Personalized Dads Time-Out Cushion

The Personalized Dad’s Time-Out Cushion will give any dad some space for a much needed resting time.

This cool dad gift is reserved for our lovely dads who always work hard to keep the family together. But it’s a tough job sometimes and every dad may need a time-out.

That’s where the cushion comes into play. It’s a high quality, handmade pillow which basically works like a “reserved” sign for your dad’s favorite place.

Be that his spot on the couch, his armchair or just his side of the bed. He can use that space for a little breather or maybe to take a nice nap and regain some energy. 

It’s cute, funny, family friendly and any dad will love it. Just please don’t put it on Sheldon’s spot or there’s going to be a fight.  

Personalized Dads Time-Out Cushion

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Personalized Dads Time-Out Cushion


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