Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor

Keep an eye on your glucose levels with this Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor.

This small coin-sized sensor is wearable, waterproof, and, most importantly, prick-free.

This sensor can be worn on the back of the user’s upper arm. It comes pre-calibrated and ready to use which will make life a lot easier for every age group.

The sensor is discreet and waterproof so you can bathe, swim, travel, and do all your daily chores without even noticing it. 

Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor

You pair up the sensor with a reader that is smaller than a smartphone. Through it, you can track your glucose levels, set your goals, and much more. A dedicated app for the sensor is also available for both Android and iOS users.

Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor

The sensor measures the glucose level in interstitial fluid (ISF), a thin layer of fluid below your skin. You can not only monitor this level but also see the changes in your glucose levels in the span of 8 hours.

Wearable Blood Sugar Monitor

Plus, you get to be as discreet as you want with the readings – you can scan the sensor on your skin even through clothes. No hassle or having to find a private space for the procedure.

This wearable monitor is definitely going to change the way people manage diabetes.

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