Happy Emoji Pillows

The Happy Emoji Pillows are an awesome gift for those people who just love texting. Be honest, everybody knows a few people who text all the time right?

These cute pillows are made out of very soft plush and they are quite big too at 33 cm or 13 inches wide. So it will definitely do their job as a pillow.

They come in many emoji styles: the classics like the “smiley face” or the “winky face” and some more original, yet still very popular, like… ughm… poo.

So they can be used as traditional pillows, original house decorations or hilarious gag gifts. What you do with them is up to you.

Send your emotions with the Happy Emoji Pillows and make others smile too. By the way, be thankful that there is no peach or eggplant among them.

Happy Emoji Pillows

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