Suction Foot Scrubber

Clean your toes with this Suction Foot Scrubber and forget about bending down in a slippery shower.

Let’s just admit it, nobody actually likes washing their feet. The feeling of scrubbing and massaging them is awesome,

yes. Bending, stretching, holding on to the wall for dear life to semi-successfully scrub your heels is not so awesome. But this handy (foot-y?) gadget exfoliates not only your skin but the unnecessary hassle as well.

This scrubber sticks to the bottom of your of your shower or bathtub. Shaped like a flip-flop, it is covered with soft bristles and built-in pumice stone. 

So you can slip your foot in and have it gently massaged and scrubbed until you feel all gooey and relaxed. Obviously, you won’t need to bend or stretch which makes this a safer alternative.

Suction Foot Scrubber

Suction Foot Scrubber

Just slip in your foot into this scrubber in a Cinderella-like fashion and give your toes a royal treatment.

Suction Foot Scrubber

Suction Foot Scrubber

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