Chrome Plastic License Plate Frame

This license plate frame is proof that you can pay attention to your special priest’s car, too. Aside from being a statement aspect in his car, this item will also add a fashionable touch to the car that was designed to last a minimum of 5 years. 

And if your priest shares a good sense of humor, you can grab this item as a gift and let him display one in his living room. He can also be more playful with the plate by turning it into a photo frame to display his portrait.

23. Large Embossed Jar Candle

Large Embossed Jar Candle

Create a more calming ambiance to your special priest’s praying schedule by giving him this scented candle. The beautifully embossed jar will also be a sweet decoration for any room, as it has a luxurious design embossed with a gorgeous floral design inspired by the beauty of Japanese art.

In addition to allowing your priest to have a relaxing prayer, this scented candle will make a great deal for his bathroom. He can take a warm bath with the lovely perfume infused in the candle, releasing all the stress during his weekdays.

24. Ordained Minister Father Carrier

Best Priest Ever Ordained Minister Father Carrier

This wine bag is also a nice gift for you to pick for your special priest. This bag is made of canvas, which makes it a great environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic or paper, instead of using plastics or disposable paper bags.

As for the function, this bag can accommodate two bottles of wine and is perfect for other stuff, too. For that reason, you better grab his favorite drinks or wines and wrap them in this awesome bag. Then, send the pack as a Christmas gift he will cherish.

25. Priest Handbag

Priest Handbag

This canvas bag can also be a nice gift for your priest, too. It comes in two color options, black and white, which he can easily mix and match with his casual outfits. Moreover, this bag will be a great gift for your priest’s special day and to show your support to stop using plastic bags, too!

Not only that, but this eco-friendly priest handbag also makes an awesome replacement for plastic shopping bags. So, he can go shopping in style from now on, thanks to your special gift. We also recommend adding wines or his favorite foods with this bag as a gift set.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a pastor is not easy, especially in this modern era which is full of temptations. They must firmly walk on the path of faith according to the commands of their Lord. As a form of appreciation and support for the path they have chosen, you can give gifts to your favorite priests on their special days, such as birthdays.

You can also consider Christmas and Easter as two special occasions to surprise him with adorable presents. But make sure you choose the gift that suits their taste and personality so that the gift is more meaningful and special.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a nice gift for a priest?

For special Priests in your life, why not give a thoughtful, unique gift to show them that you are thinking about them on a special day, like a beautiful piece of Rosary or a bottle of scented candles to be the perfect companion for a quiet praying time.

How do you write a thank you to a priest?

Writing a thank you card to a priest is easy to feel even more excited about what to write, as you want to show your gratitude without being disrespectful. The most important thing is, to be honest and keep your message concise and short. Plus, write a handwritten note to make it more meaningful.

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