Nomad Backpack-Hammock

The Nomad Backpack-Hammock was based on the art of origami to create a functional backpack that can transform into a hammock.

In order to score some awesome hammock time you usually need some planning.

Pick the time and place, pull out your dusty hammock, and then go to the spot. But with this backpack, no planning is needed.

As soon as you find a perfect spot, you can unfold the backpack and hang it. The straps for it are securely hidden in the front pocket of the backpack. 

Everything you bring with you can stay in place in an inner backpack bag. After setting up the hammock, the inner bag can be hooked to it for quick access.

Nomad Backpack-Hammock

Nomad Backpack-Hammock

Relax in a hammock made out of body adaptive mesh whenever you want to. Whether it’s a camping trip or a walk in the park, you can always catch a quick shut-eye swaying in mid-air. 

Nomad Backpack-Hammock

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