Teach Your Kids How to Safely Drive Off-road on Electric Cyberquad for Kids!

Riding a powerful ATV quad bike on a rough dirt road is a lot of fun. If you have never done that, you are definitely missing out. Recently, Tesla came up with a new design of electric ATV aimed for children. The Cyberquad for Kids will be the most precious gift for your children!

With the mini electric ATV, you can spend quality time with your kids traversing out in the environment. The Cyberquad for Kids is perfect for 8 years old children or older. Instead of buying useless toys or electronic gadgets, this quad bike for children can help foster a lifelong love for the great outdoors.

The kids model of the Cyberquad has an exact scaled down design of the adult version. If you are buying a Cyberquad for yourself, there is nothing wrong with getting your son or daughter a mini ATV as well. 

Most kids nowadays prefer to spend their time indoors in front of a gadget. It is perfectly okay for kids to play games on their computers. However, as a parent, you also have a duty to introduce them to the outside world. 

Having an adventure together on Cyberquad ATV will be healthy for your relationship with your kids. It will strengthen your bond and improve your children’s mental and physical fortitude.

The all-terrain Cyberquad for Kids will enrich your children’s childhood development. Controlling a quad bike on an uneven surface will improve coordination. 

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Tesla Cyberquad

As an off-road vehicle, Cyberquad is manufactured using a full steel frame. The materials will allow this ATV to last a long time even though your kid is using it on difficult paths.  Even though this model is designed for kids, Tesla doesn’t mess around with the durability of the vehicle. 

Additionally, Cyberquad’s suspension also features adjustable suspension and cushioned seats. Even on a bumpy rocky road, your kid will be able to drive the vehicle safely and comfortably because the suspension and the seat will provide more stability.

For more safety features, the kid version of the Cyberquad also comes with a trusty rear brake disk. Of course, the first thing that you have to teach your kid is how to apply brakes and stop the quad bike gently.

Tesla Cyberquad

It is the responsible thing to do as an adult. In addition, this ATV is also equipped with a series of LEDs to provide illumination just in case the visibility is dropping.

You might be concerned with the fact that your kid may drive this quad bike too fast. Fortunately the Cyberquad for Kids has a smaller engine that can drive only up to 10mph.. You can also tune the speed down if you think that the power is too much for your kid to handle. The lithium battery can power the engine up to 15 miles per charge.

With just $1,900 you can order Cyberquad for Kids just in time to deliver before the holidays. Let’s have fun off-roading with our children!

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