25 Cool Jeep Accessories for Your Sturdy 4WD

Jeeps may look best when their journey trails cover their bodies like mud or water splash. However, you cannot differentiate your beloved Jeep from others if nothing is outstanding when it’s clean. Make it the additional headlight, a cool sunshade, a tire cover, and a long list of other things you can choose as Jeep accessories. To help you choose some cool accessories, we have gathered 25 Jeep accessories on a list. Let’s check whether they are already in your shop cart or not.

What Should You Add Accessories To Your Jeep?

Add something that can accommodate your needs. If you often go on a long trip, a trunk mesh cargo net and roll bar storage bags will help you keep your things. You can also add the LED cup holder to enjoy the smart technology and light sensor they have.

Cool Jeep Accessories for Jeep Lovers

1. Jeep Wrangler JK Hood Latch

cool jeep accessories

The frosty purple hood latch helps you hold the hood from jumping up and down. The small pairs of hood latch reduce the danger possibility while driving. The purple hood latch uses powder coating that is known for long-lasting and color-durable quality finishes. It also helps prevent corrosion as it’s resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing. The purple color will look flashy on your hood and catch others’ attention.

2. Bikini Top Wrangler TJ YJ

Bikini Top Wrangler TJ YJ

A Jeep bikini top is a must-have item for your jeep to block the heat on the roof. The handmade bikini top uses strong polyvinyl chloride mesh material with twelve high-elastic bungee ball ropes. It’s very safe and has good stretch-ability. With an American flag design, your jeep will look cooler than before. 

3. Mesh Cargo Net 

Mesh Cargo Net

If the bikini top is not your cup of tea, you will like this Mesh Cargo Net on the top of your jeep roof. The mesh net holds your cargo securely while you drive. After a long drive to your destination, it allows you to rest comfortably on it as a hammock. It’s nice to feel the breeze from the roof of your traveling buddy.

4. Sunshade Top JL JLU 4 Door

Sunshade Top JL JLU 4 Door

The exclusively made sunshade top for Jeep Wrangler JL & JLU 4-Door models filters out ninety percent of ultraviolet rays and sunlight. It is easy to install using the bungee cord included in the package. It provides strong protection and lasting durability with double sewn edges and metal grommets. It’s very compatible with everyday use.

5. Slip-on Beach Tower Seat Cover

cool jeep accessories

Let’s décor your jeep with the Slip-on Beach Tower Seat Cover with the official Jeep logo! This multi-functional towel beach can protect your seat from dirt, mud, stains, etc. it accompanies you to every road condition you meet. It’s also easy to put on and off the cover because of its slip-on feature.

6. Sunflower Crochet Steering Wheel

cool jeep accessories

You can add this handmade steering wheel softness into your big sturdy car. The Sunflower Crochet Steering Wheel uses an eco-friendly yard and fits a standard steering wheel around the 14-15 inch diameter. Check the seat belt cover to order them as a set. This crochet cover is a handmade accessory, and it is available in low numbers only.

7. Captain America Shield Spare Tire Cover

cool jeep accessories

Taking good care of the car’s backside is essential, especially for a Jeep which often deals with challenging roads with dirt materials and harsh weather. While keeping a spare tire attached to the car, you can use this Captain America Shield Spare Tire Cover to protect the tire from dirty materials. And maybe, you can assemble your Avenger friends with this tire cover.

8. Jeep Wrangler Handle Insert

cool jeep accessories

Decorating the outer appearance of your Jeep is sometimes tricky. We suggest you start by putting some cool accessories on the door handle, like this pearl turquoise handle insert. The bright color handle insert has a glossy finish that gives fancy looks matching your doors. It offers two package options with three piece inserts for a 2-door car and five pieces for a 4-door. 

9. Jeep Grill Wrap

cool jeep accessories

Are you looking for cool Jeep accessories that show your pride as an American? You can install this Jeep Grill Wrap with an American flag design in front of your glamorous car. The grill wrap uses high-quality inks and UV-resistant laminate that offers years of durability. 

10. Center Console Armrest Cover

cool jeep accessories

This Center Console Armrest Cover is designed for Jeep Wrangler 2011-2018 JK. It uses padded neoprene material to protect the center console lid from your lovely pet’s paw scratches. You can avoid elbow burn because of the hot sunlight by using this cover. Not only for that, you can also safely keep your small things in the small storage bag on the side of the cover.

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11. Round Spot LED Light

cool jeep accessories

This listing includes two pieces of round spot LED Light in one package. The bright spotlights help you to see on the night driving. It’s waterproof, dust-proof, quake-proof, and anti-corrosive lens which is great for every road condition you meet off-road. It will be a great addition to your cool Jeep accessories.

