Wearable Non-Drowsy Safety Device

Driving at night is awesome. No traffic, no people, only the road in front of you.

It is almost relaxing, “Almost” because after awhile you can get drowsy and risk falling asleep at the wheel.

It is especially true for those who face long all night journeys without much experience of driving when lacking sleep.

Same goes for full-time drivers who often have to go hundreds of miles on only Redbulls and coffee. Falling asleep behind the wheel is a common problem that can and has endangered multiple lives. 

Wearable Non-Drowsy Safety Device

Fortunately, there is a game-changer product that can prevent it. Meet Steer, a wearable non-drowsy safety device.

This safety device should be worn on your arm when you’re about to embark on a long exhausting trip. After some time you might even forget you’re wearing it since you can adjust it to sit comfortably on your arm.

Wearable Non-Drowsy Safety Device

Yes, you might forget that it is there until you start feeling drowsy. Then, Steer makes itself known by vibrating or, in tougher cases, sending a gentle electric shock up your arm. This, for sure, will chase the drowsiness away.

Wearable Non-Drowsy Safety Device

The technology behind this non-drowsy device keeps track of two things – your heart rate and skin conductance level.

When these factors indicate that the driver’s awareness on the road decreases, Steer will strongly vibrate and turn on the yellow flashing light. 

Wearable Non-Drowsy Safety Device

If the driver gets dangerously close to sleep, the red light setting on the device will release an electric shock strong enough to wake you. These actions should have a significant influence on your state, making you less drowsy or sleepy.

How to stay awake while driving at night? Put aside energy drinks, coffee, or cigarettes. Simply get yourself this non-drowsy device to keep you, your passengers, and others safe.

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Wearable Non-Drowsy Safety Device

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