Chill Pills

Sometimes you just have to let loose and chill. If you have someone who is in dire need of said chill, then treat them to these cool Chill Pills!

Just to be clear, the Chill Pills are a metaphorical cure for all of your worries. It’s the perfect gag gift for those who need to take control of their stress levels.

Whether you work in retail or customer service, or your boyfriend/girlfriend is too sensitive to your daily doses of trolling.

In fact, these Chill Pills come in different versions. The main difference lies in the “prescriptions” written on the label of each bottle. 

Chill Pills

There’s a jar for professionals, principals, boyfriends and girlfriends, or spouses. Because let’s be honest, each of those occupations can be stressful and some sweetness and chill wouldn’t really hurt.

Chill Pills

You can fill these apothecary jars with anything from jelly beans to M&Ms. If you have a specific treat that makes you ascend to tasty heaven and forget about everything, then it definitely needs to go into the Chill Pills jar

Chill Pills

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