12. Trunk Mesh Cargo Net for Grand Cherokee

Trunk Mesh Cargo Net for Grand Cherokee

You don’t need an expensive net for excellent quality and extra safety cargo net. Check out this affordable trunk mesh cargo net for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. No complicated installation for this cool cargo net. This net will be the coolest Jeep accessory you need when having a long trip.

13. Roll Bar Storage Bag

Roll Bar Storage Bag

Be ready for an off-road journey with these Roll Bar Storage Bags. The multi-pockets storage bags can keep your essential needs to be with you. You can just adjust the strap on the roll bar for installation. It’s particularly designed for a 4-door Jeep, so make sure it’s the right accessories for you.

14. Fire Extinguisher Mount

Fire Extinguisher Mount

If there are too many cool accessories for your Jeep, choose one with multi-roles as decoration and safety function. The fire extinguisher mount fits the category. It looks nice on your roll bar and provides a safety kit to bring. It uses weather-resistant fabric to ensure its durability.

15. Roll Bar Grab Handles

Roll Bar Grab Handles

Prepare to go through the bumpy roads with these Roll Bar Grab Handles. The grab handles offer help in the middle of turbulence. They are available in various color options. They will give a vibrant touch to your scary-looking 4-wheels.

16. T-Rex Hitch Cover

cool jeep accessories

Jurassic Park welcomes you, your Jeep, and the T-rex Hitch Cover. Instead of leaving the hitch uncovered, the cool T-rex will scarily sit on the back. It fits the standard 2×2 hitch receiver and can be customized to a suitable size. 

17. Foot Peg

Foot Peg

The foot-pegs help you climb the Jeep, especially to your passenger not familiar with riding on one. You will get a pair of foot-pegs for the driver and passenger seats in one purchase. You can send this small help to your Jeep Wrangler TJ friends for comfort and convenience. Paste a unique sticker next to the pegs for lively steps. 

18. Cup Holder

cool jeep accessories

There is a cool LED cup holder for your cool Jeep. The cup holder has an intelligent sensor that detects movement and vibration. It will automatically light up when you turn it on, move the cup, or when the car vibrates. You charge it for 2 hours, and it will work for another 15 days. It’s perfect to be your driving friend, especially for the night ride. 

19. All-Weather Mats

All-Weather Mats

Floor mats are a must-have item for your Jeep. One set of 4-Door All-Weather Mats consists of two front mats and one long piece rear mat. It’s the perfect all-weather mat because it holds water, snow, and mud. It protects your Jeep carpet when you are on an exciting off-road journey. 

20. American Flag Window Decals

cool jeep accessories

The American Flag Window Decal on your cool Jeep will answer the ‘show yourself as American without saying you’re American’ challenge from your friends. This decal is easy to install and trim with a utility knife or razor blade. The decal sticks to the window nicely by using premium outdoor vinyl.

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21. Front Bumper with LED Lights 

Front Bumper with LED Lights

Strengthen your Jeep front side with this heavy-duty structure front bumper. The premium three layers protection offers excellent corrosion and clip resistance to complete your rough journey. The front bumper comes with two LED lights and two D-rings. Your Jeep will look more muscular and cooler to be the off-road trip leader.

22. Spiral Flexible Antenna

Spiral Flexible Antenna

This Spiral Flexible Antenna matches almost all Jeep with a screw-on type antenna base. The red color on the side of your driver’s seat makes a nice bright touch to your car. It’s very flexible and simplifies the installation process. 

23. Chrome Front Grille Mesh Inserts

Chrome Front Grille Mesh Inserts

Who says the invisible doesn’t need protection? You may not see the engine inside your hood from the outside, but it also needs your support. Protect it by covering the grill with Chrome Front Grille Mesh Inserts. The inserts keep the off-road elements from your engine away. The clip-in feature makes it easy to install.

24. Gas Cap Cover

Gas Cap Cover

Get a different look with the Gas Cap Cover on your Jeep. This cap cover uses great material that helps stability and strength when mounted. The cool accessory doesn’t need any complex mount process. The American flag design can match your other accessories, such as the American flag window decal or the American flag grill wrap.

25. Dash Multi-Mount

Dash Multi-Mount

With this Dash Multi-Mount, you can take your smartphone securely during any rides on your Jeep. The dash mount includes a tripod stud, phone mount, and tray. It comes with self-drilling screws that need simple work to install. You can put any device, like GoPro for POV Camera, on this cool accessory.

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